Plarium has announced the transfer of the franchise, “Alien vs. Predator” in the world of one of their games

Soldiers Inc — multiplayer online strategy game, available on the companys website and on the social network Facebook. According to the publication VentureBeat, the games creators plan to add a campaign based on the science fiction of the franchise “Alien vs. Predator”. An updated version of the game will be released in October 2015. VentureBeat adds that the gaming company plans to develop in their games branded content, including it in other projects.

The editorial heading “Market games” talked with the creative Director Plarium in the CIS Maxim Eremenko and learned from him the details of the concluded partnership. Sergey Babaev.

As I understand it, you add a campaign based on the “Alien” in Soldiers Inc. Maxim Eremenko. We are adding a two story campaign — an Alien and a Predator, and the ability to use them as units. Event campaigns will unfold around the confrontation corporations “weyland and Yutani” and reveal certain details of their merger into the Corporation of the monster, which we know from the movies series.

Why did you decide to stop on this franchise, and who was the initiator. Together with our partners from 20th Century Fox we were looking for a franchise that will fit perfectly in the setting of “the Conflict”. We believe that the game is about a war of the powerful PMCs (private military companies — approx.

Ed.) is the best suited for the universe of “Alien vs. Predator”. As a result, both stories will enrich each other. Such solutions some sort of tangible goal. Audience loyalty, promotion root of the brand, something else.

The first goal is a unique gaming experience, where two brands logically continue and complement each other. Our players grew up on those movies and games that we and they will appreciate the appearance of the Alien and Predator in “Conflict”. The world fame of this franchise and the support of 20th Century Fox open access to a new audience of players.

On what terms granted such rights. Cant reveal such details.

What work was carried out for integration. Who was involved, how quickly implemented conceived. With the help of experts 20th Century Fox we were able to implement a new campaign for “Conflict” in record time — in just a few months. They very well understand the characteristics of computer games and support fast communication.

We have access to many original materials. The concept artam, story Bibles, and even to a database of sounds in order to maximize the experience of interaction with the universe of the Alien and Predator for our players. At the initial stage, most professionals were involved Creative Department (Western Markets) and the team of concept artists, then plug the other teams. She is now completing work on VoiceOver.

If everything goes as we planned, the Russian-speaking audience in for a surprise. Why not make a separate reskin of the project fully in the setting of “Alien”?

Because “Alien vs. Predator” is a separate deductible. In addition, the basis of the plot of “Alien” is not compatible with the idea of a global strategy. In our opinion, working with such brands is very important that it was completely logical and does not cause problems with players.

Working with brands is a spontaneous case, or you are deliberately seeking such opportunities. How they help in business development. We have long been looking for a franchise that best fit the expectations of our players.

It is very important to make informed decisions, not to hunt for a big name, if you will not be able to turn it into a very specific and compelling game mechanics. In the same App Store have enough examples of games franchises, where the gap between the experience of the franchise and the genre of the game is very large. “Alien vs. Predator” is the first experience Plarium in this area. In the near future we plan to focus on working with well-known franchises, so there will be many more exciting announcements.


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