She always carries a backpack, the CEO of the company-developer of mobile applications Touch Instinct

Most often you can see me with purple Lacoste backpack on his back and sporting a bright orange bag in my hand. I cant remember when was the last time you wore a suit. A backpack with a jacket may not understand, and all my stuff anywhere besides the personal fall other, does not fit. I got used to it for convenience. The contents of his pockets and backpack:

Clip with cards, cash and business cards. In childhood the clip seemed very uncomfortable and useless. Made, most likely, his own chopping out some of the skin and stationery gum instead of the mechanism — this was a clip my dad. I became very sad, and my brown suede purse, in which the maximum was RR 5, seemed the Acme of comfort and beauty.

However, tastes are changing. External battery Xiaomi. I waited two months with BestBuy where I bought it for 3 thousand rubles “for action”. Recently I showed the same, just bought at the electronics store for 1800 rubles.

Nev. The device itself is very good and useful, and looks good. Car keys, a guttural roar which gives a lot of happiness, and the reliability of all this happiness nullifies.

A couple of years carry a bunch of iOS and Android smartphones. Since the release of the YotaPhone 2 in my left pocket “liked” this phone along with the iPhone 6. Alas, right before this shooting YotaPhone “updated” on the asphalt and went into repair, and the photograph hit S4.

In General, Yota Devices did a very funny and strange phone. On the one hand, he delights. However, doing it exactly as long until you start to use it. Therefore, the YotaPhone — a good excuse to meet someone new at a conference abroad, where these phones have not seen.

In Israel, for example, this device I was wrenched from my hands and stared at. Well me and many times he failed. It stops for three days, and then relaxed turns on, the network loses, then reboots, then something else. Maybe just unlucky with the instance.

Apple Watch. Watch too produced mixed feelings. For myself, I loved the work noted in the quick view push notifications — saves time and does not distract from driving, for example. But despite all this convenience, now watch most often lying is discharged.

Urgent need, like the smartphone, they are not, therefore, forget to recharge on time. Every couple of weeks still remember. Mace “Sword”.

Bought for my beloved, along with myself picked up for peace of mind. So far, fortunately, used only built-in flashlight. Great earbuds Audio Technica CKS series 1000 Solid Bass.

They sound as powerful as they look. Completely isolated, which is very cool in noisy cafes. Equally good at playing classical music, and Noisia. Very happy with the purchase.

Little blue box — this is a travel set, which is a pair of ear plugs for a quick sleep on the plane, as well as several SIM cards and a clip for their shifts. Paper edition of the book “Management firm providing professional services” David Meister. Unfortunately, in Russian.

This book goes with me a year and a half, and during that time has covered with a thick layer of marginal notes. Basic knowledge and the centrality of the truth about the management of the company — highly recommend. Before the advent of paper publications existed on Kindle Paperwhite.

Evernote by Moleskine. Very stylish and convenient Notepad. Function transfer records from paper to Evernote do not use as often, but when I use — rejoice. Side by side is donated by Parker 5th — they sign the contracts.

Macbook Air, 13-inch. To 300 tabs in chrome do not hang, got some charged Air. I feel, when tabs will become a 500 — will have to switch to Pro.

Mania to destroy the laptop stickers has become a strong addiction and theres nothing you can do about it. Whoever guess where was taken the stickers — will give some nice gift. Mouse SteelSeries Sensei. In high school started to hurt badly by CS.

Months skipping school, coming to nine are not in school, and on “morning package”. Thousands of simulated hours, Lana and online tournaments with a team. Then there were those thousands of hours in SC2 and once again Lana and online. After the Xai mouse from SteelSeries firmly hooked on the devices of this manufacturer.

We are now in Touch Instinct cooperate with Riot Games, so sometimes I find time to skate in “League of Legends”. Ride on SteelSeries Sensei MLG + SS QCK Orange Heat. Its great that gaming is moving forward. Even now I dont have enough time to play yourself, but you can always watch Twitch.

Nike Hypervenom II. I dont play football, but really trying to become better. Recently trained in three times a week, and on Saturdays I play with my friends. In the summer we often had a pleasant the it crowd.

Today a c Nike Hypervenom II and dies with a t-shirt. All Nike. Adidas have long lives is something.


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