“Search Exchange” Is A Service For Finding Best Currency Exchange Rates Available Online.

Hello. My name is Vitaly, I am 32 years old and “Search for” is my third startup since 2005. It so happened that a friend of mine many years engaged in the currency exchange. Therefore, all the intricacies and challenges in this business, I know firsthand. A year ago, has matured the idea to realize such a service, which would be equally useful both for the clients and the exchange points.

What do you see the biggest problems. For the client — this is a call to the exchange. To call, call the amount for exchange, specify the course to negotiate — and all this in an era when the Internet can enjoy everything from the food to the car, and messengers jostle confident telephone. To the exchange point is the absence of the client. The amount to reserve the customer on the phone, not involved in the work item.

And in case of absence of the exchange item either loses income or suffers a direct loss. According to information received from cashiers exchange points in the best case, one customer out of ten warns it will not come with the order. We are the first service to find the best currency exchange rates available online. The customer places an order with a few clicks on your smartphone, and the cashier receives the order in his personal account. The order can be canceled at any time, the other party is automatically notified that our service.

For the client it is much easier and faster than making a phone call, and hence the percentage changes reported above, and hence less losses to the exchange point. In addition, we also provide exchange points functionality. The ability to bring customers on the permanent list and set more profitable rates, registration of additional offices, flexible configuration and statistics of orders. Now clients available for iOS, a full and mobile version of the site. Soon launch app for Android.

Plans for the development of the service to the level of “all-inclusive” for exchange points. And spread beyond the limits of Moscow and Moscow region. And, of course, improvements to the clients.

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