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The owner of the service advertising for bloggers qaazqaaz Denis Shayakhmetov wrote a column about how the advertising market of Russian-speaking YouTube bloggers, why the potential advertising worth less than one penny, and where to find the majority of bloggers. According to statistics, most Russian-speakers YouTube-bloggers live in Moscow. In St. Petersburg they are about two times less. And in Kiev compared to Moscow, bloggers, and four times less.

When compared with the data by population, we find that the dependence of the number of bloggers by city population linear. So, in order to become a blogger, do not have to live in Moscow or Saint Petersburg. Chances of becoming a blogger from residents of different cities are equal. Half of all YouTube bloggers take their channels to either the entertainment or computer games. Less often you can find channels dedicated to animals.

The more channel subscribers, the more video views. The correlation coefficient of these values is equal to 0,84. With some assumptions in the analysis, it can be argued that the Pareto law — 20% of bloggers cover 80% of the audience. The same exposure can be achieved with one placement at the top of blogger or multiple placements in less popular. Posting ads to several bloggers, it is possible to diversify the risks of missing the target audience.

Audience activity is increasing in likes than comments. Like easier. On average, one review accounts for 8.6 of likes (minus dislikes allowed). Likes and comments alike reflect the activity of the audience. The correlation coefficient of the number of likes (minus dislikes allowed) and the number of comments is equal to 0,81.

In other words, the “hotter” the discussion in the comments, the more likes you will gain video. Of course, every rule has exceptions. Channel Sergey Simonov has over half a million subscribers, his videos rack up tens of thousands of views, with the last ten video got dislikes allowed much more than likes. Here and below we will give statistical data for channels with the number of subscribers more than 10 thousand. This we cut off from the analysis of at least 15% of all source data taken from service qaazqaaz.

We do this intentionally to clear the data from “statistical outliers” that are common to young channels, only to gain audience. It is logical to assume that the channel with 10 thousand subscribers already, in a sense, professional and knows how to produce videos with some constant quality. And it is important for advertisers. Bloggers with the number of subscribers more than 10 thousand for convenience, we call “successful”.

Some bloggers, to get a single comment or like from the audience, requires hundreds of hits. And someone in every hundred hits have more than ten likes and comments. An interesting example is the channel “Blue tractor”. His last ten live, on average, scored ten million views. In this childrens channel — it published cartoons.

With this number of views of the channel just a little less than 300 thousand subscribers. And likes and comments almost no. One like or comment has more than 1500 hits. 80% of your ad from successful bloggers will bring one husky or comment on every 35 hits. There are also examples of the opposite.

Channels such as Skill Man, Shulya, “Ermak Auto” to get the coveted “likes” or comments already every 5-7 viewing. On average, every second successful blogger receives one “like” or comment more than 21 watching videos. And 80% of successful bloggers to get one husky or review will require no more than 35 hits. Most often bloggers are ready to place PREROLL or postroll. They are such a convenient format.

No need to think about how to incorporate advertising into the plot of the movie. Yes and negativity from the audience is less likely. Advertising at the beginning and the end of the video expect for the audience. Next in popularity among bloggers — exclusive videos. Shoot them harder, they are more expensive.

The reason for lesser popularity of exclusive rollers that not all bloggers have in mind the specifics of the channel can afford to make a promotional video. Least favorite bloggers ad format — integration. To prepare the roller is difficult, and trying to “hide” advertising often annoys the audience. Therefore, the prices for the integration of some of the bloggers will not differ from the exclusive rollers.

The more views you have on the last ten videos, the more expensive the blogger is. For exclusive videos and prerolled correlation average number of hits in the last ten video and the cost of advertising is 0,78. Here for every blogger we can predict the number of views the following output roller based on the average for the last ten rollers. The method is not perfect, but for a General understanding of the market successful bloggers deem sufficient. The correlation between advertising cost and potential ad views, says in General about what the market prices established.

Very expensive offerings on the market not so much. Among the posted on the service qaazqaaz every second sentence for shooting exclusive video cheaper ten thousand rubles, and 80% of all proposals cheaper than 45 thousand rubles. Similar situation with PREROLL or petrolume. Almost half of the offers, cheaper two thousand rubles, and 80% of all proposed Prasolov cheaper than 20 thousand rubles. The cost of placing Prasolov on average three times cheaper than removing the videos.

Of course, the market has to offer at a cost of half a million rubles or more for one exclusive video. But it is isolated and known cases. PREROLL and postroll usually three times cheaper than the videos. Much more interesting to evaluate bloggers not on the absolute cost of advertising, and in terms of 1 potential ad viewing audience. Such YouTube channels as “Ilya Med”, Vlad DIY (Do it yourself) “damn :)”, “truck 5708”, “Positive Lex!”, “Super Video YouTube”, PashaNastyaLive, Savina Moore, at the time of writing this article ready to photograph and show its audience exclusive commercials for the price of 2-4 kopecks per one potential viewer.

Every second blogger offers exclusive videos for the price of less than 44 pennies for one of the potential ad viewing. And 80% of bloggers price potential ad viewing does not exceed one ruble. In most cases, PREROLL will cost more than 27 cents for one ad view. You can find deals and cheaper one dime. If we discard 10% of the most expensive and 10% of the cheapest offers service qaazqaaz, one potential view the exclusive video at an average cost of 26 cents.

PREROLL even cheaper. On average, PREROLL or postroll will cost almost two times cheaper — at 14 cents. You can advertise where potential contact is less than one penny, for example, channels or KINOZADROT “Ilya Med”. While every other blogger is PREROLL at a price of less than ten cents over the potential ad viewing.

And 80% of bloggers price potential ad viewing PREROLL will be no more than 27 cents. The YouTube advertising market is a market of successful bloggers. Successful bloggers work for the most part, only prepayment. Additional problems with getting money for the work has been completed they dont need publicity not be allowed to behave dishonestly. Also the price for the same type of advertising one of the blogger are usually not fixed and may vary depending on the advertised product and the requirements of the advertiser.

In this regard, the prices listed on popular exchanges have top bloggers are almost always indicative. Different bloggers and advertisers the same ad format understand the different. Someone PREROLL is ten seconds, but for someone in 20 seconds. Someone in the placement of prerolled includes posting links in the description, and someone brings it in a separate position. In General, you can trace the following pattern.

The more successful the blogger, the more comprehensive will service a type of advertising. If you ask the major agencies that they include in the seemingly standard “PREROLL”, “Postroll”, “Integration” and “Mention”, the set of services will differ. The set of services included in the standard “PREROLL”, “Postroll”, “Integration” and “Mention” at all different. The top bloggers very often there is not just one YouTube channel. Many are pages in social networks.

Accordingly, buying the exclusive shooting of the movie, in a single advertising package to get the placement in social networks, which is very convenient. On the market many agents. It is a mistake to assume that if the blogger is a public figure, it is interesting to communicate with advertisers, and generally he was extrovert. A lot of bloggers are introverts who lead their channel and get great pleasure from this.

The communication with advertisers for them is torture. The agents in this case — their rescue shield. But this is not the only reason for the cooperation with the agent. The more popular the channel, the more requests for advertising begins to flow. Thus, communication with advertisers and advertising plan becomes a routine task, which does not fit in the creative process of photography blog.

Therefore, the most successful channels work mainly through agents. Running a large advertising campaign is best left to professionals. On the market there are also Agency. They already help not only bloggers, but also by advertisers. If you want to run ads from a few dozen bloggers simultaneously, without the services of the Agency to manage difficult.

Dont forget that YouTube bloggers are very often unruly from a business point of view. The creative process is not so easy to embed in a tough business commitments and thus to release the video a couple of days later for the blogger may be the norm for advertisers catastrophe. Agency in such situations at the expense of a great experience helping to organize the work with a large number of bloggers. The market is young, so major agencies not so much. Wild Jam AbrikosMedia, “Opinion Leaders” and Avtormedia (individual site there, so suggestions of bloggers and information can be viewed at the link.

One or two bloggers easy to find on their own. Contacts blogger or agent, usually indicated in the description of the YouTube channel. Much easier to look for bloggers on the exchanges. Exchanges can be useful if you for some reason dont trust the blogger. For access to a database of bloggers and to ensure successful advertising will have to pay.

At the time of writing this article the minimum fare from Vlogster under the offer was 1500 rubles for one month of access to a database of bloggers (the Commission services in the offer not disclosed), the search reflects more than 700 bloggers. At Prolog. Yt, the Commission indicated in the personal account is 15% and the search displays just over 950 accounts. You have to understand that the classical policy exchange (first advertising, then pay) is not very suitable for successful and top bloggers who prefer to work only on a prepaid basis. Therefore, many stock exchanges have, in fact, Agency services, making the advertiser and the blogger directly.

Top bloggers work only through agents and agencies. Look for bloggers you can just through the services that provide statistics. For example, will be useful LiveDune or whatstat. To estimate the cost of the ads above, we can assume that one exclusive viewing with probability 80% cheaper 1 ruble and 50% chance cheaper than 40 cents. The advertising market YouTube bloggers are quite young, but it already had time to settle.

The availability of offers cheaper single penny for advertising viewing PREROLL suggests that the market is clearly not spoiled by advertisers (here we can recall some queries in “Yandex. Direct”, the value of which exceeds one thousand rubles). Shooting exclusive clips from bloggers, for example, to format a full review of the products, in addition to advertising provides a professional footage, which can be successfully use in their marketing activities (famous faces are well recognized, for example, on large screens inside the pavilion or at the point of sale). Do not forget that modern technology in addition to selecting bloggers for the cost help you to choose the channel most appropriate for you audience. Thus, the advertiser can guarantee himself an effective flow of funds to is.

But thats a topic for another article. Source of statistical data in the article. Service qaazqaaz, “Rosstat”. Send your speakers and case studies about advertising and marketing on [email protected]

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