Slamon — control corporate services online

Hello. My name is Vladimir Levin, I am 38 years old. Since 1999 we are engaged with developments in the field of communications.

Starting a career in the all-Russian research Institute for automation and communication, organized and headed the test bench promising means of communication, which was planned for use on the network of JSC “RZD”. In 2010 he led the team Wellink, which from the start has turned into a successfully growing company. Customers Wellink. Rostelecom, MTS and large government agencies.

I had scored more than three runs on the market of products. In 2015, decided to launch another project called SLAMON. SLAMON is a combination of words and SLA MONITORING. The solution is designed for small companies who couldnt afford to install expensive hardware and software systems for managing SLA contracts with providers.

SLAMON allows not only to control the quality of the consumed services, but has the additional functions of protection and time tracking. SLAMON ensures smooth operation of all cloud services company that analyzes user traffic and, in case of its misuse, blocking access. The web interface and mobile apps give you the opportunity to manage the office from anywhere in the world.

In the team. Team leader, 3 the developer and Manager of web marketing. Investments for the project are in the salaries to staff members and the purchase of measuring agents. Conducted several pilot projects presented on the site of MTS.

In the nearest plans to increase sales agents SLAMON to 100 pieces per month. Returned the floor to the readers. Want to get the word out and tell about your startup. Welcome to the tribune.


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