Russian Designers And Developers Of IPhone X, IPhone 8 And Other Announcements Apple Presentation

“The company claims to be a social and cultural phenomenon”. Apple — top. Lets start with the fact that Shazam does not recognize songs from commercials of the company. The tracks and production on a global level — and the team holds it.

I am ready even an album to collect movies and music for product presentations. Now. Lets go in order. Apple Watch. Organic and logical transition.

All runners and swimmers the world, rejoice. Appeared communication module LTE for music and messages on time. Apple TV. Wait for the 4K and that is really cool, because all the content already done in high resolution.

And, perhaps, even have a reason to buy a console. IPhone. Words about Steve Jobs, the music, and in General all at a high level. I am encouraged by the style of presentation. IPhone 8 to upgrade quickly and increase profit, many will buy it before the release of iPhone X.

About iPhone X. Here I would note a few very important things. In the first place — 30 thousand points are projected onto the face to be detected with special iron. Its fantastically precise and cool, open API will be a blast.

There is a huge number of companies that somehow are tracking and identification, and they will now focus on this standard. Apple keeps the brand. Banks, Stories, masks will go to a whole different level. Very cool.

We will see how all the industry giants will begin to repeat after the Apple. And all the while far away it is. Of course, even at the presentation there was a small school, but I think in a few generations, the recognition system will be very fast and accurate. Thanks to all the selfie will probably be even more popular, because there Oh so much space for creativity.

With device performance is not yet clear, lets see how to get. But I think, especially the faster things will not work. For the AR-platform and CoreML is the right way in the future. A future where Apple wants to be a leader.

It is worth noting how elegantly the company has solved the problems of navigation. Its very natural for the world swipe. As a result. Yes, all the predictions have come true. I was not intrigue.

But were still in the age of smartphones. The presentation is good. Give me two xs, not three. Waiting for the new device from Apple. What do you think?.

This time the presentation was more boring than usual. The main reason is that three days ago, Apple accidentally sent the final version of iOS 11 developers. The company almost immediately stopped signing this version, but a couple of hours to light all the details of the new hours of TV and, most importantly, phone. I liked the vector of development of Apple.

Focus on offline and a new position in the stores — Creative Pro — people who will give workshops on creativity with technology, Apple (pictures, music, drawing). This is important for the Corporation, which plans to soon expand into new markets of devices and consumer Finance sector (there is a rumor that Apple wants to spend $1 billion on TV series and movies). If to speak about the technology, then to the clock and TV from Apple, an interesting approach. For show updates, but nothing revolutionary change.

What approach Apple is the attitude of the audience. In turn, the phone, even as it almost all was known in advance, surprised. From the time of the presentation of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is the first major change of the screen, and since the first iPhone — the first time such a radical change in the NAV (because of the refusal from the Home button), so it will be interesting to see how the new solution easier than the old one.

Because of the new screen developers may have to add new permissions for images that will create difficulties, which was not since the release of the iPhone 6 Plus. Even today has released Xcode 9 GM, which means that today, developers became available to download applications that use all the features of iOS 11, in the App Store. I have following the presentation left only one question.

Where is the notifications, Billy (who had replaced the Control Center in a new iPhone X)?. Despite the rather traditional format of the presentation, Steve Jobs Theater significantly raised the quality of the event. Beautiful site, gorgeous screen, light. Great.

Whats the drama. When I showed the iPhone 8, I was even upset. To release two new smartphones is controversial and unexpectedly. But Im sure will lead to success. So as to expand the range of smartphones will only benefit the company in the competition.

Great courage of the company appeared again in the transition from fingerprint to facial recognition. And of course, Apple could bring this technology to a whole new level of quality. I was expecting USB-C in iPhone.

Since it is not likely Apple will refuse to connectors in General — in the near future. Apple has become much more active to implement really user-requested functions. For example, introduced a wireless charging.

IOS is becoming more open platform for developers. There was a deeper integration of apps into the platform. This is a big plus. Apple made a bid to return the status of a technological leader.

Machine learning subsystem to work with neural networks in the processor. Chipofya functions in the new iOS at the peak of technological progress. Apple knows how to do so is to cause a desire. Each year presentations are becoming richer in sentimental stories, quotes and mind-blowing video. While in terms of products, all more or less predictable.

Partly due to the obviousness of the solutions, partly due to leaks. The ecosystem continues to grow and captures new face of leisure and entertainment. Faster, longer, louder. The caller watch, TV, iPhone 8, wireless conductive charging, Animoji — it is all good, but compared to anticipated premiere looked like information noise. One more thing.

Futuristic. The camera, like a true reactionary, opposed to the last already come to the future. Now it already looks inappropriate on two sides of the device and spoils the whole grace of the solution. “Ten” is really very different from their counterparts. And appearance, and interaction.

About the second hard to judge without holding the device in their hands. But it seems that view of the last notification or the time has not come out. The problem of control with one hand will become more acute due to dead zones and new unusual gestures. This means that all of us will face a wave of interesting front-end solutions, new patterns of interaction and lots of fun from work. Cheers!

Building name Hoover today, probably the feast. The FBI does not have to butt heads with Apple over the passwords of suspects, but simply to show them the face of the smartphone and get access to all the data. Seriously, once a year we gather as an institution at the presentation of the new iPhone and the first time waiting for a miracle. The first time it happens again, and again we happily disagree.

In all seriousness, that is an interesting improvement, but we need to feel with your hands. In the Apple Watch, finally appeared cellular but need to test how it will affect the battery. IPhone 8 — a good, but rather the iPhone 7S. IPhone X — stylish, steel looks good, size is good (screen 5.8 inch phone with the iPhone), Face ID is interesting, but it is difficult to say how everything will work. At the presentation of the performance platform is not flashed.

Might be an API for developers to do something near Animoji. There is no Home button. Talked a lot about the AI — again, need to test how everything works. Possible problems. A lot of problems.

The indisputable steps — 4K and HDR in the new Apple TV and, perhaps, A11 Bionic chip, which is now GPU with its own design (more Metal and AR). And wireless charging — then have the technology to ignore it was impossible. Although here the question is — how much it will recharge your smartphone?. So far, it looks just like a Wayne Gretzky quote about a puck. Probably, this is a great Foundation for the future, and Apple is indeed moving to a place where we will.

But still more questions than answers, and the future is not determined. Wait for another year. The presentation was held at the new campus Theatre. Steve Jobs. Apple once again confirmed its status as leader in the creation of new patterns of human interaction with the digital and material world.

Judging by the pathos of the story about the new store concept, the company claims to be not only a technology leader but also a social and cultural phenomenon. Improve the performance of hardware and user experience touched hours, Apple TV, iPhone 8. But it was only the “warming-up” before the presentation of the iPhone X.

Although the network flowed images of the new phone, rumors of a three-dimensional, Emoji and technology FaceID, still impressive when tell you what is the engineering and design work behind it. IPhone X develops the concept of a holistic interface in which physical controls “dissolve” gradually giving way to more intuitive gestures, and interactions becomes available all the display surface. And finally, on a sad.

Length of human fingers evolyutsioniruet not as fast as growing diagonal displays in the line of Apple devices. Despite this, fingers already itching to touch the new device and new opportunities. After revealed the iPhone X, we all immediately said. “Damn, the new resolution”. This means difficulties with adaptation on the platforms, despite the fact that the size of the screen, which should be supported, very unusual.

And due to the rounded edges and top of the unit for cameras, which is noticeably annoying, there are problems with the integration of content. IPhone X left double impression. On the one hand, it seems that Steve would not have approved. But with the other buttons either, and that it does not become to Android, the team redesigned the entire UI/UX in the direction of the gesture.

And we will probably have to do something with the interface to work properly, and make sure that all of our UX-logic falls on new logic Apple. All have shown a lot of features. For example, Animoji that are kind of useless, but the way they work is amazing — the facial recognition and stuff. Many will say Android it was long ago. Only it so-so works, but since the iPhone is becoming the industry standard.

Otherwise the trend is clear, though nothing superposing and did. Although who knows what else will finish it in iOS. Maybe that will solve many issues at the operating system level.

I would very much like to watch more of “imprisoned” under medical purpose, but yet do not see. Apparently, its not easy. And would make the smartphone format SE, but with the screen size of the phone as X. Receive notifications and calls without the phone, stream music from your Apple Watch to your AirPods is a cool experience. Use of wearable devices and does not depend on the phone — easy.

It is a pity that the work time does not increase and it is not clear when eSIM will work in our market. In iPhone 8 pleased only wireless charging. Now the iPhone will charge from the same charging, and Android devices. No need to buy Lightning every six months. Of all the new products at the presentation I was most interested in the Home button and all the related it solutions.

Sign in with Touch ID on the iPhone X has evolved into Face ID, call screen cards Apple Pay worked by double-clicking on Home, will now run by double-pressing the “Unlock”. Not sure how well will work the identification of the person from Samsung was not very successful. Gesture upward to switch to another app or to Home Screen, it seems to me more convenient than pressing the button. Besides, you can switch the app using a swipe along the bottom edge of the screen (in the area of Home).

Im sure after the iPhone X in the design community there are many disputes about the liberated space from the Home button. In the presentation we showed variants. But the Internet has a lot of concepts.

Didnt think that I can impress animated Emoji from the scan of the face, but its really funny and can cheer more than once. This is the first Apple event, before which it was known for almost all. Not to say that its bad, because last month the entire Internet lives this presentation. Now. What Apple showed us today, what does it all mean.

As always, all changes are evolutionary, there is nothing fundamentally new Apple has not provided, all that we have already seen in other devices. Apple TV 4K — a welcome change that was obviously. 4K is the new marketing campaign for TV manufacturers after the 3D. Content in 4K and HDR are almost there, and to show streaming videos in 4K, you need a very big channel.

But about 4K is spoken on every corner, Apple just could not continue to ignore this trend. I honestly was waiting for this device most of all just be a reason to upgrade from the old Apple TV new. I also hope that Apple will shift the market from the dead point, and 4K content will be more.

With new smartphones, everything turned out more interesting, and if the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus is a logical continuation of the line iPhone and X stands out on the background. This and the use of new technologies, with whom Apple previously did not work, and a whole new price segment. It seems to me that this device should be taken as a kind of jubilee, experimental edition. Such devices Apple has released before.

You may recall, for example, the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh. It was a device not for everyone, in a completely new body with additional accessories, and it cost too much more expensive than the usual “Macs” at the time. I think the new iPhone will be buying more of it geeks who want to try new technology and Apple fans.

Apple Watch 3 — now with LTE. Probably, thats cool. Watches have become more Autonomous and now during sports can leave your phone and dont be afraid miss an important call or a long-awaited notification from the Telegram. For me, these changes are minor — Im almost always on the phone with you, so I do not see sense to upgrade from the first generation of hours for the sake of autonomy. The main problem of the presentation of Apple in recent years — is numerous leaks.

Unfortunately, despite the active struggle with them before the presentation we knew almost everything, except for minor technical details. Because of this, it lost the wow effect and that the magic, which many people love Apple products. This presentation was no exception, and the day before it was known to almost all. Guessed wrong only with the start of sales of the iPhone X.

Even the announcement of a new iPhone after the phrase “One more thing” turned out to be expected, given Apples desire to bring back the magic of this moment. The line of devices has iPhone 8. How this model will be in demand, time will tell, but her prospects seem pretty vague. X but the iPhone was the device that Apples been waiting for the last years.

First impressions as a user of all the latest models very unusual, and for the first few years this model I want to buy. How practical and convenient will be refusal from the Home button, it will be clear only after the purchase and at least a week of use. But, in any case, this is quite a radical step, which obviously will affect the entire user experience. Very interesting solution is Face ID which opens up a number of possibilities.

It remains to wait for the beta version of iOS 11.1 and to know what Apple API open for developers. IPhone X is really amazing. New design, new solutions, new gestures. Another approach, quite unusual relative to earlier devices, including even the newly iPhone 8. Seemed interesting augmented reality technology, which will find wide application not only in games but also in other areas — for example, in ecommerce.

For example, the app will allow you to virtually try on clothes or see how any fridge will look near the window. I really hope that we, as designers of mobile applications will be available to new opportunities and technologies as early as possible, including the locking face and the creation of its animated 3D models. This will allow to present our users a new and unprecedented experience to interact with the applications. Three things Apple is doing. Forms the audience, keeps it and turns to the messengers, — the example of todays event.

The formation of the audience. Apple creates a culture. She showed it by telling about the events under the brand Today at the Apple. At these meetings, the team teaches programming, lectures, lessons on calligraphy and animation for children and adults. The company pereformuliruem their stores to become a place not only for meetings with food, but with people.

Its influence on culture. It is the creation of culture. And thats what Apple gives you for free. Apple shows that you like cyborgs or skateboarders are part of this large, intelligent and vibrant community.

Audience retention. Constant updates. Small and large. Rational and emotional.

Take the Apple Watch 3, which looks no different from the previous generation. It served as an advantage, because inside e-SIM and the glass antenna, turned the watch to the phone. IPhone 8 c “Short for rich geeks” and wireless charging. IPhone X — with Face ID, and a giant display. All of this development is familiar to us products, and these updates reaktivitat audience.

We are interested to dive into the details, to Express their opinions, to try new things, use this new. And it returns our attention to the brand. The transformation in glasati. Your social network is already flooded with memes appeared for a few seconds johnny Ivom showing the operation Animoji.

A bunch of witty jokes about how they will live with FaceID girls in hijab, shaved bearded bully after a fight is just the beginning. And all this makes us agents with the energy of the locomotive filling the Internet free advertising. And Animoji — fuel in the furnace of the locomotive. Such a lovely and positive fuel.

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