Slowdive €? App Automedicazione On Different Occasions

Today in the category of “Startups” — Slowdive app, with which you can pick up meditation for different occasions. Pass the microphone. My name is Paul, I am 23 years old and I live in the city of Bryansk.

More than four years I am the head of the Studio Appsmob involved in mobile application development. Last year, we are reducing the volume of custom development and develop their own projects. Ive been fond of different kinds of meditation — in my case, they are beneficial to the body and mind, help to focus on your goals, relax and heal problem areas of the body and much more.

But they lacked a single tool using which I could meditate for maximum benefit and convenience. So I decided to develop a program, with which you can quickly select a guided meditation for a particular situation — before you sleep or early in the morning, during working hours or after it and so on. On 23 January 2017, we launched a mobile application Slowdive (per. €? “slow dive”), which has a large number of audiomedical.

Morning and evening, Shavasana, deep relaxation, meditation antinegative and many others. For your convenience, we have provided a system of notifications and reminders, accounting, and statistics, as well as shape for habit development — the application has a special scale, filling as it reaches its daily minimum. Also inside there is a large amount of quality music for meditation — shamanic drums to Delta waves and ambient jazz.

For the monetization of the project we have chosen renewable subscriptions. The first three days some features of the app will be free to use, then the user is prompted to choose from three subscriptions. Monthly, annual and perpetual.

We also spent some time with the bounce. Now, if a user visits screen, select the subscription and will not buy anything, they will be prompted to activate a trial version for one week with the payment of a monthly subscription at the end of this term (if he does not cancel the subscription). Once a month 20% meditations will be updated, so they have not any addiction. For the first two weeks of operation, the product was downloaded more than 900 times, more than a hundred trial and about 30 paid subscriptions.

Despite the fact that the application is fully translated into English and is available in almost all countries, the majority of users from Russia — the effect that where such services are very few. We are now in first place in the results of the search by keyword “Meditation” in the App Store.

The current plans to extend the functionality. Also very soon we are launching a small advertising campaign on social networks and search engines. The app is available for smartphone users on iOS. Want to get the word out and to tell about your startup.

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