SaaS — Credit- system that allows you to automate the whole process of micro-credit

Hello. My name is Bulat, I am 31 years old, I am the owner and Director of it company “Doclab”, headquartered in Astrakhan. Our team develops software for business, web site creation, web consulting in the it field and so on. Part of your money as possible invested in it start-UPS.

I would like to introduce you to one of our projects — SaaS Credit. The main criterion for development was the establishment of businesses in the field of microcredit. Last year I defended the masters thesis.

It so happened that my work was devoted to the formation of the microlending technology based on the use of electronic document management system. While working on the dissertation I delved into this topic and discovered a lot of interesting features connected with my professional activities. For example, for me, was the revelation that despite a huge number of companies that are engaged in microcredit, in the domestic market practically there are no specialised integrated solutions that are focused on this kind of business. In most cases, MFIs are forced to use software “in the box” and look for him, or to use the software complex “General” purposes, such as 1C.

Both from the point of view of the microfinance business does not consider the specifics of microcredit and characteristic risks. So I realized that in this area it is possible to effectively apply their knowledge and skills by creating a truly relevant and useful integrated solution. The basis for creating SaaS Credit began accumulated by me during the dissertation writing functional specifications and algorithms.

Specifically, in the framework of the thesis was designed and implemented electronic document management system for real in Astrakhan MFI. By the way, this system is now successfully used by the organization. To work on the project has been joined by the whole team “Doclab”, and the result of this work was the SaaS service Credit, which we present in the light.

Credit SaaS is a comprehensive system of business that allows you to automate the whole process of micro-credit from attracting leads and compiling the application, pre-grant and maintenance loan. The complex includes the automated workplaces of experts of all levels for consistent application review and decision, such as cash services for cash turnover, operating maintenance — non-cash turnover, underwriting applications, collection maintenance and centralized administration of the system. Integrated scoring system allows you to automatically weed out unreliable borrowers by the flexible scoring rules based on data sets credit bureaus. Provided opportunities for management and collection of problem loans.

Through integration with various analytical and other systems can be provided complete automation of the entire business. During the development we proceeded from the fact that our service should offer the most relevant opportunities. So with the help of SaaS Credit, you can easily organize and automate the issuance of micro-loans in the online mode. Also, our service is suitable for those MFIs that give out loans the old-fashioned way by cash.

Placement service “in the cloud” enables you to easily implement it for any microfinance institution without incurring extra costs for hardware and software, while ensuring its round the clock availability from anywhere in the world. A lot of important point is that our company takes care of all system maintenance. The service has a modular architecture, so each customer gets the opportunity to choose for themselves the necessary functionality of the solution.

Today SaaS is a continuous Credit service businesses, which are already successfully used by microfinance organizations from different regions. We are interested in attracting investments for promotion of services and extend its functionality. Investing in SaaS Credit, the money you invest in an already working project that has great prospects.

Returned the floor to the readers. Want to get the word out and tell about your startup. Welcome to the tribune.


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