Relocate €? Service For Job Search With The Possibility Of Moving

Cooperates with international companies, which provide the necessary package for relocating. My name is Andrey Stetsenko, I am 29 years old. I am the co-founder and project Manager Relocate.

In it recruitment working for about eight years, startups in this area are engaged in the last three years. Now the project employs seven people. Relocate is the area with vacancies from international it companies and useful content about the move. The basic concept of the website is that the employer must provide at least the basic relocat pack when moving.

We do not host jobs companies that are not willing to assist the applicant in employment in another country. The beta version is available from mid-April 2017. The first customers, FlixBus, Catawiki, ING, Coolblue.

The project is self-funding, has already received the first payment for the publication of vacancies. The main focus is now placed on technical positions in Europe, particularly in Germany and the Netherlands. Plan each month to add new locations and countries.So, in the next six months will be available for the move.

Canada, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and several European countries. Our goal is to make an open marketplace where companies (countries and cities) will be able to compete for technical talent. We will also do everything possible to appear on your website and non-technical majors and internships that are no less popular among those wishing to move abroad.

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