“Some candidates are still confused by the conversations in Skype and execution of test tasks”

The symptom of the crisis — in 2016 there are more vacancies in business development. Sales managers have plenty to choose from. The companies plans remain the same or increase, and the purchasing power of the market decreases, you need more customers to keep the balance. In this regard, many sales managers are willing to take a lower fixed salary at the expense of a considerable increase in bonus. Of course, the company learn more be considered, that is, introduce more figures in each of the departments, it allows you to make predictions and to understand what is happening in the company.

For example, if you leave the PR departments and PR-managers, their compensation tightly tied to KPIs. With regard to vacancies in the field of development — a lot of them. But due to the unstable economic situation fewer developers are willing to go into a startup, because they are not confident that they can survive the crisis. Last year we started working with CRM for recruiters (Friendwork), also we have internal tools to automate the assessment.

Recruiting more and more comes to discipline — it pleases all. The customer sees a more transparent process, candidates always receive feedback, and recruiters are not confused about the vacancies and resume. The market in Russia is not ready for new technologies and actively use the old solutions, but it forces companies to change this trend. In Russia trying to emotionally paint jobs. If the mood is not created, then the candidate does not respond.

In the West are trying to give more information on the case and tell us more about the steps of recruiting. Besides, in the West more flexible candidates. They are ready for the tests; know what you need to fight for a place under the sun; not afraid, for example, record a video resume. We have a market ruled by candidates — some are still confused by the conversations in Skype and the implementation of tests.

A major trend in the automation and intellectualization. All routine stages of the recruitment process can be to some extent automated. Sampling summary, tagging, maintaining internal database of candidates, automatic analysis of profiles of the candidates, assessment of hard and soft skills — all these processes are accelerated through the implementation of appropriate technological solutions. Leading companies are trying to reduce the time and cost of recruitment without loss of quality. To help them come specialised software solutions — HR, CRM, Resume parsing software, skills assessment software, digital solutions interview and so on.

An important point. The direct involvement of the candidate in the hiring funnel, his motivation to work in a particular company — the so-called HR-marketing. Search today for “star employees” in any position it is not enough to use the bases summary, it is necessary to apply innovative methods of attracting candidates. It is not only about compensation and benefits package. Truly valuable candidates want to solve interesting problems, to work in a suitable atmosphere to them and participate in making important decisions.

Training also goes in line. Large businesses give employees the opportunity to learn from external contractors or internal corporate universities and to climb the career ladder. Here also come to the aid of technological solutions — internal career portals, automated system of personnel evaluation and so on. If you compare where we are in the West, we, of course, far behind. In the U.S. and Europe, companies spend huge budgets on innovation in recruitment and development of staff, invested in the creation of tough teams from scratch by attracting “star employees”.

Very popular automated solutions, and in Russia only some use all available on the world market ways to speed up recruitment and improve the quality of employment. At Veeam Software for the majority of jobs in Russia for several years maintained the trend of attracting young employees, who are former students or people with little experience. Such applicants rarely have a clear idea of who they want to work. Rather, they are trying to try and understand in the process where they want to move in professionally. And at the same time, these applicants usually have a clear idea of the conditions on which they would like to work.

It is therefore important to devote time to the development of internal and external HR-employer branding — it is important to build an employer brand to a potential employee, to help him determine, as well as to attract and retain the right people. An important trend for our company is the use of unconventional sources for finding candidates. For most Veeam Software jobs in St. Petersburg, fluency in foreign languages (not only English. Hebrew, Turkish, Slovak, Italian, French, German). Therefore, in 2015, the company organized a series of successful events with the target language institutes.

As a result was able to attract employees with rare languages. Plans recruitment ambitious — this leads to an even greater number of candidates for vacancies in different countries; a still larger number of interviews conducted by the recruiters, even greater array of information they need to analyze. In this regard, in 2015 HR Department of the company globally launched two large-scale projects. One of them was the introduction of software that automates some of the recruiting processes and optimizes the tracking of a candidate at various stages. This allows you to shorten the above vacancies and makes the process of tracking candidates more transparent for both the recruiter and the hiring Manager and even HR Directors.

We also launched the global career company website. It has become a convenient information resource for candidates who can now quickly find jobs and companies to better understand the specifics of work in different departments. Two introduced in 2015 tool working in close conjunction, which allows to optimize the process of recruitment companies around the world. Significant changes in the trends for this year is not expected.

Companies, as in 2015, still needs leaders able to see opportunities, to achieve results, able to implement changes within the company, promptly responding to changes in the external environment. The owners of companies pay more attention to the experience of managers and their results in previous rounds of crisis. Grow with the company, when all is well — the ability of many to evolve and gain momentum in the crisis environment, when competition is tougher requirements to the quality of the work above, there is no way afford the extra are capable not all. New for us was the building greater internal consistency in the project work. If earlier each consultant within the company was almost a separate system, the year we have worked hard to make the system became uniform.

And we continue this way this year. It cannot be called simple, because the external environment makes “run” even faster than it has been at least a couple of years ago. We are expanding our partner network, enabling us to offer more services to our clients, and we are gradually moving towards the goal of becoming a company offering complex services in the field of HR. Choosing a partner, we primarily focus on the examination and start together with just who cares for his work. So, for the last time, we became partners with Michael Molokanov, one of the best business coaches.

Our plans include the expansion of partners that will offer innovative and market HR solutions. We live in the Russian reality, our history and mentality make some adjustments in the development of HR. We are trying to copy, to use us, but in the process of adaptation of Western HR systems in the Russian reality is often quite different. In a lot of this is due to the difference in the legal field. Russian law increasingly protects the rights of the employee, the employer is in a less secure position from the point of view of labour law.

Legislation in developed countries are largely better balanced.

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