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Step by step guide from the founder of the company “FB target”. Traditionally, users of Facebook are considered the most solvent audience of other users represented in Russia by social networking. They have higher levels of income and the average purchase size purchases online.

But there are times when Facebook to promote the goods with a price tag of above average or premium services that not everyone can afford. And then there is an issue about finding solvent customers. In the US, Germany, France, UK, Australia and Japan this issue is technically solved by using the partner categories.

Thats the audience you want to target, which are based on third-party databases that are integrated into Facebook. With partner categories, you can target ads to people who recently bought a car; having a certain level of income in the year; property owners with a certain price, as well as many other custom criteria types of behavior offline. But what when the task is to run advertising and to targetirovanie to solvent audience of Facebook in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and other countries where the affiliate category do not exist as a class.

For this targeting is necessary to use different criteria, which directly or indirectly will be talking about the appropriate level of income of potential customers. In this article we will discuss 10 ways to find solvent customers in the advertising account Facebook, as well as the criteria of solvency for each of the methods. Here we are interested in audience:

Notes: Facebook understands which device (computer or phone), what manufacturer (Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi), the user enters the social network. Thus, we have the ability to targeted at owners of devices of a certain brand, but most of all we are interested in the owners of Apple.

Targeting iPhone owners — perhaps the most popular when searching for local audience. The logic is simple. If a person has an iPhone then he has the means. And, I must admit, this approach works, as in other countries (for example, through targeting iPhone owners I managed after many unsuccessful attempts to get the first sale when the promotion in Mexico of womens cosmetics with a price above average), and in other social networks (“Vkontakte” and “Classmates”).

But targeting iPhone owners, there is a downside. Due to the fact that this setting is for the paying audience so popular, the total cost of clicks on the ad is significantly above average. In other words, this targeting is overheated.

Also remember, not all iPhone owners are the customers with money. IPhone can buy on credit — as a status device. Try targeting to target the owners of the last and penultimate models. Usually it gives good results.

Rate available in Facebook paying audience of Muscovites-owners of the latest iPhone models. In the targeting settings, select “Behavior — User mobile devices — All mobile devices of this brand — Apple”. Then you need to select the model of iPhone, the owners of which we are interested.

In tab-targeting to select, Moscow. The lower limit for age set at 25 years, as the purchasing power of young people below that age is substantially lower. The upper limit will not. We note that this local community.

Finally we get a potential reach 430 thousand people. Regular travel abroad is a powerful test of solvency. Facebook constantly keeps track of their users by analyzing huge amount of data.

For example, tracking the GPS coordinates and IP address from which the user accesses the network, he realizes that if within two weeks in the evenings, these data are the same, then this is the home of a specific user. Has a mechanism for identifying travelers.. Rate the number of Facebook users in Moscow over 25 years, which over the past six months was abroad.

In the targeting settings, select “Behavior — Travel — People who regularly travel abroad”. Indicates the city and lower the bar age. And get the audience regularly abroad Muscovites.

Successful entrepreneurs are usually people with a steady income. In Facebook you have the opportunity to targetirovanie, for example, small business owners. With this settings we can find those users who have indicated that they are owners of small businesses, or started small businesses page in Facebook.

But this targeting has a couple of drawbacks, which received the audience will be quite narrow: Find all Muscovites aged 25 years, pointed out in Facebook that they are small business owners. In the targeting settings, select “Behavior — the actions of online small business Owners”.

And you get an audience of 32 thousand people. Business centers of class “A” differ from the business centers of other classes high level of rents. Location, quality of repairs and infrastructure allow landlords of these business centers to keep your maximum price and those companies which rent out space in such business centers have the funds.

We are interested in the employees of the companies that rent offices in expensive business centers. It is very likely that the wages in these campaigns are above average, so work at the offices in business centers of class “A” we assume the criterion of solvency. In “Yandex” in the search phrase “business center of class “A”, you can find the websites of real estate agencies that offer these business centres, office rental.

For agencies find a list of business centers with addresses. Take these addresses and use them for targeting, and the map around the pins that shows the address, limit the radius of 1 km. For example, find all employees of offices in Moscow city at the age of 25 years.

In targeting on the map pin will mark the area covering 1 km on the map Moscow so that this radius includes all skyscrapers of Moscow city. And get the audience to 74 thousand people.

The income of the residents of cottage settlements for the most part above average. Families living in cottage settlements, own one or more cars. The fact of living in the cottage is almost unambiguous criterion of solvency. In “Yandex” search phrase “cottage villages near Moscow” to find the websites of real estate agencies that offer to buy cottages.

On the website of the agencies, lists of towns or the map the Moscow region villages, with addresses. If necessary, we can sort of cottage towns class housing, to segment the target audience by level of income:

Now take us to the desired address of cottage settlements and use them for targeting, placing the map pin, and outlining the desired radius, depending on the area of the villages. For example, find the residents of cottage settlements around Rublyovka, between Novorizhskoe highway, and highway M1. This target is known that around rublevki are cottage settlements of elite and business class.

The targeting settings will put pins on the map and choose the desired radius areas. I did so, but, if desired, can expand the area of coverage: Set the minimum age — 25 years. Be sure to specify that we targetrooms on local residents (or Facebook still calls them “living in this place”).

And get a paying audience in 44 thousand people. If a person came to a major shopping center, it is logical to assume that he came for shopping, hence, he has the money. Of course, there are exceptions in the form of youth who choose shopping centres for get-togethers, but we can filter your target audience by age and interests, leaving only solvent -.

Looking for we need shopping centers, you specify them in the settings location targeting and draw a radius of 1-2 km around the pins, depending on the square shopping center. For example, find the mothers aged 25-54 who were recently in one of the three shopping centers “Mega” in Moscow. Find on the map of the shopping center “Mega”, stick pins in them and outlined a 1 km radius.

Set gender, age 25-54 years. Indicate that we targetenemy at the recent visitors (Facebook calls them “recently, the former in this place”). To narrow the sample to mothers referred to the interests of “parenting” and “family”. Eventually get a paying audience mom, recently visited the shopping center “Mega” in size 5100 employees.

Another criterion of solvency associated with the purchases is the users interest to purchase online. The fact of the users interest to online purchases is calculated using the huskies ads or likes pages online stores in Facebook. For example, rate available in Facebook paying audience of Muscovites aged over 25 years involved in fitness and showing interest in online shopping.

In the targeting settings, select “Interests — Shopping and fashion — Shopping — Online-shopping”. Set the lower limit of age 25 years, narrowing the audience by setting the “Interests — Fitness and healthy lifestyle — Fitness” and get the audience in 330 thousand people.

Targeting online customers with beautiful and often works very well, but still, its targeting the “passive” customers who just show interest in online offerings, and do not commit the target action. Can we targetirovanie it is the people who are willing to commit or make a purchase. Yes, Facebook is a behavioral characteristic called “engaged buyers”.

Involved buyers — those users of Facebook, which last week saw advertising of any online store and click on call-to-action “shop now”. Here are the users that made a purchase and those who have moved to the online store to consider the proposal. Rate available in Facebook paying audience involved buyers men from Russia at the age of 25-34, who last week pressed the button is “shop”.

In the targeting settings, select “Behavior — Consumer behavior — Involved consumers.”. Established male gender, age 25-34 years and get a paying audience of 240 thousand people. Luxury (luxury) is the market segment of luxury goods and services luxury-premium.

Consumers of luxury goods, no doubt, is buyers with the means. In Facebook you have the opportunity be targeted to users having an interest in the luxury segment. Rate available in Facebook audience of buyers from Moscow at the age of 35-54 years, who show interest in luxury items.

In the targeting settings, select “Interests — Shopping and fashion — Shopping — luxury Items”. But remember that this criterion is not behavioral targeting includes those users who are interested in the proposal pages that represent luxury brands, and those who signed on the pages of such brands. Install female gender, age 35-54 years, and get a paying audience of 250 thousand people.

A couple of years ago was published a marketing study, which indicated that during the crisis consumers pereorientirovanija on fast food, but when the economy is on the rise, often go to restaurants. We can be targeted to users who show an interest in the proposals of the restaurants, celebrate their visit or subscribe to their page. In Facebook there are two targeting “Restaurants”, and it is important not to confuse. The first target can be found so.

“Interests — Food and drinks — Restaurants”. It includes the following subcategories: Of these subcategories, we may be interested in the coffee shop, but focus is on restaurants. No Diners, no fast food, namely restaurants.

To find the right settings, put in the text box for the search targeting the word “Restaurants” and see what you are looking for. “Interest — Additional interest — Restaurants”. Now, rate available in the Facebook audience of the visitors of the restaurants of Moscow at the age of 25-34, who do not like fast food.

In the targeting settings, select “Interests Additional interests”. Exclude from targeting fans of fast food. “Interests — Food and drinks — fast food Restaurants”.

Install female gender, age 25-34 years and get a paying audience to 290 thousand people. We considered the 10 settings to find solvent customers in Facebook. They are built on different types of targeting:

Combine these types of targeting to get the local audience according to the required criteria. Narrow received the audience on key parameters or eliminate unnecessary, so that the final coverage was more narrow and targeted. Send columns, corresponding to the requirements of the editorial Board, [email protected]

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