Shine Camera Is The App To Control Shooting With Someone Elses Smartphone

Today in the category of “Startups” — Shine app Camera, which transmits the screen of the camera and photographer for the mobile user. Seeing yourself on the screen, the person is able to control the shoot and the end result. To choose a good angle, lighting and moment when you need to make a frame. Pass the microphone. My name is Evgeniy Serdyuk, Im 24, Im from Samara.

My project is called Shine Camera. Each of us is not always a good thing enters the picture when the us takes an outsider. I thought it would be useful to invent an app that would allow at the time of photographing to see themselves from the face of the camera to pose, choose the right moment and angle — and to decide when to make the shot. I shared my idea with friends girls, and all with one voice said that the idea is excellent.

In the words of trump. “There is nothing more criminal to the financial well-being than to come up with a great idea and did not bother to implement it”. And I decided to act. The app I called is plain — “Shine”.

Now when you enter names in the search string, the algorithm gives out our app first. First I checked the idea on the originality. In Russia nothing like this in the US — just a week before me someone came up with something similar, but the implementation was weak. So I tried to add more useful features, and the developer worked on quality and stable functionality.

To test the idea, I started with a test on one version in iOS. I needed people who would be engaged in market analysis, application development, design, and testing. Interestingly, in Samara specialists are requested to 350-400 thousand rubles for the design of one version for a period of five to six months, while in Moscow — 170-210 thousand rubles.

Then I thought that I could save about 150 thousand rubles, if you take all the tasks except work on yourself or find someone who will do everything much cheaper. I registered on the site freelancers, created a proposal for a project and found someone who was willing to do the work for the amount of 30 thousand rubles for two or three months. Saving time and money were enormous. I was convinced that the application can be tested endlessly and still after you start inevitably show up problems. It will have to update almost every day at least for the first week.

Design, icons, forms we tried to make the most catchy to the app quickly remembered. For example, on startup, we added a robot voice and now planning to announce a competition among users. Who better to articulate the same phrase voice, he will receive a cash prize. Seemingly minor addition, but it helps to stand out among other.

Introduction and user training, we made a concise, simple and clear. First, we received three proposals to invest in the product, but something told me a little more to wait. Later, through a friend we found someone who was willing to invest in the product we received the first $75 thousand for the development of.

And divided them into several tranches. Here the advice is simple. Better to look for wealthy people who understand that the future of the Internet. Iron argument — the history of Delivery Club, MSQRD and Prisma.

You need to stay confident, not cheap, and honestly tell you about all the scenarios. It is important not to give guarantee for success, it is better to tell more about high-quality examples and to share their own faith in the project. The target audience was almost clear — girls. For starters, we zeroed in on advertising from bloggers in Instagram and emphasis on video, not photos, as in this case, the conversion is much higher.

The main rule. About the cost of each publication has the sense to bargain. Worked almost always. We tried to add a photo to advertise something new.

To change the screenshots in the store, description, training, design. Once weve added the inscription “Must Have” on the main screenshot and this increased our rate weekly download on 8%. According to my calculations, if I spent the money, without bargaining, without checking traffic, without changing the approach to reach 130 thousand downloads, I would have spent more than a million.

At some point contacted us and offered to withdraw the app in the App Store top for 700 thousand rubles, explaining that the current market rates — 25-30 rubles for downloading. I promised to think about it. After a week I at a time has released a lot of advertising (spending a total of 25 thousand rubles) and the app came out in the top 4 of their category and walked MSQRD and Prisma. Wed like to go for the first place, if I only had time to throw even more ads.

When I called again and was promised a discount, I said that our cost — 1-1,5 ruble. Never called me again. Today, the price has remained the same — 1 ruble for downloading. Our app is in many countries, mainly in the CIS, as advertised, we just for this market.

In the near future will attempt to storm the US and China. For all parameters, the application shows great potential. Download it, use it, talk about it and write. But the main question remains unresolved.

How to start to make money off of this. Pay to make. The conversion will drop significantly and will kill development. And besides, we have to admit, our target audience is not the solvent.

Add a paid subscription. In this case reduced re-returns. Where to knock, whom to collaborate with, and how to make the time kills a living idea. I would appreciate any advice or recommendation.

You can contact me by mail. The app is available for smartphone users on iOS. Want to get the word out and to tell about your startup. Welcome to rostrum.

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