Selection: 26 Interesting YouTube Channels For Designers And Developers

Designer and editor of the blog Fabricio Teixeira published a list of interesting YouTube channels for designers of interfaces, illustrators, and developers, published tips, walkthrough and interviews. Edition published a translation of the material. The Futur.

Channel for designers and creative entrepreneurs. The topic of the video varies from UX design to branding and even business-related. And the video is shot very well.

Howard Pinsky. Feed author teaches how to use different features of Adobe Photoshop. Among its lessons is for beginners and experienced designers. He talks about text effects, photo composition, retouching and so on.

Laith Wallace. Tips, tools and motivation for students studying UX or UI design, entrepreneurs and people who want to start a career in the field of UX.

No Divide. Here you can learn web design and be inspired by other works.

In a series video #LetsTalkDesign the author of the channel covers topics such as promotion, training and management of design projects. UX Hacker & TV Sketch.

Step-by-step guide on working with Sketch app and tips about prototyping in InVision, Marvel, and Principle. Adobe Photoshop.

On the official YouTube channel of employees spread Adobe Photoshop guides and techniques for those who want to deepen their knowledge of the program. Mike Locke.

The channel on which the author puts a huge amount of content associated with design and UX, ranging from tutorials and ending with career advice. High Resolution.

The channel launched recently. There laid out interviews with the designers and experts about what techniques and approaches are used in large companies and how they organize the work of designers.

Sarah Doody. Candid advice about a career in the field of design, it and entrepreneurship.

Expose UX. Web show about the founders of startups who have problems and they turn to experts in the field of UX.

UX Salon. Each month it publishes the record of discussions from renowned experts in the field of design and UX. Some conversations are really interesting.

UX Mastery. The channel has not been updated for quite some time, but you still should take a look at the archive. The author in a simple and entertaining form tells about the methods and difficulties of our profession.

CareerFoundry. The channel contains a mix of webinars, interviews and inspirational videos on design and UX. Sometimes you come across promotional content.

Mackenzie Child. The product designers and illustrators share tips on designing landing pages, illustrations, layouts, and so on.

The theme. User Experience.

Together to subscribe to individual channels you can subscribe to a topic for example — UX. DevTips. Weekly videos on web design and development.

In the playlist of the channel — CSS, responsive design, and more. Ihatetomatoes.

Channel about the development of the frontend. Contains a large number of lessons on web animations, tutorials and tips for designers and frontend developers. Updated weekly.

Google Developers. Channel is updated frequently thanks to the contribution of different Google developers. They talk about developing for Android, Chrome and web.

Code Course. Channel will help you learn the development. Video is practical.

For example — how to create a clone Placekitten with microframework Silex. LevelUp Tutorials.

This channel has set a goal to solve the main problem in teaching is to fill the lack of detailed basic guidelines for developing web applications that account something more than what, when and where to enter. LearnCode.Academy.

The channel contains video tutorials on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, responsive web design, React.js, Node.js, Angular.js, Backbone.js, Docker and so on. The New Boston.

A huge number of good tutorials about Android development, Angular and Node.js. JREAM.

Lessons and guidance on the development of web applications using PHP, Python, JavaScript, Node, Front-End, Linux, Photoshop, Illustrator and other things. Sass Bites.

Short guides and interviews on web development. TheDigiCraft.

Channel dedicated to learning developing using PHP, AJAX, CSS Media Queries and so on. Send your speakers and front-end cases [email protected]

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