Photo Gallery: Parking Problems In The Tesla Offices

6,000 employees have 4500 seats. Edition of the Wall Street Journal drew attention to the Parking problems at the factory of automaker Tesla 60 miles from the city of Fremont, California. It employs about 6,000 people, but near the building there are only 4500 seats for cars.

One of the employees of the company have launched a dedicated Instagram account, which shows the problems that arise due to lack of seats for cars. There are pictures of the headquarters of Tesla in Palo Alto, where the company in 2009, planned to accommodate a maximum of 650 people — the current number of employees in office is not disclosed, but around the building there is about 600 marked Parking places. “Good Monday!”.

“Give it up”. “I love College”.

“Poligrafica”. “If you Park on the sign, “No Parking”, then its cool”. “Tesla motivates people to think differently”.

“I have no words”. “Do you remember the time when the office had a fire and someone has locked the fire truck in the Parking lot. All was well”.

Photo of office SpaceX, which built a large covered Parking. Signature. “Your face when you realized that dad Elon chose a favorite child, and its not you.”.

“There may, too, draw lines for Parking?”. “Our neighbors love us so much that even printed for us a special character”. Over the past two years the number of employees Tesla has grown by about 75% and now amounts to 17 thousand people, not counting the employees of the company SolarCity, which the automaker purchased in 2016.

Tesla employees told the WSJ that workers of different shifts sometimes agree among themselves to share the same space. Some staff arrive early in the morning, take place and sleeping in cars to the start of the day.

Tesla is trying to rectify the situation, encouraging travel on bicycles, shuttles and other public transport, as well as with punishments for violators, says WSJ. In addition, the company intends to double the size of the factory around Fremont, to increase its capacity for production of cars Model 3 — perhaps this will lead to increased Parking spaces and improved logistics at the plant, specifies the edition.

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