SparX aggregator services autopause

Hello everyone, my name is Darya Ryabtseva, Im the co-founder of SparX project. I am 25 years old and for 4 years I work in startups. Now I want to tell you about our service, which we plan will become a lifeline of every motorist. The idea of creating this project was born when we faced the problem of calling roadside assistance.

It turned out that its not really easy. You are going on business, and suddenly you have something breaks. Well, if there is a proven service that will come (not the fact that quickly) and help you. And if not. Then you will need to look for a suitable and free.

In such a quest and the idea was born to create a unified service of autopause. Now you just turn into SparX, and 15-20 minutes later you come the closest crew. Our service is a uniform network where all services autopause collected in one place.

The main task was to satisfy two sides. Motorists who can solve any problems along the way; and contractors providing services on the most favorable terms. It is important to say that our prices are lower than average for the market. We incur advertising costs and attract customers, reduce logistics costs and can set a single price, favorable both for the consumer and for the partner.

How it works. Clients call the help via our call centre or website (soon to be released mobile app), the system displays details about the order closest to the crew and is sent free to destination.

This scheme allows you to “kill two birds with one stone”. Save time and money for our users, but at the expense of high standards, due to internal competition, to provide maximum quality services. In General, quality is the aspect on which we have laid a strong emphasis, as we understand the problems this kind of services. We decided to directly influence it, and not to be farmed out to partners and reprimand them for negative reviews.

This system was developed to evaluate each contractor with final ratings entered common work standards, controls the time of arrival of the crew and formed the quality control Department. We create a single service that works to a high standard.

Other companies providing similar services, we never found one that would offer the same service. It is either a large company with its parks, or working on the model of card autopause clubs. Separately, you can select only the project “All tow trucks of Russia”, with whom we are often compared. But they have a fundamentally different model — exchange, in which after receipt of the order start trading that forces the client to spend a lot of time waiting.

In addition, the lack of quality control and the selection criterion of the partner services give customer confidence in the service proper.

Like any startup, it was difficult at first. Changed several times the concept, many times altered the design, even the system of monetization of the project over time has evolved. The hardest part was the beginning. To find financing for the start to finish the prototype, and also to prove to the partners that our model of cooperation is valid favorable.

At the moment technical part of the project already finished. Now we have contracts to service companies (leasing, insurance, car dealers) that allows you to test the system in a quiet mode. Serve them our partners in St. Petersburg and region with a total fleet of over 400 crews. Further, we plan a full launch.

Market entry for individuals and new regions. Priority for us is Moscow and Moscow region, but after some time the boundaries of our coverage to expand to other cities of Russia, CIS countries, Europe, and rest of the world. But this requires significant investments in promotion, so we are again looking for investors. I think in a case like this without a good, solid team just not do. And our common idea: to help people.

Returned the floor to the readers. Want to get the word out and tell about your startup. Welcome to the tribune.


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