“Runs Up To Some Guy, Second €? And All Paid For”

Our creative team Instinct told vc.ru how to create a project VTB24 and Samsung Pay “Superplasticiser”, and why brands it is difficult to attract peoples attention, especially in shopping centers. Supermetallic is a hero who pays for the purchase of Muscovites using the service, Samsung Pay. The Agency Instinct the task was to tell the audience about the new service and to maintain the image of the Bank VTB24.

“The idea of a superhero has arisen in connection with the fact that contactless payment is very fast. We thought it would be funny if unremarkable man in the usual blue suit will suddenly run up to people at the checkout, pay for them and run away. Its certainly pay attention,” says Kolya Fabrika, creative Director at Instinct Agency. “Usually when standing in line, looking at the man in front, and he rummages in bag, pulls out wallet, counts the cash, they are not enough, he reaches for the card, enters the pin,.

This is all a very long time. And here, imagine, runs up to some guy, second — and all paid for,” says the project Manager “Supermetallic” Ksenia Klokova. Then superhero silently disappeared, and the cashier was explaining to the people what had happened, gave out promotional material with information about the service, Samsung Pay and partner VTB24. Also at each point of contact was the promoter who could advise about the product and tell about the project.

“Honestly, we had fears that anyone can break our superhero or call the guards, but nothing happened. Mostly the reactions were positive. Although there are also indifferent, and even unhappy. In some stores, people started to hunt down Superplasticity and specially to wait in line, to delay the payment,” says Director of client services Peter Sterligov.

. In total, the project involved thirteen large shopping malls, including “European”, “Hudson”, “metropolis” and others. Supergirlalesya had four. They worked in different parts of the. Ran up to people in the grocery and cosmetic stores, at theater box office, in coffee shops and at the LEGO store.

The preparation of the project the team went a month and a half, the project lasted a month, and the video of the case, was taken for two days. “The agreement was with all the shopping centers and tenants, where there was Superplasticiser. In General, we had a lot to negotiate, coordinate, instruct and coordinate a huge number of people — promoters, supervisors, cashiers, security,” continues Sterligov. In the preparation phase of the Agencys team traveled to points in different parts of Moscow to work out the algorithm of actions. The direction and choreography of hero, the payment words in the event of a hitch, and so on.

“When the project is unusual, understand a lot already in the process of implementation. For example, in rehearsals we found that the cashier must give the sign to Superplasticity when the terminal is ready. Another funny problem was that promoters would not be easy to convince to be mysterious, silent and mysterious,” says art Director at Maxim Demkin. Guys used to talk, sell, and here they had to disappear quickly and leave people discouraged.

That was the unusual project. Now in shopping malls people attacked the army of promoters around sparkle colorful screens, built giant installations, so that people are powerful filters against advertising, and in order to circumvent them, you need to surprise. The project was experimental and the client did not put the Agency hard quantitative KPI. The teams task was to engage the audience and evoke a response.

“Hundreds of people were genuinely surprised by the appearance of Superplasticity, which helped to draw their attention to Samsung Pay and VTB24. We saw people looking at promotional materials, ask the supervisors, have a genuine interest,” continues Demkin. In Instinct we would like to custom the mechanics of attract peoples attention, become the norm, that is ceased to be in the minds of people, loud annoying aunt, from which I want to dismiss, and turned into a creative superhero who helps the business to connect with their audience. Send your speakers and case studies about advertising and marketing on [email protected]

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