REST.RUN — App For Booking A Table, Ordering And Paying The Bill

My name is Anton, Im 25 years in it working for about seven years. Platform REST.RUN — this is my second startup, working on it for a year. The idea of this project is to deliver guests dining from unnecessary expectations when they book a table and look for a waiter to order or pay. On the background of total automation of internal processes (R-Keeper and other systems) interacting with the guests is not very advanced. There are sites and apps for read reviews, calls or email to reserve tables, congratulatory letters and invitations, banner ads in social networks and PR campaigns in offline media.

All calls and the websites of the taxi companies have replaced, essentially, one app, and the restaurant business clearly needed a modern tool with unified access for guests and restaurants. These ideas are in the air, which led to the emergence of several applications for booking, ordering and online payment accounts. Not to say that projects have failed — some of them even drew a good investment. But Uber and similar services do not write in the newsletter about how to connect three or four new cars in the city.

And these projects have reported three to four new restaurants in the city of N — me indicator that they convince restaurants about the need to implement its decision, and not the restaurants interested in connecting to their system. During the discussion of business processes with professional restaurateurs became clear why attempts to translate this conservative sphere on modern methods of communication have failed. Need a critical mass of interested in each other participants. If application users easily excited by different chips, the restaurant is clean business. Trendy decisions are for him not even a second after the profitability, because we dont bring new guests.

To build the system, which will be interesting to join both, my team and I worked with the concept, which benefits both sides. Our idea implies that the application features three main functions: If the value of an application to determine the features basically these chips restaurants interesting than the app itself, and the consequences of it will be used by the guests: The first version of the app was the UI prototype, which allowed to check the correctness of the chosen path.

We took him to target groups — professional caterers and potential users. In the process of running at the end of 2015, we received valuable criticisms and addressed them in the beginning of 2016 was already a lot of positive feedback in the format of “When can I start using?”. Now almost finished a viable version, which is expected to start in the near future. This mobile app, the app for the waiter on the tablet and the server side in the cloud. Monetization is expected due to Commission payments and sales of access to premium features.

Team. I like Android and backend developer, second developer and designer, it project Manager. In addition, the project involves qualified experts from other areas. There is a skilled consultant of the restaurant business, a specialist in PR and automation of business processes. Project costs will be covered from personal savings.

In the nearest plans — to run the system in test operation on the basis of several friendly restaurants in Moscow. After that we will go out to attract investments for large-scale implementation.

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