Reuters talked about the letters Eugene Kaspersky calls “soak in the toilet” competition from AVG

“Frankly, I would be very bad, AVG will become a public company and will earn a billion. They will not say thank you or I — dont even hope. Watering is one of the methods that we will definitely be used in combination with other”, — quotes Reuters the text of one of the letters of Eugene Kaspersky. In another message, the head of “Kaspersky Lab” refers to the team of the company with a proposal “to wet in a toilet” AVG, noting that the head of the European division of the Laboratory previously was very positive about the tactics of using fake attacks to sabotage the competition.

The representatives of AVG, wrote the virus, “conduct HR-attack” on his company and is targeting it managers. Was Eugene Kaspersky, had cited the phrase of Vladimir Putin, implemented in concrete actions, unknown. In comments to Reuters representatives of “Kaspersky Lab” said the emails “may be fake” and were received “from anonymous sources with a hidden interest”.

In mid-August, told Reuters, as the company Eugene Kaspersky over 10 years used the tactics of attacks on competitors from Avast, Microsoft, AVG, and other companies. About it journalists were reported by two former employees of the Laboratory, who said that the peak of the attacks occurred in 2009 and 2013. According to Reuters, during the attacks, “Kaspersky Lab” modified part of a safe system files so that antivirus system competitors considered them dangerous. According to sources, the customer of the attacks was personally Eugene Kaspersky.

Representatives of “Kaspersky Lab” in the comments for the CPU then denied all the accusations. Updated 29 August, 14:15. “Kaspersky lab” gave the CPU an official comment regarding the material Reuters. The spokesman said that the legitimacy of the sources of the news Agency questioned and that contained in the article information, and quotes “out of context”.

Approval taken out of context and can not serve as a confirmation of the accusations that were being put forward concerning us disgruntled former employees. “Kaspersky lab” has never made a secret campaign to deceive competitors and force them to give false positive alarms, which could have a negative impact on their position in the market. Such actions are unethical, dishonest and illegal.

— the press service of “Kaspersky Lab”. All the accusations and rumors being spread aggrieved former employees, in the anti-virus company called unfounded and “simply false”.


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