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There are many different ways to test your website in different browsers and on different operating systems. For example, online services, local applications, installing multiple browsers on your computer, etc. There are paid and free services. In this review, we draw your attention on the best free and paid services check your site in different browsers and on different operating systems.

Browsershots is a web service that makes screenshots of your website in different operating systems and browsers ( there are 65 browsers). It is convenient, though rather slow way to test your website in many browsers. When you enter your site address in the test string, it is queued for testing. After that, the screenshot will appear on the final page turns.

It can take from 5 minutes to 2 hours. In the free version, everything happens very slowly. In addition, one session (query) can only last 30 minutes. You should pay attention that this site has a multilingual interface (including Russian and Ukrainian.). However, even though the service declared as free, there are paid services.

For 29.95.e. In a month you will receive so-called “priority processing”. Screenshots will appear much faster than the free version will be able to get 30 to 50 screenshots in 5 minutes. In addition, your screenshots will only see you, whereas in the free version they eventually laid out in the overall feed.

Until March 2013, Adobe has been a great free crevis Adobe BrowserLab to test the website in different browsers and systems. But now its closed and instead presented new Adobe Edge Inspect CC.+. Adobe Edge Inspect CC is a product included in a fundamentally new organization of Adobe products in the cloud Adobe Creative Cloud. To account in the cloud across multiple packages, they are all paid. Average costs 49,99.e.

Per month. Free Adobe Creative Cloud you can try for 30 days. IE NetRenderer is a free online service for Internet Explorer, which allows you to test your site under the Internet Explorer versions. 9, 8, 7, 6, 5.5. Everything is simple.

Enter the address of your website, choose a version of IE and then get a screenshot. IETester is a totally free application only for Internet Explorer, which allows locally on your computer to view the site in different versions of Internet Exlporer (version. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5.5) under the operating systems Windows 7, Vista and XP. For this you need to download IE Tester and install it on your computer.

Browseram is a very powerful surcharge online service for testing sites under any browser and any platform. One of the main “chips” of this service is that it provides you with remote access (via VNC) to a computer with pre-installed OS and browsers in which you can test your website. In addition there is an important option as testing for iPhone OS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile. You can also test your emails on different devices, which is very important for distribution companies.

Prices start from 19,95.e. Per day depending on the functionality. CrossBrowserTesting — it is also very functional paid service, where you can check in a few minutes website in different browsers, on different operating systems, on different devices (it supports more than 100 inspections, including testing for Android, iPad, iPhone ) Pricing is more advantageous and more flexible than the previous service Browseram.

The base price starts from 29.95.e. In a week. In addition, we give a free test trial period of 7 days for each of the three packages, however with a few limited quota, rather than in the paid version. Litmus is an online service that provides the ability to test the site on different browsers.

In addition to providing screenshots at the same time checks the validity of html and css code. Its peculiarity is that it is mainly focused on testing emails in different browsers and on different devices. Can test email in 30 different email clients and other important functions, such as Analytics for e-mails. The paid version of the service involves three pack. Basic (49.e.

Per month), plus (99.e. Per month), premium (299.e. Per month.) Free trial version works 7 days. CloudTesting is a paid online service that enables functional testing cross-browser site.

You are recording a script of user behavior with your browser and Selenium IDE, upload it, and then Cloud Testing will run this script in multiple browsers and operating systems. It then provides screenshots. Pricing starts from 99.e. Per month.

Mogotest is a paid online service that enables full cross-browser testing, including for private pages. API, so it is possible to integrate into existing tools and workflows. Pricing starts from 15.e. Per month for individuals. While it is possible to test the selected package (trial version) for 14 days.

Multi-Browser Viewer — a paid app that works with desktop and mobile browsers and includes 26 to be virtualized web browsers, 5 mobile browsers (including iPhone and IPad) and 61 screenshot browsers (with their help it is possible to see how the rendered page, but cannot see the result of user interaction with the site). Pricing Multi-Browser Viewer is 139,95.e. For a single-user license and includes one year of product use and updates. Also available free trial version (14 days).

Sauce Labs is an online service that provides access to a variety of browsers in different OS and connect your browser with a configured virtual machine. The service provides paid packages (prices start from 49.e. Per month ), in addition, there is a free quota for testing. 200 minutes per month and allows you to create tests automated testing in browsers (use Selenium).

Spoon is an online service emulation programs. Free can run Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari for Windows users. Available different versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera. Technically, Spoon supports the virtualization of IE, but this option is disabled by the request of Microsoft.

Browsera is an online service that provides test automation cross-browser. It automatically determines the differences in the page display browser, thereby simplifying the testing process. The free version includes a limited number of browsers and low resolution. Paid packages start from 39.e.

14 days and 49.e. 99.e. For a monthly subscription.

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