Photos: The Final Of The Championship On Programming Of VK Cup 2016 With A Prize Fund Is 2.5 Million Rubles

First place went to team Never Lucky, which includes Adam Bardachevich and Gennady Korotkevich became the winner of the VK Cup for the second year in a row. The bardachevich last year took second place. The winners received 1 048 576 rubles. Second place went to Alex danyluk and Nikita Sivukhin of Dandelion, and the third — Alexey and Maxim Akhmedov Clunkin of Beer and tea with lemon”.

The winners received 524 288 262 144 rubles and the ruble for the second and third place respectively. Participants who took places 4 through 8 received for 131 072 ruble. The prizes correspond to the VK Cup round numbers in the binary system.

The final stage of the competition consisted of seven tasks of varying difficulty and lasted four hours. The judges took into account not only the job but also the speed of solution. In the finals out of 20 teams from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, USA, great Britain, Switzerland, Bulgaria. Only VK Cup 2016 registered 3807 programmers from 2447 teams of one or two people.

Each participant at the time of registration was from 14 to 23 years. VK Cup 2016 organized “Vkontakte” with the support of the community of Codeforces. The championship is held for the third time — the first VK Cup was held in 2012, the second — in 2015. First day testing tour.

. CodeGame coding — this is an unofficial competition for programming artificial intelligence game strategy, which lasts three hours. On CodeGame Show participants look at the results in the form of games — this year was football.

Teams compete with each other and score points until a winner is determined. The Winners CodeGame Show.

The closing ceremony and prize winners. Program Director VK Cup Tatiana Plutalova, the founder of Codeforces Michael Mirzayanov, the winners, the operating Director of “Vkontakte” Andrew Rogozov. Support of sports programming is an important mission of “Vkontakte” as one of the leading it companies in Russia since its Foundation.

I am glad to say that this is the third time VK Cup gathers outstanding talents from across the country and abroad, while maintaining a high level of competition among the participants was like the world Champions, and Russia in programming and Champions of yesteryear. Each team of finalists have coped with at least one task, but the most difficult was outstanding, even the winners. The jury was able to offer tasks on quite different topics. Graphs, dynamic programming, technology of programming, number theory, combinatorics, data structures, string algorithms.

The winners demonstrated excellent skills in problem solving, technology, programming and teamwork.

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