“Service Without Mediarama Useless”: Command “Billboard” On The Update Project

March 16 “Poster” has updated the mobile version of the category “Movie” is the first step in the way of updates just service, which is scheduled for summer 2017. Edition vc.ru communicated with a team of “Posters” — creative Director Philip Bakhtin, Director of product by Vyacheslav Janiculum and editor-in-chief Alexander Kanygin — how to change the project, how it differs from “IMDb” and what is the role of content in its development.

The last reason that mention “the Billboard” associated with the personnel changes, the closing of the paper version. What is going on now?. Philip Bakhtin. We decided not to close and nothing to move.

If we talk about what is happening now, were turning the entire “Billboard” website, app, mobile version. And in this regard, the planned releases for the entire year. It will be changes that will alter the “Poster” radically. The website and mobile application will be completely different.

Today, for example, we are launching the beta testing of the new design of the mobile version categories “Movies”. What is the purpose of restart afisha.ru?. Alexander Kanygin.

The website objectively outdated, both aesthetic and technical point of view. You have to understand that 60% of our audience is the economically active population of large cities 18-35 years, they have smartphones and credit cards. Therefore, the site needed to be aligned. Why did you change the color of “Billboard” from red to blue?.

Does not matter what color will be “Bill”. Working on layouts, we repainted them in all colors of the rainbow and made sure we are comfortable to be inside almost any color except red crushing. “Bill” is our home, and if we are enraged red walls, why they have to please our users. The walls will be of any color with which you want to live happily ever after.

You started the update with the Movie section. What has changed?. In fact, for the user, nothing has changed.

This is the same service, only with the designed details. For example, we have altered the schedule of the sessions. Early on the “Billboard” it was impossible to choose shows with subtitles. This feature is very requested by users. We did.

Updated rating, reviews and so on. Worked the movie page, focusing on the actor. Made cards people richer. And so on. Philip Bakhtin.

Here I must say that fundamentally new functionality into the category of “Cinema” we added. But we got the old “Billboard” and completely revamped its most important part. Rating, reviews, schedule,. We recompiled the whole service again — as a designer, because I wanted to make sure users get a different impression from the new “Billboard”. In addition, we completely rewrote the backend of the website.

This is not the same “Bill” that has not been updated for eight years, and a modern website with fast database and high speed content downloads, instant search. My favorite example of that has changed “Sentence”. This is a brief synopsis of the review, which was in the paper edition of “Billboard”, the answer to the changing world in which people are less and less read. We moved to the new version of the site.

Now she is its key element, because a person must have the ability to instantly evaluate the film and make the decision. He wants to watch it or not. After the “Movie” will be updated with all other sections of “Billboard”?.

Now we are launching a mobile only version of “Movies”, and after a month plan to upgrade the desktop. All this is in beta mode. First, on a small percentage of users and then show the redesign more and more number of visitors.

In June the same way we update the sections “Exhibition” and “Theatre”. In July — the final big release of all the other sections of the site. Not afraid of repetition of history with “IMDb”, when users took a radical update to the wave of criticism?.

Of course, Im afraid. We tried not to take the usual functions and start working with what is already there.

In addition, start in small steps with beta-testing on a small percentage of users. What differentiates you from a Fire?. F. B.

There is one key ideological difference between us and “the Kinopoisk”. “IMDb” is a library. You can come in, take a book at random or ask for advice from the librarian. Our task is quite different. We also have databases, but it is quite interesting.

Interested to help a man in the second when he just came to our library. Just to show what he needs. This problem is super complicated. And solve it we plan on using media techniques.

Therefore, it was important for us that the team had a lot of people with media experience. In this sense, the new “Bill” will be no different from the paper. Just the techniques that were in the paper version, we can not use. However, the meaning remains the same.

There are many cultural events that have structured the “Poster”. She said. “90% of the theaters of the Soviet, there are artists 1932 birth. A 5% of theaters in which full of life, which are crazy actors and put brazen productions.”.

All of this will be in the new “Billboard”. Only to achieve these goals, we will with the help of digital techniques. “Bill” is primarily the service or content project?.

For ourselves, we very clearly share the media business model and service. Now we are only talking about changes in the service section. How to change a large database of all the entertainment in big cities of Russia.

F. B. Answer this question. We have an idea. New “Billboard” is, of course, the service — use it to see session schedules, choose your tickets, leave a comment.

But we will develop it with a different mediapravo. The service is a directory, a schedule, and it itself is necessary to nobody. He will be charming and people will start to use it only with mediarama, which are incorporated by the developers.

You mentioned the link between the projects. Does this mean that afisha.ru there will be more content?. Vyacheslav Sitnikov. No, were not going to do more content on the service part.

We have provided some of the materials associated with the service part. For example, the selection. But we are not going to do news, reviews and interviews on afisha.ru. Collections will be more and the user will be able to find them.

It was just one of the problems of the old interface — previously, it was difficult to find these articles on the website. F. B. For me, the content that appears around the first part — it is not the tool with which we can reach our goal. Rather, it is a nice addition when you have realized that you are interested in something — you can go “deeper” and read a great interview or review.

More important to me then, as you give this read. Its complicated and cool. Now for a brand “Billboard” attached to a range of products.

Afisha.ru, “Bill Daily”, “Food”, “TV shows”. How do you plan to link them together?.

“Food” is a completely independent project on a separate domain. With “Series” we will work this year, but not yet ready to share the plans for the development. First we want to restart afisha.ru.

We have two “Posters”, which many confuse. Is the content “Bill Daily” service afisha.ru. Just the task of Philip and Glory is to integrate all these services together.

What is the role of the user in this process?. Users is an important part of this process.

Users of “Posters” like to Express themselves. For example, we have a movie that has 700 user reviews. They are of different sizes, but this is a huge number. Therefore we are currently changing a tool for the publication of reviews, to let the user know that this is an important part of the site.

He will be able to share your opinion, add pictures and so on. Whether neural networks and artificial intelligence to substitute for the advice of the editors of “Billboard”?.

Of course, we pay attention to new technology, but it is important to note that the existing algorithms can not replace the editor and help in the selection of events and their description. But users will be easier to navigate inside the “Billboard,” and we think about it. This is not the topic of 2017, but we will naturally return to it in the future. Send your speakers and front-end cases [email protected]

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