Prepd Pack — Smart Lunchbox

Prepd Pack container for food, which, according to the creators, is designed to help office workers often eat home-made food. The developers believe that Predp Pack will encourage users to prepare their own lunch and bring it to work — thanks to a handy mobile app that helps you plan meals and track the quality of the food. In the application Prepd Pack container owner will find recipes of meals prepared by the team specifically for users of a lunchbox — they are designed to get enough food for exactly one lunch. The dinners for the whole week can be prepared on Sunday, spending about an hour.

According to the developers Predp Pack, if you follow the recipes in the app, you can reduce the cost of food in 2-3 times. Predp Pack automatically tracks the amount consumed by the owner of the calories and make a statistics on nutrition.

The cost of the lunchbox is $60. An additional set of containers will cost the owner of $20.

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