“Russian Marketers Often Forget About The Most Important Product”

Sergei Pruss. I spent many years watching what is happening with marketing on the Russian and Western markets and see a clear difference in the focus of marketing strategies of domestic and foreign companies. On duty I communicate a lot with entrepreneurs and ask why you need to buy their product instead of a competitor. As a rule, this question puts them in a stupor, and they meet a strange unrelated things.

Communicating marketers, I ask a question. “What is marketing?”, and in most cases get the same response. “marketing is sales promotion and PR”. A similar approach, see among professionals in the field of marketing, selecting speakers for the conference Digitale. Im looking for marketers who would tell the conference about the product and how important it is, but as a rule, this is not happening.

For example, the popular speaker and marketing expert No. 1 in Russia, Igor Mann, talks about how to win back a customer about points of contact and generally more on communications, but nothing about the product. If you remember the basics — the theory of Philip Kotler about 4P, in addition to price, promotion, place, there is still an important component — product. Now in Russia there is a bias in favor of promotion and the most important product, is often ignored.

To marketing has helped business to be reliable and stable, the need to shift the focus from how to make first sale on the desire to make quality product that I want to buy again and again, which I want to recommend to friends. Take Digitale. We in the marketing Agency is very good at promoting high-quality public relations, creative advertising, use different channels. And we could stop.

But, for example, on the organization of the Digitale 8 we spent 3.5 million rubles to the conference was high quality and everyone liked that people came back. And if I instead saved and would make the event for 1.5 million rubles, wouldnt it be cool speakers would be the worse area, it would not be the promised level of the organization, then people wouldnt come next time. If I thought only about the promotion and left the product is of poor quality, as is often done, then this business would not have survived. People ceased to buy the tickets and a very limited market.

Even if I have to sell each potential customer one ticket, wishing sooner or later will end, and the business will cease to exist. So, the business grew and developed, marketing should be focused on the product and to answer the question — “Why should I buy from us, we are better than competitors”. In this article, I presented 15 examples of advantages on which to build a brand strategy and product.

Service plays a big role in the fight for the consumer. I call this one of the most important. It is what creates customers for life. If the company is to take better care of customers, showing genuine care and love, the buyer feels it and reciprocates. As example, the online Shoe store Zappos.

On their internal culture and approach to team and client written books. Anyone can visit the Zappos office located in Las Vegas — for this you need to sign up for a tour on the website. Even if the tour will be only one person, then it will still send a special bus directly to the plane (this happened once). In the office you can take pictures and touch anything, you can communicate with all staff and go everywhere.

The call centre staff are trained to give the maximum information for any questions and to be as useful as possible, regardless of concerns the question of shoes or Zappos. Even if you call and ask where the nearest pizzeria. The world is complicated, people are increasingly difficult to concentrate on something. If the company offers a simple solution to a shorter path than the competition, it is valuable for the consumers.

A great example of how complex technology can be put into a simple form — Apple. A large part of the success of the company, definitely based on the ease of use of its products. There are people — bezopasniki. You can become a strong brand due to the reliability that the company can provide.

For example, because of the many scandals on the Internet about hacking popular sites and stealing of user data (e.g., 20 February 2014 Facebook announced it is buying the popular WhatsApp messenger. After it became clear that together with the staff and infrastructure of the company Mark Zuckerberg acquired and data about users of the popular app), has seen a lot of new messengers, guaranteeing the safety and confidentiality of any personal correspondence. In this area managed to stand out Telegram Pavel Durov. And for the PR campaign was chosen as a good move.

In “the year of Snowden” its creators are more focused on security. The most effective solution in this regard was a bold proposal of Pavel Durov to hack into his personal correspondence in the Telegram for $200 thousand. Even if some hacker did it — it still would benefit messenger. After the vulnerability it would become even safer in the eyes of the user.

In the fierce competition to create advantages not easy, but you can go the other way — to create a new need or meet the one that nobody met. When the company succeeds, shes just no competition. For example, “Cirque du Soleil” has created a new show at the junction of the circus and the theatre, he still is a unique project, unique in the world. Or Apple, which created the need for smartphones and tablets and is a leader in this market.

The uniqueness can be not only in product but also in combination of various factors that are difficult to repeat others. IKEA has created this combination of design, price, quality, service that competitors with a similar set simply does not exist. The benefit appears not only due to the price.

The company, which can offer the customer further savings, a more preferred. For example, “Alfa-Bank” offers 100 days of interest-free loan, on the background of the fact that other banks are either in General such services are not present, or offer less. Or the Internet-shop “ozone” – too offers to save you time and energy in shopping, that brings things to a fitting and gives you the opportunity to cancel the purchase, if the thing does not come.

People are attracted to all the beautiful. If the brand can be cuter in all communications with the audience, it will be like. In Russia “Yandex” and “Vkontakte” won its global competitors due to the design. To offer a more comfortable and beautiful for the Russian audience design, the company became leaders in their niche.

If you want to be not like others, you can become the center of attention, as the singularity draws. This can be achieved, for example, going to extremes. To be the most daring, the thinnest, fastest and so on. For example, Burger King often shocking the audience with their advertising slogans, such as “Niobates” or open letters to McDonalds to leave the market.

This creates a wave of interest around the brand. Personality is always more interesting than the company. If a company can cultivate a charismatic leader, the interest increases to the product. A great example of how to build your brand through brilliant leader — Oleg Tinkov.

If the company can deliver the goods faster than the competition, other things being equal, the consumer will choose it. That segment of the business in which speed is an important component actively uses this competitive advantage. For example, in the field of pizza delivery, the determining factor may be the time in which the pizza will bring to the customer.

But speaking of speed, we are talking not only about delivery but also the speed of production and overall about saving time. For example, the taxi service Uber careful attention to detail to quickly and comfortably help the customer to reach any destination. Before this taxi service had to wait at least 10-15 minutes as the car to get to client was significantly longer. Uber uses cars connected drivers, cars taxis or partners.

This gives you the opportunity to find the car much faster and as close as possible from the client. A wider range of products, unique and high-quality selection is a strong factor in order to become a leader in your niche. People wont rush, where to find the necessary goods, and in the first place will return there, where precisely is required.

For example, Amazon has surpassed other bookstores on the range, and the Litres offers a large selection of books in electronic format. Very important correctly to place accents in positioning, as the consumer focuses on their perception of which product to choose him. An example of incorrect positioning.

Company “Geyser” — water filters. The slogan “the water Design” does not answer the question of why you need to buy these filters. “Geyser” regularly conducts independent studies that prove that their technology is killing a greater number of bacteria than other filters. Answering the question “Why buy from us?” — the slogan “The safe filter”, confirmed by research, it would sound a lot stronger.

If the product does not know it and not buy. For example, Coca-Cola once thought that she had enough fame to no longer be advertised. The company lost part of Pepsi. You need to be known, but not necessarily for a wide audience. Now with the advent of technology remarketing can be known for any audience.

In Russia like to offer promotions, discounts, sales, as people not interested in anything else. This advantage is beneficial to use when a company has lower costs than the competition. But if there is no profit, then there will be nothing to invest in the development of the product.

Not all companies can compete for a long time only due to the price. In certain cases it is necessary to shift the focus on other benefits. For example, as it did in Tele2. With lower prices, the company has selected the part of the audience the big three. But not so long ago, Tele2 changed its tactics — their prices will remain low, but the operator focuses on lifestyle.

Compliance with the style of the new generation. There is a category of people — innovators. And if they are the target audience of the brand, offering the most advanced technology, the company will win the love of the people. For example, the strategy chosen by the company Tesla Motors, making cars of the future.

In modern society, more and more people who pay attention to it. Some companies successfully use this advantage, standing out against the less socially responsible competitors. A striking example — the brand Yves Rocher.

The creators of herbal cosmetics, opponents of chemistry and active conservationists. They are constantly carrying out actions aimed at the preservation and restoration of forests, protection of the environment. Also they have a special grant from the “Land of women” which supports projects of the buyers, acting for the preservation of our planet. Another example is the network of restaurants of fast food McDonalds, which is constantly carries out actions for children in need of financial help.

In addition to the special projects (like charity), customers at McDonalds can help children, buying products, participating in the action — part of the money from the purchase will be immediately transferred to the Fund. Creating competitive advantages, we answer the question — why buy from us. The buyer will distinguish our brand among others, will buy product again and recommend to friends. But, unfortunately or fortunately, to create the benefits very difficult.

I have identified three basic conditions, observing that the company can create a strong advantage. In Russia because of the special mentality and constant insecurity are not accustomed to long-term plans. But the qualitative advantages can only be created in the long term.

If you constantly change the strategy, it is difficult to develop. And long-term planning promotion like a giant flywheel. He slowly gains momentum and spins himself. This also applies to benefits that you need to invest a lot of time and effort.

In our country popular UTP. And in fact, people do not need uniqueness, people need the satisfaction. Marketers should constantly explore audience, communicate with customers, monitor reactions, and to understand what really matters to them. For example, we do not need to the printer was a work of art or is controlled by smartphone.

We just need to get it printed, took up little space and did not break. You need to understand that we cant be best at everything, cant be experts in all fields. For example, Michael Jordan thought that if he achieved success in basketball, I can be as successful in baseball, but failed. In Golf — did not work.

We need to understand ourselves and what we can do better than the rest. And at the intersection of what we can do best and what the customer needs, you can collect a set of advantages, thanks to which the company will become the best.

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