Photo Gallery: Where First-career Developers And Designers Live In Silicon Valley

Razrabotchik Katherine Patterson moved to Silicon valley after she got a job in one of the it companies. After an unsuccessful search of affordable housing, Patterson acquired an old VW Camper bus 1969 release, which is itself brushed. Inside the van she placed IKEA furniture.

A former developer of the Google Ben Disco also chose van as a place of residence. In the car he lived from October 2011 to November 2012.

24-year-old engineer Tesla Jason Rosslyn first together with your neighbor rented a room for $1250 per month. “It was a temporary solution, until I realized how I want to live, says Mr. Roslan. — Longer than I thought, the more inclined its to try to stay in the minivan”.

In the end, the engineer moved into the van the Dodge Sprinter 2006 release, which he calls a “Studio on wheels”. In the car Rosslein lived from October 2014 to March 2015. To take a shower, an employee of Tesla went to the corporate gym to eat — in dining room company.

23-year-old Google employee Brandon after moving to the Valley have decided to live in the truck instead of wasting money on rent. According to him, this way of life gives him many benefits — from saving money, to lack of traffic on the way to work. The developer takes a shower in the gym of the Google campus. Breakfast, lunch and dinner in the dining room company.

“I have everything I need. In the truck I use the battery — I charge every day at work,” says Brandon. Twenty-five year old Illustrator Peter Berkowitz takes off with his friends room in Silicon valley.

To organize your personal space, he built a dresser with bedroom inside.

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