Photo Gallery: Park Of The New Amazon Office In Seattle

Among other office buildings in the city by 2020 there will be three glass spheres with indoor gardens. New office in Seattle Corporation Amazon opened in 2015. Then the company opened for staff first skyscraper, called Doppler.

Just by 2020, Amazon plans to cover more than 1.02 million square meters of office space — about 20% of all office space city. All campuses of the Corporation will cover about 40 buildings. In addition to office spaces Amazon plans to build a complex of three glass spheres with indoor gardens under the name of Biosphere. So the complex will look after construction:

So Biosphere looked in August of 2016: Biosphere in February 2017:

It is assumed that the complex will become employees of the Corporation a sort of “oasis” among office buildings, writes Business Insider. In it, they can relax among the plants at any time of the year. The city now has 30 thousand full-time employees of Amazon, writes Business Insider. While in Seattle to open another 10 thousand jobs.

Just Amazon around the world, with more than 300 thousand people. Send photos and a brief description of his office on [email protected] In the subject specify the name of the company and dont forget to leave a note “Headquarters”.

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