Start an advertising campaign in Facebook: How to avoid common mistakes

“To have our loyal fans, we have spent more than $600 thousand”, — said Brar in publications on Business Insider. But think about it — the fans. They have Taylor swift, The Giants, of Dyson vacuum cleaners. The company is only clients. And if you are interested in the “vanity metrics” (likes or fans), eventually you get nothing but empty clicks.

Before you start advertising on Facebook, you must first determine the most important goal depends on the choice of payment method. In Facebook they are represented by three types. CPM, CPC, and oCPM.

If you only want to increase brand awareness, this is the best option. You only pay for ad impressions, not the click through or hits the target page. The payment is for every 1000 impressions. This method does not guarantee an influx of new users to your site or limit the number of clicks, so if you want specific results, it is better to refrain from using this option.

In my opinion, tampering with this option and have ruined Brar. When using it, you pay for every click in the ad. It can be clicks on the picture, the button “I like”, “comment”, name — not necessarily in the conjugated link. This leads newcomers to the confusion.

It seems there are clicks, your advertising budget regularly melts, and the conversion still goes to zero. Now Facebook wants to optimize the calculation for clicks and link directly to the objectives of the advertising campaign. Apply link and then viewing the target page, the navigation calls (“Subscribe to channel”, “Join the newsletter” and so on), transitions with subsequent installation BY clicks or view the video on an external site.

If you have too little (or too much experience) in the procurement of advertising in Facebook, this option is for you. When planning advertising campaign it is the default. All you have to do is to specify the limit of the maximum allowable fee for the desired action of the user, and the algorithms Facebook will choose the most effective strategy of cost. Also pleased with the ability to customize virtually any of the goals of the campaign, whether the transition to the target page, increasing the reach and engagement of the audience, accounting software installations, or collecting “likes”.

If you want to see on your website a large number of new visitors, it is better to use with this tool. Never ride your own advertising campaign. In Fetopolis instead of carefully planned, decided to limit a bloated advertising budget. You also need to know exactly how much you are willing to spend and to strictly adhere to the adopted budget.

Always the main goal of any advertising is profit. As long as the revenues from sales exceed the cost of advertising, it works, regardless of how many likes and fans you have attracted. If youre using oCPM, you are already informed Facebook about my maximum budget, so in this case you can not worry about going beyond the established limit.

How much money you laid by advertising on Facebook, start with small amounts and gradually (not in a few days) increase to the established value. In my opinion, the main reason for failure of most campaigns on Facebook is the lack of a clear understanding of who should be addressed or that the advertising message. Due to the blurred target audience advertising passes by those whom it might interest.

To date, the best option is clearly targeting Custom Audiences. If you have access to the necessary information — the list of mailboxes, phone numbers, user IDs, in this case, you will be able to gain access to the audience we want to attract. Using Lookalike Audiences options (search for similar audience) and Audience Insights (data on the demographic indicators of audience) you will be able to significantly expand the base targeting.

Those experts, whose advertising does not bring the desired effect, certainly do not pay enough attention to targeting. At best they distinguish segments on the basis of its interests. Earlier this method was effective, but now he brings a mostly empty likes from fake accounts, owners of which are trying to make the pages more realistic by copying the interests of other users.

Another option for targeting is the segmentation by country of residence. It is quite obvious that if you are selling a product only in the United States, its buzz among the residents of Kathmandu will be an unfortunate mistake. Moreover, some countries are famous for whole organization of syndicates for the generation of likes (most likely Southeast Asia). Design advertising design with an eye on the target audience.

Facebook advertisements must conform to the objectives of the campaign and attract attention of the target audience from the first sight. Always work bright, notable publications, targeting specific buyers. In addition, they should possess excellent graphic and information content. This advertisement is intended for startups and plays into their needs in expanding user base.

Also the advertising you need to possess a social impact and a clear call to action.

. No less important attribute of the ads is the ads. The greatest number of views and clicks has native ads that appear directly in the users feed. It can help well to increase the number of sales and leads.

More modest success enjoyed by native advertising in the mobile app and the ads displayed in the right column. For retargeting, they fit best and are much less.

In the news feed on mobile version of Facebook is better to advertise other apps by offering the users of their instant installation. Advertising web resources are unlikely to have a significant impact on their conversion. Brar naively believed that all that is required is to register, to make the announcement quietly and wait for the wave of peoples love will spread a stream of likes.

The trouble is that most users of Facebook Ads is professional ad Agency. They simply enter a credit card number and hope for a miracle. Unfortunately, we must act exactly the opposite way. To make advertising work, constant monitoring is required.

It looks like the algorithm Google Ad. You create an ad, test it, make necessary changes, celebrate the result and forget about it. The system operates without your participation. All because Google is a tool to meet the needs of.

Your ad is shown only to those who are looking for something close to its content. But forming algorithm for Facebook. You create an ad, test it, make changes, test again, modify again, hoping to get on the wave of user interest, and so on to infinity.

But most importantly, you should regularly test and update the design of the advertisement. Images, text, headings, depending on the preferences of the target audience. In other words, Facebook is a tool to create needs, because ads are shown to a specific group of users.

So Yes, in order to obtain visible results, it takes a lot of work but it is worth the effort, especially when you see the growth of the audience. This is a complicated process, but it opens a lot of possibilities. Testing also includes checking the suitability of Facebook as a tool in General. It may be that he is not the best channel for your product.

It should be remembered that advertising in social networks is not like AdWords, and if you expect similar results, you will be disappointed. As soon as you see one of the publications in the spirit of “Facebook Ads are shit”, you can not hesitate to conclude the following. The author made one (or even one) of those mistakes, which were discussed above.

Once you have decided to start advertising on the social network, you need to clearly decide what goals you want to achieve, who your target audience is and how much you are willing to spend. Well then you need again and again to test and optimize the ad — until then, until the conversion reaches the desired level. You may have spent from $60 kind will go more than the Brar from $600 thousand. Understanding the mechanisms of Facebook Ads and how to squeeze them to the max, you can run an advertising campaign that will hook the audience, which you need, and bring these people to your landing page.


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