Roistat — tracking system and analysis of sales for Internet companies

Hi, my name is Herman Gavrilov, I am the founder of the business intelligence system and Roistat online store ProCanvas. My first business, ProCanvas is a classic example of ecommerce for the sale of posters and paintings. And when the Internet store has grown to the point that on the advertisement I was to spend 1.5 million rubles a month, I realized that most of this budget is simply drained into the pipe. We were exhausted, setting up different Analytics services to get accurate data on the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Used Google Analytics and “Yandex.Metric”, Western services and business intelligence. But always faced with one trouble. According to the system of revenue of 12 million and at the box office less than half. Why.

Because the online application does not equal sales, and even the fact of sale does not always mean money at the box office. In the best case 70% of the baskets on the website are converted into actual sales, plus there are waivers and refunds. But none of the systems we used was not integrated with my CRM, so sales data were approximate “average temperature on hospital”. I could not continue to plan marketing activity, knowing that more than half of the budget flies in the tube, and no system I have to look at ROI of channel.

And we have written our own solution which was shown through ROI Analytics to keywords. All data was taken from actual sales in CRM with regard to refusals, returns, costs and profits. It turned out so cool that when my friends entrepreneurs saw the reports and asked us to make them as well. After a few months of deliberation my partner and I started doing a new service through Analytics Roistat.

This means that we monitor and analyze all stages of the transaction. All touch user with the clients business — from the source of the site visit prior to the sale of CRM. Applications are considered junk and duplicates, rejections and returns. The system will consider a return, even if it happens in a month.

Transaction data (amount, commodity composition, status) change in Roistat immediately after the change in CRM. In Roistat have finished the analytical module and integration with 28 popular CMS and CRM systems (amoCRM, “Megaplan”, 1, “Bitrix24”, “Moysklad” and others). If you have a rare or in-house CRM that we have a robust API for integration. Have questions on connection — our technical support will help you.

But the functionality is not limited Roistat. We started with module for bi, and then decided to do an entire ecosystem for Internet marketers. As part of our platform already implemented.

Our goal is to create a system where in one place you can get all the tools of Internet marketing. And yet — we are obsessed with the integrations and are ready to partner with most SaaS solutions. We want our client to use the necessary tools under one platform and did not refuse those services to which he was accustomed. Another feature Roistat — its universality.

It can be used and advanced marketers to detailed Analytics, and business owners who need the overall picture. Marketers study the dynamics of the ROI for each keyword in real time. My use Roistat is reduced to a daily SMS with the results of the day and a consolidated report with key metrics is all that is important to me, as the leader. In the near future we plan to enter the international market.

Competitors in the world, but they dont have integrations like Roistat, and functionality, though somewhat similar, but does not include all of our capabilities. We will be glad to hear feedback from Internet marketers (do you have pain, what is lacking in existing services) and proposals for cooperation. Returned the floor to the readers.

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