Skipp — service for ordering services from home developers Lingualeo

Hi, VC. My name is Alex One, I am 32 years. Startups engaged in 10 years, I had my own Studio in web development, in 2009 I became the co-founder and technical Director of LinguaLeo, and in 2015 we launched Skipp.

In our team only tested people and I am happy to work with them, Dmitry Bailkin, Alexander Ganin, Oleg Ivanov. Having excellent experience in “Leo”, we dont need to spend time to build relationships in the team and it turns quickly move. In April we started developing iOS apps, start with the first service on July 1, and now in Skipp already you can enjoy a manicure, cleaning and repair your iPhone at your home or office. Now Skipp similar to what we had imagined, clients receive a quality service and give it a high evaluation masters, and we want to tell you what the salt.

The idea to make a mobile app for convenient ordering home services was born from the discussion of our household needs that all people have. We quickly found that managing the demand for men and women. So began dealing with the problems of our dear girls. No time for spring cleaning, your own manicure at home, shattered screen iPhone, leaking faucets, broken door handle, ran out of food for animals..

“What really want is a button for ordering the services, when there are clear, fair price, clearly defined composition and trust the one who picks up by you. I want to order quality service in 2 minutes rather than spending a few hours in search of the wizard, which will also be engaged to me at the moment”. In life there are lots of things that are more important than routine and we want to make ordering home services under this simple task.

To understand all the details of working with clients and craftsmen, to become a service company. Then become an aggregator and connect the best companies in the market as partners, so that customers receive high-quality solution for multiple problems for the same 2 minutes in a comfortable and familiar environment. And, finally, become the remote control, which helps to solve all major tasks associated with the house, which only can be provided as services. On this way were going, filling cones, solving problems and moving forward.

In terms of demand for services girls rule the world. And the first service, which became available in Skipp, we did manicures and pedicures. Oddly enough, no one large company that sends masters of manicure at home at affordable prices in Moscow we have not found, so started to build the service themselves. Starting the manicure, we standardized the composition of services and prices, making them as comfortable as possible, began to take masters.

Breakthrough came, when she launched a website, where the master can see and take orders online. Orders Skipp allocated based rating and number of internal criteria, so that in the first place, they saw the master with best reviews and ratings. For the first 2 months of work, we managed to increase the share of positive customer feedback from 70% to 90%. Most artists have already received our branded aprons, will soon launch a refresher course and will bring quality to perfection.

We learned a lot, building a service, and will help to improve the quality of our partners with whom we will be launching new services. First and need such a cleaning service and repair of the iPhone is already available in our app. Skipp knows masters within companies partners, so we ship to customers not just the cleaner from the company, and specific, proven master, which themselves gather statistics and feedback. We do not add a Commission to the price of partners and only work with those who are not overcharging, as we believe that quality service should be available to all.

By the end of the year we plan to increase the number of available application services to 8-10. Now we have more than 100 orders per week, regularly works with us 25 masters average rating of master 4.7 out of 5. Invested in the project money, has a big goal and understanding that we are on the right track, prepared to scale and want to change the market in Moscow, Singapore, Sao Paolo and Istanbul in 2016.

Skipp available in the App Store and sends the great masters in the home or in the office from 9 to 21 every day. Return the floor to the readers. Want to get the word out and tell about your startup.

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