Team Mail.Ru Group about the redesign of their own service about the movie “Poster Mail.Ru”

Last year we launched the first media projects Mail.Ru Group in a unified approach, which we called “design a Burger”. To current goal 9 — “Auto”, “Poster”, “Horoscope”, “Health”, “Lady”, “real Estate”, “Weather”, TV and Hi-Tech. It all started with the redesign “Billboard Mail.Ru” where born “Burger” approach — a series of “belts”, “rows”, “cuts” or “containers”, which is widely used in the modern promo, and mobile built on the same principle.

The current version. One of the objectives of the new version was the introduction of online cinema, which aggregates the movies and TV series major ISPs. Deciding what to do — to put all efforts into the new design, or the application already existing projects to address the new version — chose the latter.

And, apparently, was not mistaken — the product is put online to view the market in 2012, while we quietly worked on the redesign. Because of this we had enough time to beta and usability testing, polishing of the product so that by the autumn of 2014 we launched new version of “Billboard”. The launch platform for the product line is a large and complex task, so there are a lot of little things that I would like to rectify, to finish, to screw, to improve.

With the understanding of the problems we have prepared a vision for the next version of the “Burger”, which will be gradually transferred to media projects Mail.Ru. This will allow us. The concept of redesign.

This is not the final layout, but rather a vision of how we are going to simplify the whole line — we still have details to finalize each block. But the direction is clear.

The comparison of the two versions:


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