“Product For The Year Develops One Service, And Outsourcing €? Make A Dozen Sites”: The Main Differences Between The Two Types Of The Designer

Product designer Tutu.ru Alexey Provorov in his blog, shared his observations about the difference between the activities of Studio designers who work on outsourcing from working professionals on the same product. Design studios and agencies do sites. Promotrans — to sell selfie sticks.

Corporate websites — to the plant Manager boasted to the men in the bath. Online shopping is to graduate “Business of youth” make a million on the resale of iPhone cases from AliExpress. For the year studios launch dozens of sites and help clients sell products and services. Here it is clear what to do — to learn about the product and honestly to say about it.

The more people will leave the phone or press the “Buy” button, the more you earn the client. When the website helps to solve the problem is a service. Client is a Director in the bath, a bunch of people who are looking for cheapest tickets, learn English or make new friends. Passengers furious that the airport have to pay extra for Luggage in loukostera.

Users annoyed that up to a language course — an hour on the subway, and on a Dating site just offer to sleep with. This feedback from users. If it is ignored, they will go to competitors. So, the website can be done for the month, should be finished. You need to find out if by chance this is a “wishlist” or a persistent problem.

To decide if its worth it to spend the money and time. In this case, the site itself becomes a product, and the main task here is to make customers satisfied and to earn money. Outsourced contractor — Director or Manager who has been assigned to work on a site. The designer asks questions and the client tells what he knows.

To understand the details, you need to call someone else. While we agree that the next meeting will convene in a different composition, losing time: €? Gennady Viktorovich, I have read technical specification. But I want to ask questions to better understand your business. €? Well, come on.

€? How do you help clients. Why are your colors best in Biryulyovo?. €?. €?. Yeah, thats a Dutch Phlox buy more often.

Tell us what else is in demand, and as is the case with man?. €? It is necessary here to point to ask. Tomorrow shes off today, then open until 22 oclock, can drive to the end of the shift. €? Agreed. And what you all sales are stored.

“1C” there. We need something to connect the bot for Telegram. Oh, there Radik in the terms of reference wrote. So you and ask him, write a mail. “Radicke dog.. no, not “h”, and the “four” digit”.

The product next. Designer digs on a chair with analysts and learns statistics to operate with numbers and customer opinion. Visits to the call centre and asking what people complain. Immediately collect the full information to quickly show the prototype to the product Manager.

Not steamed that the first trial layout does not understand, because all his. Gene, I understand what you want in the instructions in the video to add. Remember, we have after the March 8 call center howled. Maybe find out what happened, the peak of sales. €? Well, okay, but lets first version tomorrow.

€?. €?. €? Gene, then a man called and complained that they did not understand, as a map to tie in the Personal Cabinet. So the flowers are not ordered. Wife him one last chance was gone.

Lena still looked metric. We have a third of people have accessed the link for the user manual and not be returned to the order. €? Tin. And then where to insert the video?. €? Might even get hints in the interface and link remove.

Ive scribbled on the knee, look. The client is looking, what he is shown, he likes everything, but he wants to make the phone red, and the text smaller. Ask questions and understand that no one is asking you to call, all call themselves. Form request callback distract from the main script.

And detailed descriptions of colors are not needed, they select only on appearance, so we put a gallery of bouquets. Layout to approval and after: Approve the design and submit the layout in the development. If you know how to ask questions and to parse the comments to get cool and not have to sacrifice quality.

I, however, could not. The designer is an employee who wants to make cool, and he says “no”. The customer refuses, because he offered to spend three days on the technical page, where theres no traffic and sales from this will not grow. And he still has twenty tasks for this week.

The developers are against it, because theres a bunch of old code that had not been touched since 2007. Lawyers not happy, because they have all the conditions of the action to tell and not to hide under the link. Marketing — because “we, damn it, so do not write”. I work in a “tutu.ru” we sell train tickets. We have pictures of cars, itinerary and passengers reviews.

Thought it will help people to choose the best train, and gathered it all in one place. First decided to see what information clients need. Put everything in a modal window and hid behind the pseudo-link to count clicks. Yes, it is unpleasant and cynical. I had to sacrifice the “designer” as:

But in product “quality” is the speed feedback from the client. We made it simple and looked at the statistics. 40% looking photos, and one third everything else. Graph the following were interested in 3% of people.

Now open the links and put pictures up. And fasten the button to choose the seats in the car. The layout turned out like this: But when planning I did not include the time for a new gallery, and pereverstyvat blocks – long.

So from the pictures refused, the unit with the button “roll” on the page: If you are beginning to move to choice places, secure the unit and compose, as in the layout. Best to do is usually to look at the statistics, and then make fine. And clients will help, and the guys will have something to show.

But if the change will be useless, spend less time and money on experiments. When the designer is working on a project, he knows how. Pictures — zoom in and put up links — to stress that stop words — remove. In the text more useful and care.

Without basic rules not to make even the about me page, to find the first customers. I went to the first stage of the “School trainees” and “Biodynamic edition of” did the website for the Builder of cottage settlements. Cool text, cool interface of the site selection and layout — everything is taught. Im not ashamed of this work:

Six months later, the website was: Was replaced by the head of the advertising Department, and the site remade. Business owners — are not fools. They build cool houses where they want to live.

Asked for statistics. After the redesign, fewer calls, though for this website and did. But take in the towns became more.

Decided that have less ringing due to the fact that we are told on the website and you dont have to ask anything. People came to watch the house. But we dont know why everyone decided to remake. The client may think that we are charlatans who have spent time and money on some nonsense.

In the product no one knows how. “Lebedev Studio” has made the website of the company UFS – they also sell tickets. It turned out perfectly: And now the site looks like this:

I dont know why it happened. Maybe the website “Studio” poorly sold, and after the redesign to buy the tickets were better. But the company has spent resources to make one version, and the same again to again to redo it. Immediately make a “forever” did not work.

To get to the point and make five times doing bad. And the sooner we get feedback, the faster we understand what had to be done really. Send your speakers and front-end cases [email protected]

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