Russian Agency MOST Creative Club has released service to order the jerseys with individual drawings

First you need to choose the model sweater (with collar or without), and then the color of the garment, drawing and text. After that you need to make print and click on the “knit a sweater”. Cost of goods — 3990 rubles. If the user does not want to paint himself, he can refer to with the finished drawings, among which.

Snowflakes, Christmas trees, copulating deer, QR code, anchor and more. Also in the catalog there are the portraits of the online character Mr. Freeman, the images from the charity Fund “downside Up” and “life Line” — when ordering sweaters with these prints 500 rubles credited to the funds. Sweaters are 30% wool and 70% acrylic.

We are a creative Agency, but no longer limited to the field of advertising. Believe that through creative solutions and innovative moves everything becomes more efficient, better and more fun, including clothing — how you can all go in the same. So the service with which anyone can create their own sweater, is a logical development of our activities on the promotion of creativity in all. We expect that So_sweater useful to many.

Those who dream to make my own pattern, emphasizing the individuality of the participants of different communities that need unusual clothing with his paraphernalia, and anyone who wants to make an unusual personal gift for the New year and not only. The Agency MOST Creative Club has implemented a similar project in late 2012 for the brand Tele-2. The company launched a competition for best drawings on the virtual jerseys. The winners, selected through user votes in social networks, got knitted sweaters with your prints as a gift.

Within a month, the project website was visited by 470 thousand users.


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