“See This Even In Japan”: How The Tournament Autokerning Glorified Ekaterinburg Insurers Worldwide

Advertising Agency “Sunrise” came up for the Ekaterinburg insurance Agency “Smartpole” creative action, during which a dozen people played Curling with cars. Edition vc.ru spoke with the authors of the concept and the customer about how the tournament drew the attention of dozens of the worlds media — from the Associated Press and the BBC to the Indian and Japanese press. “The worlds first autotuner Curling in Russia” – the headline published shots of unusual competitions in Yekaterinburg numerous media outlets from Switzerland to India.

The competition was attended by several dozen people. Video about what the Russians are trying to replay the game in Curling, instead of using special stones used cars “Oka”, the virus has spread to Russian and foreign media and social networks. Unusual Curling championship was the creative campaign advertising that “Voskhod” made by order of the Ekaterinburg insurance Agency “Smartpole”. According to the Director “Smartprice” Galina Kirkach, the initial goal was to obtain maximum coverage in the media in Yekaterinburg – her Agency only works in this city.

However, even according to preliminary calculations “Sunrise” just a few days after the emergence of online video “car-championship” coverage in the media already exceeds 100 million people. “The yard was winter. On the roads – sleet. Ideal for insurance claims”, recalls how he came up with the idea of spending autokerning, copywriter of advertising Agency “Voskhod” Anton Mamykin.

And then admits that he found the idea “on their own tailbone”: exit from its entrance in the winter is always covered with ice, and twice he painfully landed on him. So there was an image of a rolling — like stones in the Curling people. “A huge field for creativity – you can arrange a spontaneous hockey among the passers-by, short-track for bread and so on,” says the turnip.

But people in Curling to play was too traumatic, so I decided to “play” with cars. “Classic version of this game is pretty boring spectacle, but if ten grown men run up and start kissing the “Oka” as a projectile – it is crazy and fun,” explains the author of the idea. “To imagine that the concept will be able to translate, it was difficult, but fortunately, the client believed it,” he adds. Creativity was ideally suited for the tasks of insurance Agency.

“myself-its hard to control on ice, not to mention the car on the road,” explains the turnip. Galina Kirkach says that she loves the idea immediately. Negotiations with “Sunrise”, with which she was familiar long ago, there was almost half a year. And in November last year, the creative Agency presented her with the idea autokerning, and immediately began preparations for the event. Along with a discussion of the estimates it took three months.

For the action needed as cheap and light cars that could effectively run on the ice with the force of ten people. The choice stopped on “oke”. For the tournament I had six cars, but since the car is already out of production, “shells” had to buy A piece, says PR-Director of “Sunrise” Irina Foreheads. As a result, the cars cost 15-20 thousand rubles each.

To lighten the weight of cars for better sliding of them pulled engines, transmissions, security considerations have removed the glass. The weight of each car in a total of 500 kg. But helped by the spring sun. “okoshki” effectively slip on the ice, and reached the finals relatively unscathed.

Since the machine originally bought for destruction, to insure they did not. But in “Smartprice” insured participants to 500 thousand rubles each. “Fortunately, none of the insurance event did not happen, only 50 carefully planned and calibrated the accident,” said the representative of the creative Agency. How much the campaign cost for the customer, not disclosed.

But, according to the representative of “Sunrise”, it came out cheaper than a set of professional stones for Curling. Prices on this sports equipment start from 10 thousand euros, says Foreheads. The aim of the campaign was to get maximum coverage in the media in Yekaterinburg, says Kirkach. “From this point we have fulfilled the tasks”, – smiling creative customer case.

To bring to the attention of the “right” of the public, was formed four teams of ten people “different profile”. Local journalists, businessmen, professional curlers and customers “Smartphones”. To match “tournament” rules of the real Curling consultant was invited by the reigning trainer of the Paralympic national team of Russia Sergey Shamov.

“The local media was enthusiastic share everything with pleasure told about it, published videos, publications came out in all publications in which we had planned,” – says the PR-Director of “Sunrise” Foreheads. And then “something went wrong”. Footage of crazy Russian autokerning began to replicate some of the top international media. Video and publications came out in the Associated Press, USA Today, BBC, Euronews, Daily Mail, Telegraph, CBS lists it.

“Foreign commentators sincerely lamented that such activities were unlikely to appear in their country. Because its too dangerous and crazy, although our experience shows that its just really fun!” – laughs a representative of “Sunrise”. “We wanted to know about us in Ekaterinburg, and learned even in Japan,” adds Kirkach. Now, she said, it is important to convert these results into money – new insurance clients in the near future will have to work twice more, she says.

After the viral success of autocalling came to her of a large company who had not noticed Agency and ignored several letters from her. “And now they are ready to cooperate has already been discussed several projects,” she said. She Kirkach has been involved in insurance since 2003, a private Agency she opened in 2010, and last spring held its re-branding so – called “Smartphones”. While it only works in Yekaterinburg and despite its sudden international fame, the expansion has no plans.

To estimate and especially predict the exact number of customers who come in “Smartphones” thanks to autokerning, now it is impossible – because the client buys a policy only once a year, says Critic. If he already has insurance in January 2017, it will not go to buy a second now, despite the March action, she explains. “No one, even the most successful company does not guarantee profit, especially in such a short period of time, – says the Director of “Smartphones”. €? Now we have to work to by January 2018 didnt forget about us”. However, it has asked investors willing to invest in the creation of new insurance companies, she said.

The Agency “Sunrise”, for which autokerning was the first creative, has received such international acclaim in the press, is now “seriously” think about the continuation of the tournaments. Perhaps, at the national level, especially because the car has remained virtually intact, says Foreheads. “We were looking for examples autokerning, but could only find similar television program Scandinavian channel,” – says the representative of “Sunrise”.

A similar experiment was in the British TV show Top Gear. The commercial where the car was subjected to some devastating effects, represented INTOUCH insurance Agency. Video “Car vs piano” received a bronze award at the advertising festival “Cannes Lions”.

“Exact copies of we never found, so with the advertising autokerning we were the first”, – concluded the representative of “Sunrise”. Send your speakers and case studies about advertising and marketing on [email protected]

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