Russian Brands And The Day Of Cosmonautics

Aviasales, “Vkontakte”, S7, Pulkovo airport, Beeline and others. Edition gathered feedback Russian brands, dedicated to the cosmonautics Day and the International day of human flight into space.

Representatives of the company noted that in recent time, many began to add “history” — photos or videos that are deleted a day after the publication. Instead, a ticket aggregator promised to add a “mask”. While all the Stories add the function into its services, we went further — now at Aviasales is masks! And not deceived.

On the main page has four figures of the founder of SpaceX Elon musk, reflecting different stages of development of the company. Social network together with “Rosatom” held a live video and session of questions and answers project #VKLive with cosmonaut Oleg Novitsky, who because of the change of crews remained on the ISS alone.

Also “Vkontakte” introduced a new themed stickers for photo editor Effects and gifts. In the social network compared the popularity of the unofficial anthem of cosmonautics day — songs underwood “Gagarin, I loved you” on ordinary days and during the holiday.

The airline offered users to take care of space flight and book a flight to planets of the Solar system, as well as distant exoplanets, like the Methuselah or Gliese 667 C C.

Then the user is prompted to select the type of flights (direct or through the dock to the ISS), type of food (soylent or marcarelli), and to specify the personal data. The system then creates customized boarding pass. The company on the day they replaced the voice prompts for navigation 2GIS adding voice acting of Yuri Gagarin and changing the start button of the route (with the usual “machine” with “missile”).

“We had hints in the Navigator of the phrases uttered by Yuri Gagarin during the flight into space and prepare for it. The result was a dialogue of the astronaut with Alyona, whose voice used to hearing users Navigator, 2GIS. For example, in response to the phrase “converted Route” Gagarin says.

“Continue the flight, everything is fine”,” says the tester “2GIS” Lydia Soskin. The coffee chain has published a. GIF animation called “Cosmos inside”. Online travel Agency invited visitors to win two tickets to Abu Dhabi from Etihad Airways.

For this they need to guess what the pictures depicted the Earth, and other planets of the Solar system. In the test, only 12 questions. To participate in the drawing of tickets, the user needs to share the result in social networks.

University of information technologies, mechanics and optics prepared a game where the user needs to clean the space from orbital debris, catching parts of rockets which can be used for designing new aircraft.

The game has several levels. In the process of passing missiles become more and more perfect, and the speed of the “garbage” — all the faster. In honor of the holiday the airport to monitor the movement of aircraft Flightradar24 has prepared a video showing all the flights for April 7, which took off and flew to the airport.

The developer solutions in the field of security has announced a large-scale campaign called “the Message”. To participate, users need to purchase Kaspersky Internet Security or Kaspersky Total Security for all devices and register the license key on the website of the campaign.

After that, they automatically become participants of draw of prizes — sets of space food, equipment and other gifts. And to win the main prize — a trip to Chile for the Alma Observatory — the user should write his own message that will be sent into space. The message of participants in a real time mode are shown on the website.

Russian representation of the social network produced in conjunction with “Roskosmos” live with cosmonaut Sergey Ryazanskiy, who is now at the space station along with Randolph Bresnik duplicate the main crew manned spacecraft Soyuz 04. Ryazan told about how passes the final stage of preparation for space flight and answered questions from the audience. The social network has prepared a special interactive mask streaming app OK live.

Company representatives went on site Deep on the shore of lake Baikal and made a video, showing deep space. Also to the Day of cosmonautics, the brand has presented the panorama of the starry sky.

On the main page there was an image of Yuri Gagarin, which activates a special themed banner dedicated to the holiday. Clicking on it, the user receives a selection of films about the cosmos from “Cinema Mail.Ru”. The list includes “interstellar”, “gravity”, “Prometheus” and others.

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