Photo Gallery: How To Buy Electric Car In 2020

Electric cars of major brands, which cost less than $40 thousand. Tesla started deliveries of Model 3 at the end of July 2017. The cost of a car is $35 thousand is the cheapest car in the lineup of the company.

Additionally, the buyer may purchase an autopilot feature. According to the company, until the end of 2018, the car will get only customers who pre-order after April 2016. Buyers who ordered a car will be able to get it until the end of 2018.

By 2020, Tesla plans to produce over 10 thousand electric cars per week, which, according to the statements of Elon musk, the Model 3 will make the most mass of electric vehicles on the market. By 2020, Musk plans to launch a new model — the Model Y, the first SUV of Tesla. The entrepreneur does not disclose details, but earlier said that the car will be used in common with Model 3 parts and components.

Experts suggest that Model Y will be a cheaper version of the Model X and its cost will not exceed $40 thousand. The Swedish company Volvo plans to release its first electric car in 2019. The automaker said that the car can travel up to 400 km on a single battery charge, and its cost will not exceed $40 thousand.

Representatives of Volkswagen stated that the company plans to release an electric crossover in 2020. On a single battery charge it can travel up to 500 km. It is assumed that the cost of Volkswagen ID will be in the price range from $30 thousand to $35 thousand.

Another SUV in 2020 plans to introduce the Ford. Top Manager of the company Paradise of the neural network in an interview with Business Insider said that the car will be sold for the same price as the gasoline Ford Escape — about $30 thousand. In 2018, Nissan plans to upgrade the electric car Leaf.

The current model can travel on a single battery charge up to 160 km. Updated electric car can travel more than 300 km. The cost of the car — about $30 thousand.

General Motors started mass-producing electric cars Bolt in 2016 — before the budget Tesla Model 3. The cost is $37 thousand. On a single battery charge Bolt can travel up to 400 km.

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