Seven Signs Of Incompetent Organizer Premium Rounds

The opinion of the head of the companys production activities on Baikal “211” Vladimir Nikolaev. The tourist business is gaining popularity, where people from different industries decide they want money to arrange the rest for other people. Receiving the first complaints from guests and the requirement to return the money for the spoiled holiday, they realize that a couple of private trips abroad will not make them market leaders.

Smart collapses or starts to learn and makes a stupid face on and continues in the same spirit. I would be glad if eventually there will be a new tourist complexes, Spa centers, water parks and other places, where we will bring guests, and if someone built a couple of 130-foot yacht or purchasing buys for tourists helicopters Agusta — will be a standing ovation. But so far no hurry to build infrastructure, to buy equipment, hire the best experts to come up with unique services and routes.

Most companies copy each other. Before suffered more sector budget travel, today, the wave covered and the organization of VIP-tours. Sophisticated man becomes a little something just expensive. He begins to appreciate things that have history, philosophy or meaning.

Truly valuable things encompass all three components. When I started, we were the first company on the lake, which is engaged exclusively in work with wealthy travelers. Today, each Agency believes it to have on its website a section for VIP guests. Im ashamed to say that competition stimulates, is a hackneyed template.

I fear the emergence of competitors, especially the bad ones. Know the examples of incompetent firms spoil the rest accidentally caught them wealthy client. After that, you can forget that he would come again or recommend friends go to this tour operator.

But this market is very limited. The tourist business is close enough, so all know each other. If you do not set a goal, to hide the names of clients and problems in travel impossible. Administrators of hotels, guides, drivers – all transmit information.

No surprise the stories of the guide who missed the esteemed guests due to the fact that mixed up June with July. In the summer of 2016 was the case when the tour operator took over the organization of the tour on the lake for the family of a businessman, holding one of the lines of Forbes list. In July, the lake was burning forest and smoke periodically hit the area of Olkhon island.

At the time of the start of the tour the whole island was in the smoke, and the organizer to cancel the trip, not warned about this customer. When the ship with the guests landed on the island, the Marina was full, and on the other hand it is impossible to approach due to the large draught. Guests ashore via boat, and was not ready for this.

When customers came ashore, they asked. “What the hell you brought us here. Didnt know that the smoke and fumes?”. Later problems arose because of the incompetence of the staff, bad food, uncomfortable accommodation, and the reluctance of organizers to rearrange travel schedule.

Under the program, guests had to go round the island by jeep and fly to Ulan-Ude helicopter. Director of travel Agency failed to distribute the money and could not pay for the helicopter. Guests get off the island on a dusty bus in Irkutsk, not in Ulan-Ude as planned.

Someone can say. “They stole, so they should be!”. I am sure that many wealthy travelers themselves have earned money. In the segment of budget tourism the situation is the same, so the problem of poor quality of travel for each.

Some tour operators take responsibility for a spoiled holiday, in terms of low tour cost. “What do you want for the money?”. Often behind a beautiful website about Bicycle eco-tourism lies a man, who besides the bike there is nothing. Given that the value of VIP-guests sometimes comparable to the cost of apartments in Moscow, it is worth considering what it is.

In Russia, as in other countries, the organization of travel are the tour operators, in rare cases, individuals. Different MICE and event agencies, Concierge services, and service companies in most cases act as an intermediary between the tour operator and the customer. A mediator may be another tour operator who does not have their capacity.

Each firm chooses its name, and not to introduce some new words, I will use the term “company-the organizer”. If you have an important budget travel, looking for a company-the organizer that works the desired region or country. Otherwise, you will be contacted by the mediator, which will add to the cost of travel from 15 to 50%.

The two main ways to find a suitable company-the organizer — the Internet and recommendations. There are cases that even the recommendations dont save. You can get a quote for an intermediary firm, and ignorance to pay a Commission.

Each company-the organizer sees an award stay. Someone puts in first place the yachts, cars and Cristal champagne, and someone visiting the North Pole, yoga in the forest or diving with sharks. I already said that in my view – VIP-rest.

I am convinced that universal approaches to planning a trip there. We as the organizer are not for everyone, as we do not fit every client. It is bad when the companys management does not understand, and clutching at everything at once. The company-the organizer need to choose in the spirit, if her vision coincides with yours, so all is well.

Not to get into an awkward situation, not to lose money, or head, is the choice of the organizing company to pay attention to seven major factors. The easiest way to recognize a novice or a swindler — the photo on the website. When in 2011 I launched my first website, I had no photos, so I took them in the Internet.

With some authors, I made for free, someone paid was the pictures I used, violating copyright. After the first summer season I have changed the pictures, and the site was reduced from 200 to 6 pages. There is nothing wrong if the company uses your photos, it is bad if doing it without permission.

You have not had time to say Hello, and you have been deceived. Forming a list of potential contractors to choose those who have their photoreports. For companies who have all the photos taken from the issuance of “Yandex” on request “Luxury leisure” will probably have nothing to show. If unsure, search for photos to determine the source.

The company, whose sites are filled with the words “VIP”, “luxure”, “royal”, “premium”, “exlusive”, often use buses as the Shuttle and feed guests at a roadside cafe. It is not an exaggeration, these programs can be found at a “VIP experience tours” + any popular tourist destination. When the organizer immediately said that would be expensive, most likely, the high price is the only thing you will get. Especially ridiculous it looks, coupled with a trembling voice Manager from the handset and jumping the chat on the website, appealing to order.

The best specialist kayaking organizes a yacht cruise. Its all the same what to collect tricycles, and suddenly you start to build a sports car. Everyone needs to do their job. Wonder if in the corner of the website of the company on the organization of the budget travel you will see the text of the adventures for discerning travelers.

A company that successfully organizes budget tours, no time to do VIP destination because of high traffic. The same applies to the number of countries, regions or routes that the company offers. They can not be 30-50 with the regular races. To work in the Altai, and to test new routes, we spent a month in the region and 700 thousand rubles.

In Iceland – almost two million. Imagine how much time and money to run at least ten areas. The average cost of a individual week tour of Russia for a group of up to ten people is 1.5-2 million rubles.

The organizing company with a wide range of tours is forced to transfer part of the work to contractors, and this leads to increase cost and decrease quality of travel. Work on one VIP program takes two to three months, in some cases up to six months. First, we meet with the client and learn about his preferences, wishes, habits, disease and so on. Then we make a route, select accommodation, equipment, entertainment, and prepare a preliminary calculation.

Then develop a menu for each day, and sometimes for each guest separately. Someone may be vegetarian or allergic. After preparing the logistical map of delivery of machinery, equipment, personnel, products, purchase and booking of necessary goods and services.

Then we drive the route, accompanied by a representative of the customer. Each of the stages may be repeated several times. When the customer is happy with everything, we proceed to organize.

This is how to find the perfect wife before the wedding, why not just try. Disappointed the tour or deceived customers often recall how it all began. “Everything was nice. Office, site Secretary and contract with a licensed tour operator”.

Unfortunately, this does not guarantee. If the firm was originally conceived as a fraudulent tool rental office, hand you a coffee and show you a couple of papers with stamps — mere pennies. Rely on your intuition and the reputation of the organizing company.

The main resource of the company-organizer – office and the site and staff. To organize a VIP-rest, need to look into that. The Manager will not be able to talk to the client about Bordeaux wines and the comfort of a Bentley, if he is sweeter bread with jam, not. The employee may not know all of the world of expensive things, but what sells, is obliged to know.

Notice how you talk on the phone, how attentive to the requests, provide timely information. To understand how will be your stay, you will be able after the first conversation with the Manager. If the person “floats”, many do not know, refers to contractors and confused in the figures, it is not necessary to expect from the travel extravaganza.

Often the site says. “We are in the market for 20 years, spent hundreds of events, served thousands of customers”. Request multiple reports. Even if the company held only ten rounds in the tough conditions of the confidentiality agreements, the same material on the preparation will be enough.

For three summer months, despite the ban on shooting guests in 90% of cases, we accumulate so much text, photos and videos that make the material in the report only by year-end. Do not hesitate to solicit cases from potential organizers, it may be that in 20 years they only made 100 of transfer from the airport. If you sent a description of the tour, presentation, or report the event, but the volume of two lines, the process described vaguely, one water or too many beautiful words — perhaps the organiser doesnt know what hes talking about.

Remember how coming back from the trip, you can talk for hours about the trip. Why is the tour organizer so can not. To truly tell, you need to go through it, but the real experience is only enough to copy a couple of lines on the Internet. Two years ago we decided to issue reports on the activities carried out.

A friend advised me of a young editor with no experience but with a diploma in editing and a desire to develop. We started the account in Basecamp, every day he wrote a task to search through hundreds of letters from mail, structured photos, videos and actors. Writing and correction of texts was spending six to eight hours a day throughout the year.

Editor customized texts for their style and editorial policy. He removed all emotional descriptions, so the text remained a personal relationship, only numbers, names, facts. Some of the lyrics turned out arrogant and sometimes bad.

When they began to impose a website, I realized that we lost a year of work on the texts because of the lack of professionalism of the editor. We sent to the site about 30% of the material. Later, the editor ceased to respond to our changes and started to impose their opinions, I fired him. Then we found in the texts of spelling and syntax errors that still cleans.

In the end, do it all over again. Advice to the owners of travel agencies. Do not spare money on a good writer and editor. Its not cheap, but to show our customers poor quality text comes out more expensive.

First, look at the projects, not the brands, which operates the company-organizer. Some companies place on your site dozens of logos international clients. Even if in this collection there are brands that the firm really worked, first of all understand what she did for them.

The logo of the famous brand does not warrant that this company had booked the event at a cost of tens of millions of rubles. Most corporate trips have a minimum budget per person per day and a standard set of services. Most people think that the class of service is determined by its cost.

The company, which organized a corporate event for 80 people worth 2 million rubles rises in line with the company who organized the tour with the same budget, but for ten people. The difference is that in the first case it was necessary to rent a bus, boat and enjoy a meal in the restaurant, and in the second week to arrange in the forest adventures for clients. So, when you see the logo of a famous brand on the website of the organizing company, ask what program they did.

Firm may not have all the required facilities for travel in property (hotels, equipment, catering services). It is not profitable and if the company operates in several regions — is unrealistic. But when the entire Arsenal, which operates the organizer, for 100% of foreign objects and services, that makes her dependent and can result in force majeure. The VIP experience is based on how the company uses the items and services of a class “Lux”.

The Porsche 911 you can ride around the city, and you can go to the race track. In a Michelin star restaurant to dine and you can spend the cooking class. The task of the organizer is to generate customer ideas, based on their individual needs. Book hotel and Charter boat customers on their own; they turn to the firm for impressions.

Often company offers, untrained people to survive in the forest with bears or alloy on the ice. Remember, the organizer must use common sense and not a desire to impress the client. VIP services should be deprived of the extreme, the organizer has always been able to control the situation.

The bears cant give an absolute guarantee that everything will go according to plan. Our statistics show that wealthy people only in 5% of cases looking for the VIP experience in the understanding, which they say the company organizers. Most wealthy people dont want to stay public.

Note how carefully the provider relates to the confidentiality of information. It is enough to analyze what pictures the company published on the website and social networks. Put yourself in the shoes of people from the photos and think of your reputation to such stories.

For example, the provider verified the previous steps, and you leave an application. A few weeks or months, you coordinate the program, establish it, and move on to the estimates. Ideally, you should see a complete list of services for each day indicating the cost of each item.

In travelling with budget up to 2 million rubles for ten days those positions have to be about 120-150. If you dont like the proposed budget, and the contractor refused to count it — draw your own conclusions. Send columns, corresponding to the requirements of the editorial Board, [email protected]

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