Startups: What Is A Pitch Deck And How It Is Served

We discussed a dozen presentations now known projects that have survived and flourished thanks to the generous investment. How to get an investment — question the patient for all startups. What to tell the investor to get money for the next stage. Lets see. What is pitch in December.

Pitch (pitch) is a verbal presentation of the business plan. Pitch-in December — in the usual terms — just a presentation, the same file in PowerPoint or Keynote, which you can grind at night and rehearsing your pitch. Before analyzing the samples of successful startups to pitch to, you need to understand what a successful pitch is not. So correct the symptoms of a dead startup presentations, hackneyed techniques that guarantee failure.

On the technical side of the pitch (minimal spread slides without graphics, wild fonts and other design monsters) as it is a shame to have to remind. Well, here, recalled. Talk about ease. You can often hear conversations about what you need to present yourself and your product simply and clearly, without fancy words. But how to achieve this.

Here is practical advice from questionnaires and Gallup Stryker: Little training and you can explain simply and clearly. Generic structure: The order of the paragraphs variable within wide limits.

If you have something to show, you can stretch one point on two slides etc. In General, the structure of pitch-DECA reluctantly lends itself to formalization, each team tries to be different and to be remembered at least at the level of priority slides. We picked a pitch to examples of successful projects that have attracted more than one million dollars investment. Very detailed bio.

Slide #29, MatterMark, the search engine for business. $6.5 M, 2014. Stylish slide #36 — the project team Wework. $335M, 2014.

Slide #2 “Problem” of pitch Manpacks. Burning problem with fresh underwear — this is what spoils the life of real men, we are told the founders were. But as Rand Fishkin received the next portion of investment for

Please note the design is a standard PowerPoint, nothing more.

$18M, 2009. Slide #6 from the pitch Manpacks. The problem is solved by the delivery of fresh underpants. Now with condoms.

Shameless. But Youtube $3.5 M, 2005. Its simple:

A flashy example from MatterMark. Slide #18 “Who to sell”. That moment when you realize that there is no one profession banker. $6.5 M, 2014.

Square, slide #4. Analysis of the mobile payment market with a focus on leading positions of the company Square. Capacious word “underpenetrated” — “nedoponimanie” sorry, “underdeveloped”.

Podozi, slide #3, “500 million of beautiful women in Asia need another beauty startups”. Hipster version of Google Analytics, platform Pendo, slide #7. Key features/product description.

That feeling when he knew all, but it is unclear what to do with it. $20M, 2016. Slide #7 Seed from the pitch Crew.

Show office services. $2M, 2012. Slide #5, Contently. Business plan.

Collected in one cloud all cool freelance journalists and believe used. $9M, 2014.

Buzzfeed, slide #14. Advertising as the content on Buzzfeed. $3.5 M, 2008. Buffer, slide #7 How much do we can earn on this.

The predictions Front, slide #18. $10M, 2016. Slide #9, the competitors pitch from AirBnB.

The wind rose, a summary of the actual competitors. A modest $600k, 2009. Wordy example from Buffer. Slide #11, competitors.

$500k, 2011. Slide #11 “investment goal” of pitch Fittr. And that will be spent on investments. An unfortunate typo in the last paragraph, but a person can be — its a fitness startup, and not a platform for journalists.

Slide #14 “the Semblance of a financial report” from the Front of the pitch. Under the slogan “We are effectively wasting your money”. $10M, 2016. Not the most important (from an interested investor has sufficient resources and personnel to produce all calculations) part, but you can enable it.

Slide #8. Sales effectiveness from Mixpanel. $65M, 2014. Chronologically pitch completes the Q&A series of difficult questions from strangers.

Why you need to invest in your startup today. Here particularly useful for your preparation and endless rehearsals. Formally, Q&A is not included in a pitch deck, but the questions will relate to information in the slides. By the way, the pitch Dec YouTube the most disgusting of the whole collection, even ashamed to show.

And it is by the standards of the distant 2005. And nothing, alive and well. Brad feld, investor and founder of startup incubator TechStars, Foundry Group gendir, advises: “.. forget about the presentation for the first time. Most investors and entrepreneurs are already light tremor at the mention of the words “presentation” and “PowerPoint” in the same sentence.

Pitch in the form of conversation is a reasonable alternative to slides. Especially because you often have to make pitches in a semi-formal setting — casual meetings, trips, dinners,..”. “The most important rule — keep the idea of the investor to which you are applying. If you understand with whom you speak, then you have twice reduced the number of competitors. This seemingly simple advice is difficult in about half of the people.

Yes, you heard right, half of people not that does not check the profile of the person on LinkedIn, did not even Googles his experience, interests, scope of activities”. “It is best if you find someone who will introduce or recommend you to the investor. Few people want to listen to strangers. The ideal investor will be the man who helped a startup you know startup of your business”. “Better not go to the investor with empty hands and a stack of papers, slides, projections.

Show that your product has been working for at the time of the meeting, he just needs more investment. Such startups meet much warmer”. “During the conversation, I can play with ideas, test them in the most absurd way. Most often, Im not an expert on the problem to be solved is the start — my feedback can be terrible, my corrections and assumptions can be just stupid. So I test a startup idea and trying her best to understand.

If my companion in everything agrees with me, not even trying to explain to me where my conclusions are incorrect, that is a bad sign. Id rather help the person who tells me in such cases “No, Nonsense, youre wrong. See, you did not pay attention to this thing..” than spineless poddakivatelem. Maybe its just me, the investor who values critical thought, honesty in communication, responsibility for their product.”. “I know that the business plan milestones and sales funnel can change a thousand times.

I wonder what kind of person is a startup, how he thinks and works. I think that most investors invest in people, the team, not the product.”. Not always and not all investors decide to invest in a startup only because of his elegant pitch (just look again at the Youtube presentation). Rather, pitch is the drop that overflows the Cup and tipping of trust in favor of a startup.

It does not reduce success to a glossy pitch-deck and a promising idea. Some hedge funds, incubators, and investors buy startup unintelligible generally no pitch, just because his team is known for specialist. Cases wholesale purchases of startups (here Elon Musk approvingly shakes her head) when buying a whole segment of the market that was not of competitors, is also not rare. In explanation and prepared digital samurai.

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