Redesign: the Interface is a closed-source version of “IMDb” with online cinema

The main innovation of the service is an online cinema, the content of which will be to provide partners of Yandex. Movies can be watched directly on the site. For example, viewing “Hotel “Grand Budapest”” will cost the user in 99 rubles. In the list of partners “IMDb” indicates “Amediateka”, Ayyo,, Tvzavr, Megogo, Videomore.

The company also cooperates with JSC “Digital technologies” (belongs to the TV channel “Russia”) and advertising platform Pladform, which, in particular, places ads in video Vkontakte. That Yandex is planning to aggregate on the “IMDb” video content from legitimate sites, wrote Izvestia in October 2014. According to the newspaper, the company was negotiating with the “Immediately”, and


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