Team exercises for the development of creativity from designers, analysts and UX experts Foursquare

Every Friday PX-team (Product Experience — approx. Ed.) of service Foursquare gets together and “practicing creativity” — command performs a special job that helps people to show their creative side. PX includes specialists in UX, visual designers, copywriters, research and analytical departments of the company. According to the author of the material, such meetings raise team spirit and help each participant to develop creativity. They allow employees to PX departments to look at the problem through the eyes of their colleagues.

In addition, they help to establish relationships between employees of different departments. Every week meeting staff from different departments. The command writes Steinbeck, is quite large, so the results of assignments all turn out very different. About half of our allotted appointment time staff solves one of my colleagues the task, and then share the results and your thoughts.

John Steinbeck gathered into one list some exercises that were handled Foursquare at the Friday meetings in the past two years. The author believes that they will come in handy and employees of other companies. The essence of the exercise is to come up with a sandwich that would reflect the personality of the specialist.

The photos below are examples of works created by the Foursquare team. The participants are divided into pairs, and each employee tries in five minutes to draw a portrait of their partner without looking at the paper.

The exercise, which edition of FastCompany wrote a separate material. Each employee who participated in the meeting, got a picture of any office facility — for example, bins or ping-pong. From the employee was required to invent a new interface for the object — to consider how office workers could interact with him.

So, urn, for example, could be mad at the officer when he throws garbage. The teams task was to invent a new way to display information on the clock face.

“We are very much ahead of its time,” says Steinback. Employees should be placed in the center of the piece of paper some object. It is best if it will be something that the employee likes to draw, or that meets its vital interests.

In the photo below — a couple of staff who have chosen the subject of headphones. After that in different corners of the sheet are four words or quality. The staff at the photos chose adjectives like “cheap”, “expensive”, “random” and “predictable”.

Now workers can proceed to the assignment itself. Its essence is to gradually “move” the selected object in the direction of each quality — and redraw it in accordance with its position on the sheet. For example, the closer “headphones” to the word “expensive”, “expensive” they should look.

Using cards from the Board game Cards Against Humanity (they are listed different collocations, names of famous people, etc.), the staff had to explain what had committed a murder mystery, and explain it was suspect. Participants were required to use in my story, they all fell the words: This assignment was to create a “flip book” (a small book with a “live” flipping images) with their hands out of a common office stickers.

Each employee chose a famous painting, changed one letter in her name and drew a scene from the new film. For example, Quentin Tarantinos “reservoir dogs” (Reservoir Dogs) the staff turned into a “Mad log” (Reservoir Logs). Each participant was given a name of someone from the team Foursquare, as well as four different places. From an employee required to describe a day in the life of man, which he got, so that at this day the hero managed to visit all four designated places.

The story had to sketch in the form of small comic. Employees were divided into pairs, instead of choosing some sort of well-known song and recorded it in the text using Emoji. After that other members tried to guess what the song is presented in each sequence of characters.

Each participant had to draw a mountain, and on top of it — a place where he would feel completely happy. Employees who participated in the meeting, got the sticker from the app Swarm (the service that was rendered function check after restarting Foursquare). Each employee was asked to come up with a comic strip featuring rolled his sticker, which would describe the history of its occurrence.

Staff had to gather in groups of three people. Each group was harvested this video demonstrates the functionality of the mobile application Foursquare. Participants were required to come up with an unusual sound for your videos.

For this task, each employee had to pick a celebrity or public figure, and then to collect for her ten “preferences”, which is available to users of Foursquare. The names of all those present at the meeting are put in a hat or other container.

After that, each staff member pulls a card with a name and draw a playing card representing the hero. In early 2015 Foursquare launched its first major advertising offline campaign. On posters depict people using Foursquare.

Next to them are the “bubbles” with words and expressions that describe their tastes. When the job runs every employee received a photo of someone from the team members of the service. Participants were required to select and attach the appropriate “bubbles” with the preferences of the hero of the picture.

Participants were required to imagine how he functioned Foursquare, if the company has not developed an app for smartphones. Four participants job depict one subject in each of the corners of the piece of paper and pass the paper to the fifth party.

Now, who got the sheet, to find the one object to which a few iterations can “reduce” the rest. Each employee received a ZIP archive, which contained 100 different covers of music albums and singles. Participants were required to classify all of the covers so as they themselves wanted.

The first employee writes on a piece of Notepad phrase. The second illustrates its on the next page. The third writes on the next page that, in his opinion, shown in the illustration.

The following illustrates the phrase, written in third — and so on until the notebook will not return to the first party. Saudade is a word that has no exact translation in Russian language and means nostalgia, longing for the departed. The participants were asked to come up with something that would help any person to cope with this and longing for some time to “reconnect” with those who are with him not. Among the proposed team options — tattoo with coordinates of all the places people have ever called home, or “superioty” shawl, made from the skins of dead cats.

Every employee has submitted his version of the redesign of one of the pages of the site Foursquare. The only set of participants limitation — you can only use one sticker.

Job. Come up with a new sticker for app Swarm and provide background. Each participant of the meeting presenter to draw your dream car.

Employees are divided into several teams, and each team member gets an assignment to finish part of the field for a table game. Members of the same team but cant see what drew their partners.

Each participant had to draw what he sees his morning in 50 years. That will be outside the window, what he eats for Breakfast, what news to read and how.

For performing this job the staff had to come up with a new beer brand, and then sculpt the figure, which will be installed on the beer tap in bars as a handle.


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