She always carries a backpack CEO Cognitive Technologies

A bunch of electronic keys. The most important part of my daily work. For many years we have been developing and implementing e-procurement (annually in this country are 5 million online tenders).

For a permanent presence on electronic trading platforms, testing, procurement solutions and in-depth monitoring the industry I use a personal access via a USB flash drive with code. For each of the electronic platform — your key.

White bottle lying on Moleskine, is smart marker Equil. With its help you can draw on any surface and automatically digitize written. Inside this tube is inserted regular marker. When you draw something on a whiteboard or other surface, the device reads all your movements and records the virtual picture in the internal memory.

Then via Bluetooth you can just upload the resulting mirror copy of their pictures to any cloud — like Dropbox or Evernote. Smart marker allows you to organize real-time broadcast of your drawing. For example, I am in the Moscow office needs quickly and schematically to explain to our developers in it Park in Chernogolovka expected the principle of operation of a new piece of code. I draw on your table schema, and they can immediately see it on their monitors.

Extremely comfortable. Next to the token — USB flash drive with combination lock. The amount of sensitive data that regularly accumulated in the company, sufficiently large, and it is important for me to always have at hand the necessary package of all our projects.

Stick with the principle of protection for me – psychologically safer. Heavy metal pen Tiffany. In conditions when 99% of the information enters modern man with his fingers on the keyboard, I basically want to keep the skills of writing by hand.

Besides, it helps me concentrate and more accurately to formulate thoughts during the next brainstorming. Significant weight advanced handle causes the arm to try and accurately display letters. Smart watch Withingsactivité, which at first glance pretend to be laconic Swiss watch with retrograde arrow.

Actually, they are fully electronic filling. Watch help to monitor activities during the day, awaken the vibration in the morning in the right phase of sleep, automatically transfer direction when crossing time zones by synchronizing with your smartphone, transform the entire functionality of your normal fitness bracelets in exciting game. For me this combination of high-tech content and a timeless classic shape allows you to feel alive a man. Dont want to turn into covered from head to toe auto wash freak from the movie “Back to the future”.

For the same reason, about love and respect classic gents accessories — silk ties and handkerchiefs, cuff links — although the vast majority of our branch representatives have long traded on their Khokhloma t-shirts and torn Levis. Portable modem from “the Megaphone” — constantly spend in travel conference calls — need fast Internet.

Nelikovanyh Moleskine as a couple to the handle. It is especially important to record thoughts and ideas, often am visualizing my tasks in the form of graphs, pictures, comics.

Book abstract artist of the generation of the “sixties” of Ely bielutin. Speckled marked “nota bene” in the margins and tabs laid three or four times. This book is the basis of my system of values as an entrepreneur. Now our company is in the process of adopting a new corporate philosophy, it will bring together at a common perimeter and our outstanding doctors of science from Institute of system analysis RAS, on the expertise which built the flagship products of the company, and the younger generation of managers.

This philosophy we decided to build on the basis of the “theory of common ability to contact” Belyutina. His technique allows you to change the brain in such a way that he begins to use previously unused areas, coming to unusual and original solutions. Out of hundreds of Belyutina more than 20 students became the founders of new directions in the art world.

An important book for understanding your own creative potential, principles and ways of its development. By the way, this same technique we used to increase concentration while working, to develop our programmers cognitive functions. Single transport card “Arrow” of time is more important than showing off.

Often optimizing your movements around the centre of the city, the car preferring public transportation. A sealed “Cup” from car brand Mini.

Sandwich from Prime. Macbook.

IPhone 6 shockproof bumper.

The backpack Gravis — my comrade, who, it seems, flew to travel more miles than I.


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