Questery — Quests-excursions To Cities Around The World

My name is Peter, I am 27 years old, I am from Moscow, work account Manager at international it company. First time tried himself in the business two years ago. Opened a travel Agency, whose services are used by my family, friends and acquaintances. This business is to this day, but its development now I dont do. I never liked that standard tour packages and guides restrict the freedom of movement.

Have a crowd of tourists walk by the same places to be photographed, to wait for each other on the bus, to detect the time at which the guide was allowed to “freely” walk and then drive the entire crowd into a shop or restaurant that you must visit. Besides the guides there is a lot of interesting information about unusual places and cafes with local cuisine. And a tour group, usually carry on the same places years. So the idea arose to create Questery — mobile app tour quests in the cities of the world. I was attracted to the project of two friends, and we started to work.

The app works offline, which is useful in roaming, and turns an ordinary walk into an exciting adventure. At each point of the route you need to guess riddles and answer questions to get further guidance and go to the next item. In a playful way you can explore the sights and discover the city secrets. Special places, graffiti, stories, art objects and more.

Standard quest consists of 25 questions related to one topic. The route length is two to four kilometers. At the end of the quest, the user receives statistics — how many miles walked, and calories spent. The quests are not limited in time — you can start tour, then break for lunch or shopping, and it can continue. At the start of the quests available in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Voronezh and Sochi.

And developed routes in 12 European countries. Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, London, Barcelona, Bruges, Brussels. Download Questery in the App Store and Google Play. All the investments are my own resources. At the start of the project it took us almost nine months.

During this time our team was more than three times, appeared the writers of the routes outsourced. Some myths about startups us were dispelled, while others confirmed. For example, co-working spaces in our case there was no. We were going and still going to the hookah or home. Thank you for the opportunity to talk about themselves.

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