Technological Evolution: What The Bots Give People And Businesses Right Now

Last year was a real heyday — bots and virtual assistants that communicate with customers in a chat room, produce a variety of. With their help users choose space for gatherings with friends and doing orders at venues, call a cab, pick up the closet, read the news and find out exchange rates. It seems that bots are now doing all who may. Ideally, you need bots for certain tasks that virtual assistants give your business.

At its core, the chat-bots is the new name for automated messages. And the most obvious field of application — communication with customers. Do, bots can answer standard questions, taking the strain off the support staff and call centers. While a bot can be as simple and act on a pre-defined scenarios-scripts, and “smart”, samoosas in the process of communication — so program over time can solve more customer issues.

The first path we went with your bot to help companies who are starting to think about how to promote a business using content. We have identified a list of popular beginner questions (“what is writing?”, “does the popularity of the posts you publish to a blog?”, “how to work with negative comments?”) and made them a brief description with links to the materials for a detailed study. “Clever” bot decided to create in the “Alfa-Bank”.

It is integrated into a mobile application and is used for conducting first stage interviews with the user. The beginning of a dialogue, as a rule, always runs on one scenario — a greeting, a description of the problem. When it is clear what the client is going to connect live staff to deal with the request from the queue. Of this bot learns and over time can carry on a conversation longer, figuring out more details for a specific task — this further facilitates the work of support staff.

According to the founder and General Director of “1C-Bitrix” Sergei Ryzhikov, bots can reduce the costs of user support is 40-80%. This, in turn, will allow companies to reduce prices and make their services more convenient for users who are already accustomed to being able to get answers directly in the messenger. Marketing on the Internet is constantly going up. The company very quickly find effective promotion channels, to send in budgets, driving prices — in results in highly competitive niches to work today, for example, with contextual advertising, can only large projects have large budgets for marketing.

Companies who cant afford spending at the level of industry leaders, which is especially important for startups, we have to figure out how to increase user base by other methods. Experts predict that bots can be a substitute for the mobile application in the sense that when the latter appeared, every new application of almost any company has been a surge of interest and coverage in the press. Today, the app stores available to millions of programs, and to get into the top categories only if you have a serious budget.

Bots can also serve as a new interface to access well-known services — a bundle allow you to implement technology API. An example from our practice — our bot EA marketing knows how to check the quality of the texts in Russian and English, but he does it not by itself, but with the help of the editor-in-chief” for the great and mighty and Tone Analyzer from IBM for the language of Shakespeare. We independently promote my bot, and everywhere talk about how it works — thus about the tools used in his work, and learn more people. In addition, the various projects themselves can create bots to expand the audience and attract customers.

As practice shows, to act in this way even offline companies like service (Yes, there are bots that auto mechanics). Another problem small companies — building the right work process of sales Department. Partly this goes along with the question of reducing support costs. Here he stands on the other side, often time the sales Manager is spent communicating with a potential client who in the end buys nothing.

To avoid such situations is impossible, however, to filter the flood of incoming applications using a bot — quite. Even a simple questionnaire, which lists important questions for business has a lot to give him — for example, what challenges a prospective client wants to solve, how did he know about the company, whats your monthly budget in the course of working counts and things like that. Of course, nobody likes to fill out questionnaires and forms, especially if they have a lot of required fields — but this problem is easy to solve, get rid of them.

In this case, the company will be able to collect more data for those potential customers who wanted to give them — and quickly prepare them for higher-quality commercial offer by the best employees. And those who did not want to answer the questions, have to work in the usual way, but even a few percent increase in the productivity of sales result in real money, so ignore this tool business will not be. As you can see, bots have obvious advantages, which made them popular. However, there are some limitations that may prevent some companies towards the creation of your bot.

First of all, it needs technical skills, because a bot is a computer program that needs someone to write and then it should live on some server. All of this involves spending on development and support, which not every business is ready to go, and not every leader can successfully accomplish the work of the Manager of the it project to create a bot. The problem is partially solved with the help of the designers of bots lately there are more such services that help to create your chat assistant without any problems by analogy with the designers of web sites (this theme is also very popular and reviews are available for this tools are gaining hundreds of thousands of views).

For example, the son of the founder of ABBYY company David Yang Michael in the summer of 2015 launched a free designer Telegram-bot Manybot, also offer a similar service projects Chatfuel and ChatFirst. However, at the moment the functionality of these tools allows you to create only simple bots that can be used as part of the support system for users. The second important challenge facing all developers of bots is their promotion.

Indeed, just from the fact that the company has released a new bot, the number of users will not grow rapidly, if we are not talking about a certain project. Businesses need to lay the budget for promotion of the bot. Count on the viral effect in most cases is not necessary, because the bots are used mostly to automate simple tasks. Part of the problem decide the stores and catalogs of bots — for example, Storebot for bots Telegram or shop for chat robots on the platform of Facebook Messenger but the new programs are becoming more.

Soon, users will have to choose from tens of thousands of bots is about the same, and then the price promotion will inevitably begin to grow. Their interfaces to create the bots have not yet submitted some of the leading projects in this market — for example, WhatsApp and Viber. When and if that happens, there will be a new wave of bots, the creators of which will be able to access hundreds of millions of new users.

However, this does not mean that all developers will be able to succeed. Competition will continue to grow — this is primarily due to the fact that the bots in the coming years, the vast majority of ordinary. To automate simple tasks will be able to many, but to create a truly intelligent system using technologies of artificial intelligence will be able to unit. Its too difficult and expensive for most companies — the head of “1C-Bitrix” Sergei Ryzhikov in his column for RBC evaluated the development of “smart” bot, able to maintain a conversation, at least 1 million rubles.

In addition, even large-scale projects with budgets in the millions are not necessarily able to achieve good results. Here comes to mind a recent example of a chat bot from Microsoft, who memorized the phrases from the conversations of Twitter users and build on their answers. Total for the day was originally a peace-loving robot “hated” humanity and its individual members like feminists or Jews. The company was forced to quickly disable the bot.

It is obvious that no matter how hard I develop bots, people will always be somewhere close by. To fully automate complex processes will fail for a very long time, but little or not the most difficult task bots take now. Hence “motomania” far from complete.

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