Review Of The Facebook F8 Conference, Short, Horror “Zilart” And Live Broadcasts On YouTube

News in the field of advertising and marketing for a week. Researchers from Princeton and Stanford universities have created a Perceptual tool Ad Blocker, which he called “potentially unbeatable” ad blocker. The feature of the tool in the way he determines is. Perceptual Ad Blocker works by reading the code, and the content unit size, graphics and the presence of such labels as “Sponsored”.

Moreover, the system does not remove the ads, but only is — This is an ad. The tool is available as a Chrome extension. Review of the Facebook F8 conference from the head of service “Amplifer” Nata Hajibalayeva. Eight key announcements and their implications for marketers.

The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) of Russia and Google entered into a settlement agreement. Google will pay a fine of 438 million rubles, which the FAS has imposed on her in August 2016 for violating the Antimonopoly legislation. The company will also pay two fines for failure to fulfill the requirements of the FAS in the amount of 1 million rubles. YouTube has opened access to watch live streaming for channels with the number of subscribers from thousands of users. To access the live broadcasts, you must enable this function in the Creator Studio.

This will allow you to start streaming from the mobile app. Completed broadcast will automatically be saved in the archive. Google Analytics announced the launch of new home page. Users will see it immediately after logging in, a. The page will contain blocks of data from different reports, including statistics in real time, traffic data, location, user, devices that are used to access the site, and other.

Menu added a new tab “Discover”. It will serve as a guide to product and Analytics training materials. Innovations are launched for all users in a few weeks. Google announced the launch of the so-called “smart” campaigns. Smart campaigns use machine learning and can identify users who are most likely to convert, show them ads of different sizes and to provide cost-effective rates.

A new solution available to all advertisers. The “Runet rating” started accepting applications to participate in the fifth annual rating of digital agencies, working with the largest companies. The application period will last until 24 April. The results will be published on 28 April. It is important that the portfolio agencies was at least one project, launched for the largest customers in 2016-2017.

The Command “Yandex.Direkta” told how the service was learned to predict the conversion and save budgets in networks. “Direct” automatically reduces the stakes advertisers depending on the predicted conversion. And the automatic adjustment of rates helps save money in cases when the utility of display advertising is below the average for a particular advertiser. “Direct” can stop the shows at separate venues — the system simply puts the rate for these sites is below the threshold that is not won on their auction.

Mobile traffic is growing much faster fixed last year increased by 15%. Last year mobile Internet traffic in Russia increased by 48% and amounted to approximately 3.8 billion GB, writes “Vedomosti” with reference to the materials of the Ministry of communications. French Burger King released an advertisement, which describes how peoples life is accompanied by the need to eat tasteless food. At the beginning of the show howling baby, whom the father makes me eat cereal. It then shows how people of all ages are forced to eat unappetizing food — at school, in the army, in a student dormitory.

At the end of the video, the brand offers not to suffer but to enjoy food. In this case, delicious food presented in the form of delicious deep fried Burger. McDonalds has created an unusual advertising — the brand name carved in it. In the story the presenter asks anonymous guest, where the most delicious Coca-Cola. You can see how the characters in the movie trying to pronounce the name, but it is cut by the editors.

McDonalds decided to entice users to search on Google to determine what a brand is mentioned in the advertisement. British real estate website shot a promo where the main characters are crabs-hermits. Houses for crabs printed on top of these shells using a 3D printer. Due to the fact that marine life is often changing the house-sink, they quickly dismantled the free “houses”, which allowed to remove the clip without the use of special effects. Chinese water brand Mizone, owned by Danone, is marketed as a companion of a healthy and active lifestyle.

But the youth of today prefers to postpone our accomplishments, doing a variety of sedentary activities — computer games, turning pages in social networks and so on. The video shows how a huge bottle of water Mizone bursts into life lazy students and encourages them to exercise. For all those watching the astonished audience. Residential complex “Zilart” removed the video about the zombie Apocalypse in Moscow.

The first victim in the film is Nikolay Baskov. The main character Valeria, along with two children trying to get from the holiday village to Moscow in order to get to school. When they do it, it turns out that the residential complex “Zilart” the only safe place in the city, all other areas attacked by reanimated corpses. Send your speakers and case studies about advertising and marketing on [email protected]

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