“So far, few are ready to wear upon the head a pan”: experts on the future market of virtual reality

Virtual reality is increasingly attracting the attention and interest of consumers and producers. A year ago the technology was known only to a narrow circle of professionals, and already this year, virtual reality has penetrated to the masses. Flatters the curiosity of gamers, interested in digital experts, concerned members of the film industry, becomes part of contemporary art and penetrates into various areas of the industry. Virtual reality has for many years been a kind of Holy Grail, attracting researchers and estranged from those who seeks it.

In 1939 Stanley Weinbaum wrote about the glasses-based virtual reality system with holographic recording of fictional experiences. By 1968, American scientist in the field of computer science Ivan Sutherland developed a head-mounted virtual reality system, which was incredibly bulky and was called horribly — “sword of Damocles”. The 1992 edition of Computer Gaming World predicted distribution of virtual reality in the next two years, but this has not happened because of limited computing power.

Today significant technological advances confirm the existence of capacity to implement the most fantastic ideas of virtual reality. It should be noted that the specialists of different views on possible development technologies. Opinions are radically. Some believe in an incredible breakthrough in the coming years — others are skeptical, considering the passion for technology is only a temporary spike.

Consider both positions, and who will win — time will tell. First about pleasant — about the factors that give hope that in a few years virtual reality will become a part of our daily life and transform her.

Experts agree that virtual reality and augmented reality is a new breakthrough that will change the digital world and everyday life as radically as it did the personal computer, Internet and smartphone. The technological advances of virtual reality can be the basis for the transition to a new stage in the study of the human brain that control emotional and physical health, data and emotion, the formation of new ways of storytelling and interaction between people. The issue of development of technologies in time and stock enthusiasts are able to painstakingly collect the achievements of developers and convert it to scientific discoveries.

Stirs interest in technology and gives hope for its enchanting development the fact that the largest it companies believe in technology and making great efforts for its development and promotion. Mark Zuckerberg believes in the development of virtual reality which is also confirmed by acquisition of Facebook for $2 billion of the company Oculus — Creator of the virtual reality helmet. The fact that buy some experts estimate as a driver for the market of virtual reality.

Listed it company set a vector of development of technology and support the interest from the public, which is waiting for 2016, when there will be new gadgets. Oculus Rift, Project Morpheus and Vive. Will 2016 be the year of virtual reality.

Well soon see. Judging by the forecasts of research institutions, analysts believe rapid growth of the market of virtual reality. The new generation is receptive to technological advances and with interest looks at the technology of virtual reality.

A recent study of marketers Touchstone Research indicates that adolescents aged 10 to 17 years know about virtual reality and consider it “incredibly cool”. The popularity of search queries Virtual Reality confirms the interest of consumers, it is clearly seen on the dynamics of Google Trends over the past five years. Interest in the new interpretation of reality and confirms the increasing popularity of 360-degree video.

According to a report by Piper Jaffray, YouTube users share videos about virtual reality on average 11 times for every 10 000 views — two times more than the commercials about new mobile phones. Manufacturers points follow the trends. For example, specifically for the virtual reality glasses Gear VR Milk VR created a new standard image with 360 degrees views.

Yes, and the fact that the Internet we see the gadgets of virtual reality tests himself, says the increasing popularization of this theme. Of course, for the development and promotion of the technology needs high-quality content that would interest a user enough to want to use virtual reality glasses for a long time and constantly. In 2016 the lack of content for VR projects will be overcome.

The important role played by the policy of an open platform for VR devices. There are more shops content. Currently, the most popular ten shops, including Wear VR, Homido, CINEVEO, Making Viewer, Oculus Overlay. Every day there are new games and applications for VR-helmets, and in developing and AAA projects.

The same Dreams from the creators of LittleBigPlanet or needs no introduction to EVE. Valkyrie. Active participation in expanding the range of content provided by the developers of virtual reality platforms.

And giants such as Unity, Epic Games and Crytek, recognize virtual reality one of the key directions of their activities. Virtual reality is used primarily in the gaming industry. As the older generation of gamers, virtual reality is becoming very clear and accessible language for a growing number of users. So, one of tops of Russian game industry Sergey Orlovskiy believes the prospect of using virtual reality in game development.

It should be noted that the advantage of virtual reality technology — unlimited content. Education, social services, leisure, sports, training simulators and instructions, movies, entertainment, art and so on. It should be noted the growing interest among a wide circle of investors — and they often know whats gonna blow.

As an example, a startup investment Fund Rothenberg Ventures first accelerator startups virtual reality River, which invested $1 million in 10 start-UPS of virtual reality. Recently, the investors inspired by success, opened River 2 — accelerator for AR&VR projects. In Russia, developments in the field of virtual reality actively supports the Centre of mobile technologies of Fund “SKOLKOVO”.

More than 20 companies involved in the development of technology, are its residents. Head of Center of mobile technologies of Fund “SKOLKOVO” Vasily Ryzhonkov comments on the prospects of the industry. “Niche is massively available and cheap hats, as well as the content they find most attractive from the business point of view and may be about several hundreds of millions of dollars in the future two to four years”.

Indicative amount of the investments attracted VR companies for 2015. It grew by 60% compared with the previous year. Over the past few years virtual reality has evolved from science fiction to an amazing opportunity for a wide range of consumers.

Technology gives people the ” wow ” effect, which provides a new level of experiences, like a film screening of the Lumiere brothers arrival of a train. We see all preconditions for making the industry of virtual reality in the coming years, actively developed and massively won the hearts of users. Will virtual reality lead positions or come to naught — will depend on the decision of arising problems.

. Now lets talk about the issues and the arguments of the pessimists. Of course, like everything new, virtual reality is faced with technological challenges and difficulties of introducing to the masses. As you know, people are inherently lazy and conservative — therefore, in order to spread the technology everywhere, need good arguments and strong emotions.

First of all, innovation is needed the comfort and ease of use. Mobile devices won the hearts of users due to its compactness, ease of use and continuous improvement. The device virtual reality needs to go that way.

Of course, the modern virtual reality helmets do not require attachment to the ceiling, as was the invention of Ivan Sutherland, but they have not yet reached a level of comfort that they like to use constantly. Consider using VR gadgets in the gaming industry. Gaming platform in the process of improvement went from arcade machines to consoles and PC and then to mobile platforms — the most compact and versatile.

Game in VR-helmets do not conform to such patterns of development. They are less comfortable and versatile. Some helmets require a cable connection to the computer, the helmet will not play in the subway, and even for home use you want to consider much “but”. If the game requires movement, not to do without special pads to avoid injury and destruction. The question always arises with the tracking and use of sensors and controllers.

Developers experiment a lot and try to make your stay in VR-system a comfortable. Its a matter of time and consumer confidence. Dynamic development in the nearest future to turn minus into plus and to make an abrupt transition to a new level, as it was with the transition from tape to laser disk.

But the fact remains — the use of VR devices is inconvenient, and there is no desire to use them every day. Now from the virtual reality helmets many headache, eye, nose, neck, theyre sick. People dont like when theyre sick. Moreover, there is no credible research about how VR affects the body.

Hence the fears that the virtual reality helmet is bad for the eyes or even the brain — and the brain is not a joke. Here is a typical players feedback about the Oculus Rift. “The killer eye”, “About developer kit wrote much that your eyes get tired and carsick badly”, “Im sure from the “Oculus” sight is failing. We, the gamers, and so I sit at the computer for 12 hours a day, and then theres this “Oculus” will strain the eye”.

. Of course, the largest companies — manufacturers of hardware development for virtual reality — aware of this problem and do their utmost to resolve it. We hope that soon we will see a comfortable headset. Need to wait a bit and all together to work on it. Remember.

15 years ago people were afraid to use cell phones — and now they have each. Experts around the world agree that games are destined to bring virtual reality to the consumer. But for this the consumer must receive the appropriate personal devices. Here the market and is faced with obstacles.

On the one hand, the technology is impressive for any user, but then again, most people have not tried to use this technology and it requires direct immersion. VR applications demand high-performance gaming system high-end with a powerful graphics card and a high-performance microprocessor. High cost of accessories, as well as the need to upgrade the computer — the obstacles to attract consumers.

Prices on other helmets of virtual reality comparable to these. According to analysts, prices will be reduced, in addition, gradually they will be replaced with devices suitable for the reproduction of VR. Thus, to introduce technology to the masses would take several years needed to complete the update cycle of your devices and buy new ones.

In this situation, the benefits for those devices and development, the use of which is more versatile and does not require expensive associated equipment. Among Russian manufacturers have this policy Fibrum and Avrorus (VR-platform Timvi). Habits are hard to change. They include not only the repetition of certain actions, but also the feeling of psychological comfort.

People are used to watching a movie on the screen, exercise at the gym, playing games with a joystick or with a mouse and keyboard. But the involvement in virtual reality requires a change to the usual course of events. You need to wear a helmet, spin around, use a variety of unusual devices. Yet few are willing to abandon the comfortable attitude and putting your head in “pan”.

Need a strong motivation to change existing habits. Will this virtual reality — as long as this question remains open. Theoretically, virtual reality can be a place, where a man escapes from a bleak and troubled world, while transforming her life into a beautiful story.

Travel to different countries and fictional worlds, new skills — all this is possible if the developers will learn to create authentic and immersive, to fool the brain. While theyre not all that. We should also say about the Russian specifics. We have the industrys development is hampered by the lack of serious support for developers, lack of understanding of the market and the direction in which to move.

This year much has been done to fix these issues. The Association develops augmented and virtual reality, investment funds, in particular SKOLKOVO Fund innovative projects in the field of virtual reality, conferences, and just appear the Russian-speaking community in social networks to meet and exchange experience with people from the industry. Summing up our analysis. We still believe in the perfect future technologies. In the next couple of years the market of virtual reality will explode, and the startups that come out on the market right now, get a good chunk of this pie.

We offer to your attention a short quiz. Will not ignite or will ignite the market of virtual reality.

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