Representatives Of Wargaming, Sega And Creative Assembly About Cooperation And Working On Total War: Arena

Total War. Arena was announced in 2013, and later went into closed beta testing. From November 2016 project Studio Creative Assembly will be handled not only by the publisher Sega, but the Belarusian company Wargaming. The unit Wargaming Alliance released strategy worldwide, except China.

As told the representatives of DTF enterprises, it was created in order to share experience and to provide studios and companies access to the database of players Wargaming. The publication spoke with the head of the Wargaming Alliance Vladimir Makarychev, Director of developer Creative Assembly, Tim Heaton and Sega Europe President Jurgen Post about the partnership, the companies plans and the development of a new game series Total War. What was the reason for creating your partnership.

Why Creative Assembly and Total War. What will be the role of Sega?. Vladimir Makarychev. The deal between Sega, Wargaming, and Creative Assembly is the first step towards the formation of a strong publishing division Wargaming Alliance, working with external commands and external, are not developed within our company projects.

By working with the strongest game studios and publishers, among which are Sega and Creative Assembly, we plan to select, and then to help design and promote to the global market free-to-play games are the leaders in their niches — expanding and diversifying portfolio of projects available to our audience. Over the past two years we have seen a lot of potential projects for partnership, but the project Studio Creative Assembly caught our attention. Creative Assembly, the legendary developer who guarantees high professionalism and quality of projects and Total War. Arena was the closest to the DNA of our company.

As in our own projects, TWA relies on short game session involving dozens of players, balanced free-to-win-the economy and the absolute balance between the teams and units of the same level. The historical accuracy of the project is another unifying factor. The role of Sega — more in a niche business development and high level supervision of the relationship between development and the publisher by the owner of the franchise and the Studio. Also team of marketing and PR Wargaming Alliance and Sega are actively working together, creating assets and synchronizing promotion.

TWA is not the only project in the series of games Total War, and both companies want to get the maximum benefit from synergies in brand promotion. Simple. Sega makes good assets — we use them, the Wargaming Alliance makes a good campaign or event Sega finds a way to use them for sale other projects in the series and for brand development in General.

What exactly would be the cooperation. This publication and operation or joint development?. Vladimir Makarychev. We are the exclusive publisher of the project in all regions of the world except China. But we also help the Studio with the development of the project and provide all the necessary functionality publishing platform.

Our producers and experts on monetization, game economy, eSports and other areas act as consultants, working with specialists from the Creative Assembly and sharing with them their experiences. Key components of Total War. Arena needs to be completely in the hands of professionals from the Creative Assembly. They are 15 years doing these games. So reviews and tips we mostly give on the issues of monetization, economy, metaprograms, eSports component and regional customization, without which the project or impossible to run in a particular region, or simply its performance will be significantly below potential.

What Wargaming will receive from the collaboration?. Vladimir Makarychev. The main objective of Wargaming is to make our players happy. This can be achieved by only presenting our users the best gaming content and gaming experience available on the market. If you do not see the new game and released almost do not change, the players do not get the satisfaction they had expected, and in General losing loyalty to the company and the product.

On the one hand, we are actively working on developing our own games and systematically market new projects. But, on the other hand, this is not enough, as more than 100 million people are constantly demanding more and more variety and actively looking for a brand new gaming experience that can only give the game a completely different genre or theme, different from the main projects of the company. Total War. Arena, featuring many similar elements with the trilogy of Wargaming, at the same time absolutely different from them. We know that many of our players love the story and actively play or have played in the strategic game.

For them, the new project will be a real gift. How organized the Alliance. How do you distribute the roles. Especially financially. Vladimir Makarychev.

We all participate, we all spend and we all earn. Everything in proportion. The Alliance calls for a fair partnership, whose members actively help each other and work together towards a common goal — the creation and launch of a successful project. Of course, everyone has the main role, but we dont build walls around our teams, leaving only one, pre-agreed window.

Wargaming Alliance is fully responsible for the publishing and operation of the project to all regions of the world, excluding China. This includes marketing, manage servers, work with the community, user support and many other areas in which we operate our regional and global publishing teams. In addition, we give the project our publishing platform.

Creative Assembly and Sega for its part responsible for the development and support of the game, the release of new “feature” and new content throughout the lifetime of the project. But Wargaming Alliance also actively helps to make the game better, giving recommendations on those aspects of free-to-play MMO game in which we are to understand better the development team. Sega, being the largest and most experienced publisher in the offline sector, actively involved in our marketing activities and helps to optimize your offline campaigns. It is difficult to draw clear boundaries between our teams. Rather, we formed one big international team, which develops and publishes the draft TWA.

As for the division of Finance each partner shall bear its own expenses, and they are divided in proportion to the revenue of the project. We fully support fair play and, as I said, distributed the proceeds to the results of the deduction of all expenses, all partners remained in positive territory. Moreover, not all benefits of cooperation are expressed only in dollars, rubles or euros.

This is a one time collaboration or the beginning of something bigger. What are the plans Wargaming Alliance?. Vladimir Makarychev. Sega + Creative Assembly + Wargaming is a real dream team that combines the knowledge and experience of three legendary companies. Total War.

Arena is just the first result of this command. As I said, we are not looking for a one-time benefit and a short partnership. If we start working — that is a long time and prospects of development. Where we will lead this Alliance will be able to say a little later.

Sega and Creative Assembly has for some time been working on Total War. At beta there were a lot of positive reviews on Steam and then the game disappeared from radar. Something went wrong.

Tim Heaton and Jurgen Post. Everything went according to plan. As we stated publicly at that time we moved the game mode improvements, and thanked players for their feedback and feature requests. We just wanted to spend more time polishing Arena. We are very proud of this project and the extra time allowed us to make significant changes to the gameplay.

Tell about it more in the coming months. Influence of Wargaming on the game. Tim Heaton and Jurgen Post. Partnership with Wargaming will allow us to reach new audiences, their expertise on free-to-play market could be a big help.

Arena releasing on their platform and sharing with ideas, we give the game more chances of success. Why did you choose free-to-play monetization model. The Total War series is old enough and it is a paying audience.

Tim Heaton and Jurgen Post. Using this business model, we can introduce Total War to a wider audience, which prefers a quick session types of gameplay. And, of course, this will allow us to introduce new players to the franchise. In addition, free-to-play model means that we will develop the game after release, based on the wishes of the players, this will be resources. We have already seen a couple free-to-play strategies with a rather sad fate.

For example, End of Nations. How Arena will keep players?. Tim Heaton and Jurgen Post. Indeed, the market free-to-play is very saturated. But thanks to the creation of the Wargaming Alliance we have all the possibilities to overcome potential difficulties.

Our project is unique, it allows you to participate in a realistic historical battles, 10 on 10. While we work to improve the game by listening to the community. How will monetization. You already have a similar experience with Total War Battles. Kingdom.

What lessons have you learned?. Tim Heaton and Jurgen Post. At least Kingdom and free-to-play–it was created on the patterns of mobile games. Heres another story. We continue to develop a suitable Arena monetization system.

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