Popular Programming Technology In 2017 €? Research Stack Overflow And Other Companies

Service for developers Stack Overflow in 2016, conducted a study during which found out what programming languages are most popular among professionals all around the world. The study involved more than 56 thousand developers out of 173 countries in the world. They talked about what technologies are used most often, what most like to use and what the least. The most used technologies and programming languages: Favorite technology:

Unloved technology: What technologies the developers would like to explore: Analysts also ranked technology number of them devoted to questions, answers and votes from the reviews on the website: Another study, the results of which leads Site Point — the index of popularity of programming languages PYPL. Every year analysts studying the number of Google queries for the study of various technologies.

In 2016, the most popular were the following tools: The TIOBE index identifies the most popular programming technologies and takes into account such parameters as the global number of specialists in the field, the prevalence of online courses and other factors. In January 2017, the most popular according to the TIOBE index, were such technology:

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