Qreeq Is The App To Find Interesting Places Nearby Based On The Experiences Of Anonymous Users

Today in the category of “Startups” is the app Qreeq that helps to find public places nearby, based on emotions and impressions anonymous users. Pass the microphone. We are a team of mobile app Qreeq, and the four of us. Pasha (20), Michael (20 years), Jack (24) and Dylan (22). This is our first joint project, but full of bumps separately available from each.

Existing Advisory services, starting with TA and ending with Foursquare, the corner-stone put a place or institution as the basic unit. We believe that the primary is not the place, and a single emotion, a feeling which they provide. The concept of “school as a service” involves a thoughtful selection and analysis of proposals. The user needs to understand exactly what he wants, and spend some time to search through different places to choose the most interesting option. Qreeq also aimed at meeting the immediate needs for new experiences.

To do this, we show the user many options “ready-made emotions”, which he can get here and now. While people may view a significant number of such options and quickly make them performance — thanks to a two-dimensional tape. Unlike typical one-dimensional strips (Facebook, Vkontakte, Instagram, and others), where you can scroll the tape up and down, Qreeq allows to move in any direction. Up, down, left, right, diagonally. One post-card occupies a space less than the size of the screen, thereby dramatically increasing the amount of content consumed per unit time.

Having your own vivid impression, the person may as quickly and seamlessly share it with the entire community Qreeq. For convenience, we put the card create a new review directly to the total flow of the tape. We wanted to shift the focus Qreeq on the content and not the identity, because we believe that when short-term solutions to the user no matter from whom he got the information — all that matters is its usefulness. Bringing this approach to the extreme and on the understanding that registration for a new service is always a “bottleneck”, we decided to make Qreeq anonymous. We use only the UDID of the user and access to its geolocation.

And, of course, operate through HTTPS. We have downloaded the app in the App Store in late January but the last month spent on debugging of the service, changes in interface, content content and primary involvement of the users — in General, all of the big projects decide at the stage of beta testing. Now we begin more actively involve the audience and tell about yourself. By the standards of a startup, and spent quite a bit — about 80-100 thousand rubles. But we must understand that the project was in development for nine months, worked on it in his free time, there have been many changes in the concept and other disturbances, until we came to what is now.

Expenditures counted for all of the searches, and it is now clear that many of them were optional and you could do even a smaller amount. Not going to talk about long-term plans, while before us has two main tasks. We would be grateful for any comments, thoughts, comments and suggestions. For any reason, you can write to us at [email protected]

Also will be very happy to expand our team. So if you like us and you want to work on Qreeq with us (for example, you are a talented Android developer) or consider can be useful to us in any other way (professional mentor is also very useful), feel free to write to the above address. The app is available for smartphone users on the iOS platform. Want to get the word out and to tell about your startup. Welcome to rostrum.

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