“Riot performers” on the service YouDo: users need to review fees

The service YouDo launched a job without a fee (previously all the jobs were with 15% Commission paid by the customers chosen contractor). Performers can now be specified in the proposals for this your contacts that the customer had the opportunity to discuss the terms of cooperation on the phone. The ability to add suggestions to such jobs paid, and costs from 20 rubles (depending on category). Each task can be left not more than ten paid offers.

The money paid for the opportunity to add a clause, will not be returned. “The new system caused great discontent among the performers. First, is the set of tasks with new accounts with no reviews. Performers leave the proposal under these items, in the end, the customer is lost, the contractor is not selected, and the money — flushed,” said Maria Volkova.

“The bulk of jobs without a fee for some reason is in the category “Virtual assistant” is a translation, typing and the like. All adequate performers now ignore this kind of job. And I among them, because I poured into these suggestions to no avail a certain amount of money, and who somehow managed to spend 3-4 thousand. As a consequence, reduces the quality of services, customers leave the service and will not be returned, and were losing our jobs,” — said Volkov.

She told me that a disgruntled performers trying to attract the attention of the administration, creating tasks, in which they write about their disagreement with the new order. Such jobs are deleted by moderators. According to her, correspondence with the administration yields no results. “They dont seem to understand or pretend to not understand what our discontent”.

YouDo. Signed, a month later confirmed my identity, spent 300 rubles, not found any customer so far. “To understand the scale of discontent, I too have created a job, which has asked other artists to leave comments if they agree that its a rip-off, and in less than 15 minutes before the job was removed, I received over 90 comments dissatisfied performers,” says the lady YouDo.

In the service administration denies mass outrage among users. CEO of YouDo Denis Kutergin said vc.ru that cooperation with the service “is voluntary. “This review is a subjective opinion, which is based on emotion and incorrect assumptions, which Im not prepared to comment because of their absurdity. While we test on a part of the tasks a new model to evaluate its effectiveness in different categories.

Performers who want to share their opinions, can always write to me directly,” said Kutergin. In November 2015 YouDo lost a competitor in the face of shutdown the service “Yandex.Master”. “I think the main reason was the device itself on the market of household services. The lions share of orders is done directly and not through the company, as people used to refer to the familiar and recommended by the masters”, — explained then the head of the project Lev Volozh.

Conflict with contractors was one of the main reasons for the closure of American home cleaning service Homejoy. In 2012, complaints of users caused the change of the rules of operation of the site Free-lance.ru. Then the administration forbade the performers to exchange contact information, leaving only to communicate personal messages service. Two months later the changes were canceled, but in the event of a conflict situation, the authority still considers the argument only correspondence via private messages.

Source: google.co.uk

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