“Smart” billboards

In September 2015 in the metro of Stockholm under the slogan “Choose happiness” Coca-Cola launched a new advertising campaign. Mounted on platforms digital billboards recognize facial expressions and emotions of passers-by, as well as answer them — for example, the screen may smile or wink. The Billboard evokes positive emotions in passers-by and show brand elements of Coca-cola — cork bottle recognizable forms and famous striped straw. “Smart” billboards, according to experts, can increase the loyalty not only to the specific brand, but also to outdoor advertising in General, since the standard ads rather now cause irritation among consumers.

“These billboards are more beautiful and interesting, but now for companies and brands is very important to learn how to surprise consumers,” says development Director creative Agency Creative Technology Elena Kosovo. According to the public opinion Foundation, 60% of Muscovites believe that outdoor advertising does more harm than good, 88% say its too much, and 81% declares that it only spoils the appearance of the city. The outdoor advertizing has only three seconds to attract attention and be remembered by passers-by and only half a second, so the man looked in the direction of the Billboard.

This forces brands and agencies to come up with different variations of using technology, despite the fact that interactive boards are more costly to manufacture and install. “The main advantage is the variety of digital capabilities that static poster “comes to life”, — explains Director of the company digital outdoor advertising Gallery Oleg Bratashov. — A “contact” advertising attracts the target audience and increases the effectiveness of placing. Second, and equally important advantage is the mobility of digital outdoor advertising.

We can quickly start new stories, to change them (or parts of them) depending on external conditions, weather conditions, new information. Much easier logistics (no need for printing, pasting of posters, mounting, Dismounting). You can also use the online information updated every minute, giving unlimited opportunities for organizations of non-standard placements”. The idea of online advertising first came into life in the early XX century in the form of illuminated and flashing signs over shops, cafes, clubs, casinos.

To a new level it came out at the beginning of the XXI century — in 2005 there was the first digital Billboard in the USA. “Of course, these billboards are working on the companys image, they are unique and need to maintain reputation and brand loyalty, and not to return in the form of increased sales, says Helena Kosovo. — Certainly they work better than conventional advertising. This is one of the forms of contact the company with their target audience, but more original, entertainment”.

One of the most effective is considered advertising, react to the approaching person. You can quickly pass and not notice the usual Billboard, but its hard to miss the poster that comes to life when approaching (not necessarily human). Swedish pharmaceutical brand Apotek for advertising new tools for hair care Apolosophy created a digital Billboard installed at the metro station and responsive to the approach of a train.

Developing the girls hair and favourite slogan is “Make your hair” (Make your hair come alive) made the Internet talking about him — just two days the video of the advertisement gained half a million views on YouTube. Passers-by actively filmed the events and posted on the web. This video has attracted the attention not only of Internet users and visitors of the metro. Advertising on the Swedish Fund for the protection of children with cancer, used the idea of the Billboard, filling it with new meaning.

This time because of the approaching train, the young girl not only developed hair, and the wig flew. The shield was reminded that every day in Sweden diagnosed with cancer in one child. The video has gathered over 10 million views on the Internet, ahead of the original. The Fund formally thanked the brand for Apotek original concept.

“In social advertising and commercial custom design is used to attract additional attention of the target audience, because these ads are very different on a background of standard solutions, — says Oleg Bratashov. With their help, you can focus the attention of consumers in some product features that distinguish it from others, or attract attention to a specific social problem. In addition, the “nonstandard” further increase the ratio of awareness of the advertised brand, product or service”.

In General irritable attitude towards outdoor advertising is the social subtext can cause loyalty of passers-by. For example, 54% of Russians admitted that social ads have found useful and refer to it positively. “Smart” Billboard can be addressed even to several categories of consumers. To do this, developers created a technique in which the same shield works differently for each audience.

The calculation for a specific gender and age based on information about how people look at ads. The International day of struggle against cruel treatment with children based in Madrid, the ANAR company (provides assistance to children and adolescents risk groups) launched a campaign to help children suffering from abuse. The main task was to place the message on a Billboard so that it is visible only to children and hidden from adults, perhaps a potential threat.

Advertising Agency Grey Group, developed the poster, identified the area of the shield which is visible only to children under the age of 10 years. There it was placed the inscription exclusively for children. “If somebody hurts you, phone us and we will help” indicating the number of trust Fund. With the same angle of view of a childs face on the poster was covered with cuts and bruises, and the upper part of the face remained unchanged.

There was a warning for the eyes of adults. “Sometimes the abuse of children is visible only to children suffering from it”. “Smart Billboard” has attracted the attention of users of social networks, increasing the popularity of the Fund — the helpline was showered with calls from children asking for help.

In may 2015 the owner of the shop with Italian products Don Giulio Salumeria with advertising specialists have established in Moscow a Billboard that reacts to the approach of staff in police uniforms. Once the Billboard was approached by police, the sanction rules products — an assortment of Italian shops — changed the advertising shop of dolls. “Smart billboards are important for any kind of business both for small and for the giants, says Helena Kosovo. — All facing their own challenges — small companies attract attention to themselves, and the giants fame”.

In 2013, the idea of a Billboard French online fashion store La Redoute was the image of a girl, always dressed for the weather. The epitome of creative in an advertising Agency CLM BBDO. A Billboard with an illustration of it installed sensors of humidity and temperature that helped the girl in the picture “change clothes” for the weather and always look important.

Billboard was the first in history, interacting with the weather. Connection of shields appeared in July of this year in Moscow. The operator of outdoor advertising Gallery has developed billboards for the restaurant chain Burger King.

When the temperature of the image alternated in the milkshake came chicken nuggets. Thus, consumers were offered the product most relevant to certain weather conditions. The most popular interactive billboards that require direct participation of passersby. On them it is necessary not only to look but to “enter into relations” with them.

A few years ago, the network has developed McDonalds billboards asking people on the street to play a game, and in the case of success free to get something from the range café. From all the items shown on the Billboard, it was necessary to have time to take pictures of McDonalds food. Submitted photos could be exchanged at a nearby restaurant for a proper meal.

. Get your share of fame and to feel like among a very select group has offered its customers the brand Mini Cooper, using interactive boards. D 2007, the company sent to customers 4500 branded keyrings that are activated when the driver is within 500 feet of a Billboard. Billboard personally greets everyone passing by the driver, using the information specified by the buyer in the questionnaire when buying a car.

To participate in charity events without spending money, offered to passers-by Nike in 2010. For advertising ten-kilometer race in Argentina, the brand used a “smart” Billboard with a built-in treadmill. Everyone could use the simulator, summing the total distance, and for each kilometer donated money Nike company organization UNICEF. Become the Creator of the first of its kind a vital “smart” could Billboard the University of engineering and technology in Peru.

In the area where residents are deprived of drinking water sources, scientists were able to make a Billboard to give it to people. Collecting moisture from the air, during the day, Billboard has up to 96 liters of fluid. District residents can bring containers and pour yourself water from the tanks for Billboard, where through special gutters drain moisture gathered on the surface of the Billboard.

This project won the Golden Lion at the advertising festival in Cannes in 2013.

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