Radar Is A Service For Finding Driving Schools

Im Alex, Im 28 years old and I do a search of driving schools Radar. “Radar” was born from the personal pain. I once spent a lot of time to figure out where in Moscow it is convenient to pass on the “a”category. The information online was incomplete and fragmented. After searching I realized I wanted to get into this murky niche and get rid of such problems others.

Aggregators there are driving schools for a long time, gather SEO traffic and earn on advertising. I as a user noticed they have a few drawbacks: The result needs to be further search and call. In large cities the competition is high — up to five to seven schools in the search area. But I want to compare a few places.

Home, school and work. To start I chose Moscow. In Moscow about 500 classrooms of driving schools, so the problem of choice is. It took several months to build a base to put together the interface, then percolating it more or less working interface and to provide the driving schools with the new service. Now using “Radar” you quickly compare prices at the official driving schools of Moscow and to request training.

Employee of the driving school will contact you, answer any questions and invite you to sign the contract. In the CPA model (cost per acquisition, “cost per action” — approx. Ed.). One referred customer is X money. Of course, there are nuances.

I was faced with the mistrust of schools (“the school has a website, who should we find ourselves”) and the technical implementation of forwarding leads to school. The progressive part of the market is interested in paying for the result, because it saves advertising budget. To overcome doubts among the others, I handed out applications to schools free of charge and once on a small amount of realize how to build a chain of client transfer from the “Radar” in driving school. Here is the market of Moscow: There are at least five major cities with developed competition among driving schools.

They Radar can also be useful. I am aware that even with a high Commission percentage to get more profit will not work. I am moved by something else. The market is very old-fashioned, regulated by the state and at the same time very opaque. Schools often cheat and “streamline” services and rates.

Some do not publish any information, except for documents required by the Ministry of education, or the years did not update the site. A unified picture no. Supertasks for “Radar” — to make the market more transparent and predictable choice driving school. Now we accustom driving school show the final price, not dumping of the iceberg. To develop spent 400 thousand rubles of personal savings.

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