Startup guide for St. Petersburg: Funds, accelerators, coworking, incubators and grants for projects

Address. St. Petersburg, str. Lomonosov, 9 (Educational-scientific-innovative complex of University ITMO), 3rd floor.
Mail. [email protected] IDealMachine venture Fund, one of the first startup accelerators in Russia.

C 2012 iDealMachine supports projects from the earliest stages of development, including the idea stage. The Fund invests in traditional areas. The Internet and cloud-based solutions, e-Commerce and mobile apps and high-tech. Robotics and the interface of man and machine, artificial intelligence and work with large data arrays.

The Fund represents that the investment world called “smart money”. In our work iDM has taken a deep dive in each project based on the idea that at an early stage startup need not only money, but knowledge, expertise, experience and assistance in building business. Today in the iDM portfolio of 25 companies, one third of which had attracted seed investment round and actively scaled.

IDealMachine is working with more than 100 experts in various industries and has a pool friendly investors around the world who offer project mentoring assistance. Developed starting in iDM program iDM Launcher, which the project team to investment. The program focused on the confirmation of demand and purchasing power check “manual” sales.

One month projects accepted into the program, you must complete the Customer Development on selected customer segments and confirm money the demand for your product. After iDM Launcher passes the investment Committee, after which a decision about the investment and future format of the project. At the site of the accelerator regularly hosts meetings with investors (“Investor without a tie”) and an event devoted to current topics from the field of startups — iDoMa.

In 2015, the accelerator launched a joint Center of Mobile Technologies SKOLKOVO acceleration program for mobile projects. Address. St. Petersburg, str. Krasnogo Kursanta, 25, Litera.

W, 6th floor. The entrance to the business center “IT-Park”.
Phone. +7 (921) 774 85 17. Mail. [email protected]

Accelerator 404hub is part of a holding company Group 404. Founded in 2014 to research and development of new companies. Specialization accelerator — web designs who work in the market of Internet advertising, develop new advertising techniques monetize or her, including mediastart.

The companys portfolio of projects such as,,, and so on.
Investments and conditions for the acceleration of the following. 404 Hub, investments in the amount of 1 million rubles for a minority stake in the company. The acceleration lasts for three months. The accelerator provides a project workspace, the help of partners of the holding, expert support from executives of it sector, educational program, legal and accounting support.

Upon successful completion of the programme the project has the opportunity to receive a second round of investments amounting to 20 million rubles. Address. Saint-Petersburg Exchange line, 14.
Phone. +7 (921) 340 19 47.

Mail. [email protected] SumIT is a dynamic educational and mentoring program based on best international practices of technological entrepreneurship. It includes.

Specialize in projects in the field of it, Internet and mobile technology and claim the global market. Stage development companies, assembled a team, a prototype (MVP) can be completed in 2 months. Focus. It start-UPS.

Address. Saint-Petersburg Exchange line, 14.
Mail. [email protected] Future Technologies is a business accelerator for high-tech and “iron” projects.

The program duration is three months. The accelerator gathers teams and individuals who want to grow in the technological start-up. The accelerator program was developed based on the experience of hardware entrepreneurs with all the features of hi-tech and “iron” projects in the market and includes specially developed educational program for hardware projects, as well as logistical support, consultation top experts, the opportunity to receive investment and useful contacts.

The program consists of a business track, a design track, technical track and the best advice of experts. The project received a grant in the amount of 300 thousand rubles to cover the development costs and other needs of the team, as well as assistance in finding investors in Russia and abroad. Project free office the city centre and unlimited access to FabLab ITMO. Specialization projects.

Smart electronics in all fields, instrumentation, robotics, optics and Photonics, biotechnology any direction, new materials, alternative energy, energy efficiency. Address. Moscow, Serebryanicheskaya Naberezhnaya, 29, business center “Silver City”. (In St. Petersburg you can take a correspondence acceleration.)

+7 (903) 098 88 33. Mail. [email protected] FRIA — Fund for the support of young professionals and entrepreneurs working in the field of information technology. The objective of the Fund is the development of Internet-entrepreneurship in Russia and creation of favorable conditions for the realization of new high-tech projects.

The main areas of investment. The Internet, mobile technology, Internet of things, wearable devices, big data Analytics. In July 2013, the Fund started to operate officially, and announced a set of projects of the first accelerator. There are three types of acceleration programs.

Full-time, part-time, preaccelerator. Project requirements. Projects applying in DFII, you must have at least two people willing to work on the site of the accelerator, achievable turnover of 300-500 million roubles for five years, MVP, entity.

Priorities for projects in 2015. Technologies and solutions in the field of telecommunications, platform and enterprise software for big business, big data and machine learning, monetization and distribution of digital content, information security, intellectual property protection in the Internet. Address. St. Petersburg, Vasilievsky island, St.

Havana, 42.
Phone. +7 (812) 988 68 16. Mail. [email protected]

Specialization in startups. Personal acceleration project, investment packaging presentations investor, financial models, investment attraction. Specialization. It and Internet.

Working conditions. For money or for a share. Address. Saint-Petersburg, PR.

Obukhov Defense, d. 70 Corp. 3 (business center “Fidel”), office 306.
Phone. +7 (812) 703 49 50.
Mail. [email protected]

The Fund is an element of innovation infrastructure of St. Petersburg and part of the state innovation policy of St. Petersburg. The Foundation is a nonprofit organization and primarily aimed at stimulating small business development and innovation component of the economy, rather than for profit. Received by a Fund profit goes to support operating activities and the payment of damages, and also on increase of volumes of investments.

The funds may be invested only in innovative companies whose activity corresponds to one or more of the priority directions of development of science and technology, or products which are included in the list of critical technologies of the Russian Federation. The volume of investments allocated by the Fund depends on the investment stage and assessment of innovative business ideas. There are the following stages of investment.

Sometimes the Fund attracts co-investors for joint investment. Address. St. Petersburg, str.

Novaya Ladoga, 4, cor.1.
Phone. +7 812 332-86-68 (extension 0503).
Mail. [email protected] GS Ventures — high-tech part of the international holding GS Group, aiming to work with innovative projects who want to commercialize their developments on the basis of the activities of the Holding and capacities of Technopolis GS.

GS Venture attracts to work with the projects of leading experts of the GS Group and from other companies — industry leaders. Interaction with interesting and innovative projects, the opportunity to ensure their investments, also any other cooperation for innovation and the life of Technopolis GS, allocated in a separate direction — GS Venture. Fund interesting projects, ready to be optimized for the activity of GS Group, to contribute to television and related industries.

Priorities. Startups is available. Address.

Saint-Petersburg, Piskarevsky Avenue, d. 2, korp.2, office 712, BC “Benua”.
Phone. +7 (812) 448 41 41. Mail. O. [email protected]

Leorsa Leorsa Innovations is part of a Group of Companies and provides venture capital to innovative solutions. Innovative direction that he was Leorsa in 2012 to work on the venture capital and search for new scientific and technical solutions. Leorsa Innovations creates the infrastructure of interaction between business and innovation community. The company formed research group of young scientists, among which a number have degrees of candidates of Sciences.

To the analysis of innovative projects are supplemented by authoritative experts and specialists from various fields of business, mainly partners Leorsa. The competence of the team of scientists in physics, chemistry, mathematics, engineering Sciences, biology and medicine in conjunction with the competencies of partners in the field of economy and business development provide a comprehensive analysis of the projects at the intersection of science and business and revolutionary business ideas. Specialization.

Innovative technologies and business models that can be effectively used in creating or optimizing commercially successful projects. One of the interesting projects in the portfolio Leorsa Innovations is a project of the CUPS. Address.

St. Petersburg, str. Lodeynoye pole, 5A.
Phone. +7 (812) 438 16 78. Mail. [email protected]

I-Free Venture Fund was founded in 2011 with the aim of identifying opportunities in fast-growing areas of technology. I-Free Venture Fund invests in companies ranging from seed stage to early stage and growth in the field of it and mobile technology. Specialization.

Mobile and NFC-technology, ecommerce, digital content distribution, electronic payment systems and micropayments, mobile applications for smartphones, digital publishing projects for B2C and B2B markets. Deal values range from a few thousand dollars up to half a million. Address.

St. Petersburg, str. World, 5.
Mail. [email protected] Specializes in projects in the field of Dating, especially game.

Focus on a specific market, covers a wide geography. All major social networks and mobile applications including, mobile only. Resources available to projects. Traffic, expertise and money, are also willing to Fund the development, if confidence in the idea, and the team will look convincing.

The investment environment. With regards to monetary investment is several million rubles for the project, depending on its complexity. Topface counts for 40-60% of the project, depending on the extent of participation.

Mail. [email protected] Vaizra Capital venture Fund, investing in projects at all stages of development. Created in 2013, co-founder of the network “Vkontakte”. Strive to be a partner, increasing the value of major companies.

Invest in companies at any stage of development and predominantly in the founders, which provide unique solutions for large markets. Address. St. Petersburg, Kronverkskiy Prospekt, 49.

[email protected] The Fund will start financing projects in 2016 in priority areas. Health, the preservation of the human environment, advanced manufacturing and machine-to-machine interaction.

Address. St. Petersburg, Kaluzhsky pereulok, 3, Business Centre “NRC”.
Tel. +7 (812) 740 50 40, +7 (906) 276 70 20.
Mail. [email protected]

The AGAT Fund is a private Foundation and content of its activities — charitable. The Fund was established in 2008 and since 2010, provides assistance to budding young entrepreneurs in Ekaterinburg and since 2013 offers the same opportunity to young people and in St. Petersburg. The Fund is independent and financially self-sufficient entity with its own capital. The Fund is not affiliated with any government, political, Bank and other structures.

Have. Address. St. Petersburg, Malookhtinsky PR., d.

64, lit. B, office 406.
Phone. +7 (812) 456 70 96. Mail. [email protected]

Northwest technology transfer center provides innovative companies with the assistance of outside organizations specializing in the relevant areas, to achieve a good result. Specialists of NWTTC are ready to carry out an initial analysis of the level of development of the project the potential customer, and also to evaluate its technical feasibility from the point of view of achieving the end result and offer one of the existing areas of work. Business services NWTTC — business consulting companies and “package” projects.

NWTTC experts provide the following consulting services as part of the “packaging” of projects. A business plan is the main document on the basis of which the decision on support of the project by any investor.

Grants are available to projects at all levels of development — from idea to an advanced stage. The higher the stage of the project — the larger amount of funding. So, at the idea stage, the grant is up to 5 million rubles, at an advanced — to 300 million. Condition application review is.

Also make demands on the project team — leader and scientific ideologue, able to develop a project in the future to commercialize. The applicant must describe and prove the viability of their project, and be prepared for its further development strictly in accordance with the requirements of the Fund, and verification by internal and external expert pool Fund. Common causes for failure are the negative estimates of experts, the lack of real prospects of commercialization of the project, the lack of proven scientific and technical component of the project, unconvincing presentation to the Grant Committee.

Is available start-UPS in the it sphere, and helps to attract investments to development projects. The Fund provides grants in the form of grants to companies and individual developers, provides a view of promising projects to professional investors operating on the Russian market, and attract technology experts to help companies that create products on Microsoft technologies. The Fund only works with companies and developers located in Russia. In addition, the Fund aims at the overall development of technological entrepreneurship training start-up companies and assistance to market participants in the selection of interesting projects.

The Foundation works in cooperation with professional participants of the venture market. Partners of the Foundation participate in the selection Committee, and consider them as potential targets for private investment. Among them are the leading Russian development institutions and venture funds.

Currently grants are provided to companies within the Industrial Accelerator and Microsoft FRÍA. Address. Saint-Petersburg, Gzhatskaya St., 27, Technopark “Polytechnic”.
Phone. +7 (812) 234 85 11.

Mail [email protected] The grants aim to support young scientists seeking practical applications for their research, and small innovative businesses seeking to develop and master production of new goods or technology. Are accepted, including projects in the initial stage of development.

The grants. “Nerd” — up to 200 thousand rubles annually within two years of Start — up to 6 million rubles in three stages for three years. What are issued. “Nerd” is to conduct scientific research for the purpose of implementation of their results into economic circulation, in particular through the creation of small innovative enterprises.

Grant individuals from 18 to 28 years inclusive, who are citizens of the Russian Federation and earlier not won in the program “UMNIK”. “Start” — to commercialize developments made in the state scientific and educational organizations. To claim it can the small innovative enterprises of the following spheres. It, future medicine, modern materials and technologies of their creation, new devices and hardware complexes, biotechnologies.

Address, St. Petersburg, Nevsky prospect, 28. Start Fellows — the contest for the support of technological projects, primarily associated with the “Vkontakte”. Integration with “Vkontakte” is the social network widget on the website, and the ability to login with your account in this social network, use API to create applications and games on the platform “Vkontakte”.

For content projects that can be actively developed community with quality content. Organizer — social network “Vkontakte”, the company Selectel. Applications for competition are accepted through the function “to offer news” in the group the social network. In the near future is scheduled the restart of the competition.

Mail. [email protected] The competition, aimed at search and support of innovative projects, whose authors are students, graduate students, researchers and University professors, as well as small innovative enterprises under higher educational institutions interested in commercialization of their intellectual labour.

The objective of the contest is to support scientific and innovation activities of students and employees of universities, the introduction of intellectual activity results of Russian universities in the production, formation in Russian universities sustainable system of interaction with industrial enterprises. Organizers. The cluster of nuclear technologies and the information technologies cluster of the SKOLKOVO Foundation, NRNU MEPhI and the Open University SKOLKOVO.

By results of competition the project is given the opportunity to present their product to businessmen and investors during the mentoring session and final events, diplomas Fund “SKOLKOVO”, giving the primary right to a grant in the amount of 3 million rubles for performance stated in the design competition, prizes from the partners of the grant. What is issued. The original development of specific technical solution aimed at solving problems in the areas of “Nuclear and radiation technologies” and “Information technology”. To qualify for a grant can students, postgraduates, teachers and researchers of universities and small innovative enterprises established at universities.

Address. Saint-Petersburg Exchange line vo, d. 14.
Mail. [email protected]

“EURECA” (EURECA — Enhancing University Research and Entrepreneurial Capacity) — “Development of scientific-research and entrepreneurial capacity of Russian universities” in St Petersburg national research University of information technologies, mechanics and optics. The work of the University ITMO in the framework of the program “Eureka II” aims for 2013-2016, the development and implementation of technologies to promote economic development of Russian regions is characterized by various scientific and industrial potential, through increased innovation and technological entrepreneurship through the organization of efficient interaction of leading regional universities with other stakeholders within the innovation ecosystem.

Phone. +7 (931) 351 87 95.
Mail. [email protected] ABRT-Mangrove CEO Camp is 10 weeks of intensive work in St. Petersburg and Silicon Valley for managers and founders of it companies from Russia, CIS and Europe.

The output of the project is to increase sales, new customers and partners in the international market. The main mentors of the program — representatives of the ABRT Venture Fund, Mangrove Capital Partners, Veeam Software. The focus of the participating projects. Infrastructure software, cloud computing, SaaS, Internet and mobile technologies.

Stage projects. A working prototype or an existing product. Metrics. There are users or first sale. Focus on the global market.

20 projects receive grants, which covers participation in the Russian part of the program. The best 20 will also receive grants to study in the U.S. part of the program. The grants are funded by the Veeam Software and the Eureca program of USRF Foundation.

The program consists of. The final program — Startup CEO Day on which the projects will present themselves to investors. The organizers of the ABRT Venture Fund, Mangrove Capital Partners, RIS Ventures, University ITMO.

Address. St. Petersburg, str. Bolshaya Morskaya, 31. Founder Institute — an educational program for entrepreneurs, created and developed in Silicon valley.

The mission of the program is “global Silicon valley”, as well as building a stable ecosystem for young companies that will create one million jobs worldwide. The course covers topics from “legal aspects of the startup and intellectual property protection” to “Attract investment”. For successful completion, the participants shall within four months to develop an interesting concept and a technology company to win the approval of mentors, develop a business plan, a proposal for investors to register a company and to perform all the tasks of the course.

Duration — four months, classes are held in the evenings, once a week. The course costs $750. Also each graduate with their fellow students transfers to the General Fund warrants or options to 3.5% of their company shares for a period of 10 years. Address.

St. Petersburg, Kronverkskiy Prospekt, 49.
Mail. [email protected] University ITMO, being the entrepreneurial University, actively developing an ecosystem to support aspiring entrepreneurs and startups. In addition to educational programs aimed at developing the necessary knowledge and skills in the field of entrepreneurship, within the faculty of technology management and innovation and, in particular, of the Department of technological entrepreneurship and innovation management, ITMO offers several types of startup accelerators and startup schools, depending on characteristics of the project and business ideas.

Residents of accelerators can be accommodated in the premises of the business incubator ITMO, seek the services of the Department of design and innovation in securing funding and fundraising, participate in the activities of the accelerator and present their developments to investors and partners of the University. Address. St. Petersburg, prospect Obukhovskoy defense, d.

70,. 2.
Phone. +7 (812) 313 10 85(86).
Mail. [email protected]

Business incubator “Ingria” — the accelerated development program for young innovative companies. Residents receive support in four areas — investment, mentors, marketing, HR as well as access to the launch infrastructure. The duration of the program. To 39 months.

Provided assistance in attracting investments, the selection of experts, team building, networking, conducted project coordination personal account Manager, weekly educational events in the main areas of business development, mentor support, and additional products to solve individual tasks. Criteria of selection of projects. Address.

St. Petersburg, str. 27 Gzhatskaya St, lit A., the College. Case No. 12 (TVN), room 310.
Phone. +7 (812) 248 92 55, +7 (904) 634 08 38.
Mail. [email protected]

The business incubator “Polytechnic” is a structural subdivision of SPbSPU, is part of the Department of research and innovation activities and commercialization of SPbSPU. The main purpose of the business incubator “Polytechnic” is to promote the development of business ideas by the scientific youth of the Polytechnic University. The structure of the business incubator “Polytechnic” is the Center of technical creativity of youth “Fablab Polytech”.

The project provides practical assistance to business mentors, expert consultation, participation in trainings, seminars, workshops, equipped workplace in a coworking Polytechnic University, assistance in finding partners, clients and employees in the project, assistance in attracting funding. The business incubator “Polytechnic” is also pursuing a partnership with the business incubator “Ingria”. Address.

St. Petersburg, str. Sedova, d. 37, lit. “And”.
Phone. +7 (812) 448 56 65.

[email protected] The first city business incubator is a universal launch pad for the launch and development of private business, provides comprehensive support to budding small enterprises of St. Petersburg. Low rental rate for office space, free accounting services, consulting, informational and PR-support, training, orders, corporations, production facilities, promotion of international ties and to attract investment.
The goal of the incubator is to promote the establishment and development of innovative enterprises in the early period of their activities.

Criteria of selection of projects. Address. St. Petersburg, str. Professor Popov, 5.

+7 (812) 234 17 03.
Mail. [email protected] One of the oldest in Russia, is a structural subdivision of the University and provides a range of business services to small innovative enterprises.

The main objectives of the etu Technopark. Business incubator ETU is a structural unit Etu (LETI), which aims to provide effective support to the action teams established by the University and by companies belonging to the Association “Technopark of Saint-Petersburg”, at the initial stage of their development by providing preferential terms of the range of services necessary for their activities. Main tasks.

Address. St. Petersburg, str. Marata, d. 27, the Cabinet 201.
Phone. +7 (812) 602 23 03 (internal.

Business incubator of St. Petersburg state economic University — a versatile platform for the creation and development of business incubator of open type, is a structural subdivision of St. Petersburg state economic University. Business incubator of St. Petersburg state economic University provides the following services.

To obtain the status of resident b SNES incubator Unecon must undergo a selection procedure. The maximum period of placement in the business incubator of St. Petersburg state economic University is three years. Address. Saint-Petersburg Exchange line, 14.

[email protected] Business incubator ITMO was founded in 2012 to a new level to continue the activities of the Centre for youth entrepreneurship NRU ITMO. A business incubator is engaged in the development of a training programme on technological entrepreneurship and conducts educational activities in various formats.

A business incubator provides space to teams, peer and mentor support, and also funds the most promising projects together with the funds. The purpose of the business incubator is to help talented professionals, post-graduates and students to find a viable business model for their technologies or ideas and thereby enabling the project to be implemented. Special focus business incubator to the application of entrepreneurial skills to solve social problems and education problems.

Address. St. Petersburg, str. Dostoevsky 44, building E.
Phone. +7 (812) 600 21 87.
Mail. [email protected]

St. Petersburg business angels Association assists projects in the early stages of developments in attracting private investment from business angels support entrepreneurs Finance, consulting, connections, success in business development, conducts educational programs and consultations. The main product of the organization — company, investment-ready. Startups SOBA helps to pass the most difficult stage of company development ( idea-project-start), strengthen the team and its competences, to attract funding.

One of the main tasks is submitted to joint investment projects by a group of investors. This reduces risks and improves expertise through the participation of a wider range of investors with diverse business experience. Business incubators, universities, other organizations of the innovation infrastructure SOBA helps to develop and carry out seminars, trainings, integrated program for the development of projects and companies (training, consultation, mentoring support).

SOBA invites consultants and experts in needed areas; helping companies to enter the market of another region, or another country, through a network of partners, is also organizing meetings with experienced foreign investors, training programmes for investors, activities and trips, including overseas. Mail. [email protected]

SKOLKOVO club b isnes angels (SCBA) was established in 2013 and brings together people willing to invest their time and money in high-tech startups. SCBA unites about 150 active business angels. Club meetings are held usually on the last Tuesday of each month, showing 7-10 start-up companies (as companies-participants “SKOLKOVO” Fund and portfolio companies members of club SCBA).

The club was established by the SKOLKOVO Foundation, which represents all members of the club for more unique opportunities. The club is a private organization. Access to all events only for startups, club members or their guests, a list which is coordinated with one of the leaders of the club. For the club industry.

Information, biomedical, energy efficiency, nuclear and space. Mail. [email protected]

Venture Club is a private club of the top business-angels of Russia, including Alexander Borodich, Eduard fiyaksel, Vyacheslav Davidenko, Alexey Girin, Oleg dvinin and other. At the moment the club consists of many businessmen, are willing to co-Finance projects. Assignments Venture Club.

Address. Saint-Petersburg, aptekarskiy Prospekt, 2, 2 floor.
Mail. [email protected] The project create an environment of co-creation between students, companies and universities by bringing students to the tasks and challenges companies to create new and innovative products and services.

The project exists since 2014, after the signing of the Memorandum between the University ITMO business incubator “Ingria”, Polytechnic University and venture company “Xmas Ventures”. Demola Spb project aims to create an environment of co-creation between ambitious students, innovative companies and universities. The idea of the program is that various companies provide cases (tasks), and teams of students from different universities in the next two months to develop their solutions. Following the results of competition the company may acquire the most favourite development to create new products or development of new activities.

Address. St. Petersburg, Bolshaya Morskaya str., 31. Mail. [email protected] CoffeeLab is not primarily an accelerator and a startup community or startup Studio.

Not looking for CoffeeLab startups or ideas, but only potential founders and cofounders for directions, which Im sure the company. Specialization. Mostly projects related to mobile, SaaS for business, big data. In the year of CoffeeLab runs about 3-5 projects.

The main criteria for the projects. CoffeeLab dont do copycats, projects relating to any local market, projects that cannot be run at a distance (requiring local staff like Groupon), projects in areas which do not understand the founders (medicine, hardware).

The basic proposal for the potential founders of start — UPS are increasing the chance of their success, which provided no mentorship, as in a conventional accelerator, and cofounding (work partners on a par with the founders on the success of the company), as well as resources and connections with other team members of the future of startups, investors, customers, other startups, which can be helpful to each other. All of this leads to a high conversion rate of ideas into projects that successfully raise funding or go out at break-even and grow organically. The General principles on which CoffeeLab.

Financial investments in companies ranging from $10 thousand to $120 thousand. Phone. +7 (800) 500 62 18.

MYPIO is a platform for collective investment and modern online platform for interaction between entrepreneurs and Investors. MYPIO allows authors of projects to attract funding from private investors, and investors to diversify risks and by participating, even in small amounts in the project to obtain the benefits of collective investment. “We have created MYPIO that Russian entrepreneurs became easier to obtain funds for business development, and private investors became more opportunities for profitable investment”. MYPIO combines a range of tools to create projects and investments.

In order to accommodate and promote the projects on the platform to find the business for investing, make payments of any additional services not needed. These processes MYPIO can easily make even a novice regardless of his experience in business and investment. In contrast to many analogues, MYPIO provides users with mechanisms optimization, risk, legal safeguards and the formalization of transactions.

Address. Saint-Petersburg Exchange line, 14-16.
Phone. +7 (812) 457 17 93.
Mail. [email protected] Fab Lab ITMO — workshop-laboratory, based at the technology Park of the ITMO University.

Workshop is a coworking area, where visitors can share their ideas and thoughts, to create something unique with your hands. Cooperation with the “fab lab” allows the use of modern program-controlled equipment (3D printer MakerBot Replicator 5th GEN 3D printer Picaso Designer, 3D-scanner Artec Eva, laser engraver GCCSpirit LS40, UV printer Roland LEF-12, Roland milling machine MDX-40A and so on). Activities.

In the laboratory, “Fablab” students and graduates can gain practical experience of independent and team work in the implementation of project activities; receive theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of advanced computer technologies of rapid manufacturing. As part of its work, the laboratory contributes to the development of innovative, analytical, creative, intellectual activity of pupils and students; to attract young people into technical universities; development of the educational environment. Address. St. Petersburg, str.

Polytechnic, d. 29, Corp. 12 (Annex of Hydrobase).
Phone. +7 (905) 271 50 44. Fab Lab Polytech is an open workshop for students, which is part of Center for technical creativity of youth UNIVERSITY, and created with the assistance of the company “Photomechanical”.

The main purpose of creating “Fablab” is to provide students the opportunity to implement their technical ideas in the walls of the SPbSPU. Fab Lab is open from Tuesday to Saturday, but the first time it is recommended to come in “Fablab Polytech” Saturday from 12:00 to 19:00 open day.


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